Best Bamboo Underwear for Women

There are lots of reasons women prefer soft bamboo-made underwear compared to cotton. The bamboo underwear gains its popularity among women because of its super soft texture that brings comfort. It has been on top of the market, and experts think that nothing can beat its place.

If you are planning to throw away your cotton panties and briefs and make a switch to bamboo underwear, consider the GAEA underwear. One of the many reasons bamboo panties and bamboo briefs are popular because they are available in different styles that suit anyone. Considering its popularity, many companies start to produce bamboo underwear—the problem you can't ensure whether or not their products are in high-quality. So, make sure that you will find only the best because that is what you deserve. To help you pick the right bamboo underwear for men and women, we have gathered the best of the best panties and brief made from bamboo fabric.

In this post, you will realize that bamboo underwear provides many benefits. Also, you will learn the features that made bamboo-made panties and briefs different compared to the cotton-made ones. Also, we create our review of the best brands of bamboo underwear that you can add to your Amazon shopping cart. So, if you want to know more, read further.

An Introduction to Bamboo Underwear

Companies that manufacture briefs, panties, and other undergarments for men and women have found the more modernized and latest method to create softer and more comfortable-to-wear underwear using bamboo viscose. Bamboo fibers are a popular material for producing sheets, socks, and clothing. This is because they are more eco-friendly, antibacterial, cooler, and softer than their cotton counterparts.

Being a woman, one of the toughest tasks we need to deal with is the picking of the perfect and comfortable undies. We hate that tugging and itchy feeling. For women, it is important to pick underwear that is made in high-quality materials to avoid allergies. Women will agree if we say how uncomfortable and torturous it is to walk around wearing low-quality panties made with polyester or cotton. These are some of the reasons many men and women start to opt for bamboo underwear.

Our Brief and Honest Review on the Best Bamboo Underwear

If this is your first time to purchase women's bamboo underwear, you might find it hard to pick the best one. This kind of underwear is hard to find both on the internet and physical stores. So to help you out, we tried some of the best bamboo panties on the market. This review section contains the important information you need to know about bamboo underwear.

Let's start!

1. GAEA - The Softest Bamboo Underwear

The first women's bamboo panties that we're going to review is the GAEA. If you are more on comfort and softness, you would never go wrong with this brand. This bamboo underwear is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. So, you can make sure that it is comfortable to wear. Not only that, but it is also a good brand for the mother earth. Don't waste your time looking for other bamboo undies brand. GAEA is waiting for you to add their products to your shopping cart.


  • GAEA undies are eco-friendly. The main material for producing this product is organic bamboo. Considering that bamboo uses less water compared to cotton, it is not just environmentally-friendly. It is also earth-friendly.
  • · These products are comfortable and soft to wear. It fits perfectly to your body no matter what your size and shape. While wearing this super-soft underwear, you won't feel any uncomfortable feeling down there.


  • Super soft
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made from 100 percent organic bamboo fiber
  • Provides comfort all day long


  • Sizes may differ

Cariloha - Most Comfortable Bamboo Underwear

One of the best things about Cariloha is that they produce different colors and types of undies. You can also place your order on Amazon. Their underwear is made from 5 percent Spandex and 95 percent bamboo viscose.

We labeled this bamboo underwear company as the producer of the most comfortable panties because its leg openings feature soft-stitch finish,


  • · The Cariloha bamboo undies provide a soft and cooling effect on your bikini area.
  • · It has both allergy and odor-resistant features.
  • · It is one of the most underwear for women in the United States because it keeps your panties clean and dry.


  • · Lifetime quality guarantee
  • · Odor and cool resistant
  • · Available in different colors and styles
  • · Comfortable and soft to wear
  • · Made from 95 percent bamboo viscose material


  • · Size may differ

Boody Body - High-Quality Panties

Boody Body is one of the popular manufacturers of underwear made from bamboo fiber. Their panties are made from 7 percent spandex, 13 percent nylon, and 80 percent bamboo rayon. If you place an order to their website purchasing two pairs of panties, you can get one for free.

Aside from being a quality panty, Boody Body undies also provide a high level of comfort. It features soft panty lines. They are both breathable and light, which make it perfect clothing at different temperature. There are seven styles of Boody Body bamboo underwear; 1) classic bikinis, 2) hipster bikinis, 3) g-string thong, 4) Brazilian bikini, 5) full-coverage briefs, 6) midi panties, and 7) Boyleg undies.

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  • · It helps you to feel comfortable when performing heavy activities
  • · It has a softer texture, protecting your bikini lines from rashes and other allergies
  • · It has a thermo-regulating feature, enabling you to keep warm during the winter season and cool during the summer season.


  • · Durable and quality-made
  • · Thermo-regulating feature
  • · Comfortable to wear
  • · Budget-friendly


  • · Boody Body offers a few color choices

Teerfu Bamboo Briefs - Budget-Friendly Bamboo Men's Underwear

Men should also wear a pair of undies that can make them feel comfortable. Teerfu is another good-quality under clothing men may consider. This underwear is made from 5 percent spandex and 95 percent bamboo fiber. You can order this clothing on Amazon at a very budget-friendly price.

It does not feature a tag. So, it provides you more comfort while wearing. It is very light, which can make you feel as if you are not wearing anything. As you can see on its site, many of its customers say that they got the comfort they need after they receive their orders.


  • One of the benefits of Teerfu undies is that they have a simple yet solid design
  • They re also stretchable, making it perfect for anyone despite their shape and size.
  • A pair of Teerfu bamboo underwear has an anti-odor feature, lightweight, and breathable.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Tagless
  • 95 percent made from bamboo fiber
  • Inexpensive


  • · No warranty

Warm Sun Bamboo Underwear - Lightweight Underwear

The next manufacturer of the best bamboo underwear that we are going to review is the Warm Sun. Like the mentioned undies above, this one is also made from 5 percent spandex and 95 percent bamboo viscose. Its waist is two inches higher than the normal undies. That's why it is more comfortable to wear. While wearing these panties, you won't feel uncomfortable as it is lightweight and breathable. Aside from that, they are also stretchable and super soft. The bamboo panties offered by the Warm Sun are a middle-waist type. This means that it fits perfectly to your waistline. To ensure comfort, these undies offer full back and front coverage.


  • · Considering that Warm Sun's undies have a moisture-wicking feature, this one enables you to feel the comfort and breathability you need.
  • · It does not slip since it offers full back and front coverage
  • · The Warm Sun offers its panties in different colors, including beige, purple, pink, white, grey, and black.


  • · Fits perfectly
  • · High-waist type of panties
  • · Available in different sizes
  • · Offers back and front full coverage


  • · No specified warranty

Wealurre - Cotton + Bamboo Fiber Panties

Unlike the other underwear listed above, the undies made by Wealurre are not made with 100 percent bamboo fiber. It is made with 6 percent spandex, 47 percent bamboo viscose, and 47 percent cotton. Although this pair of panties is made with 47 percent cotton, it is still breathable and comfortable to wear. You can order this product and enjoy free shipping if you are residing anywhere around the United States.

The Wealurre panties are only available in three different sizes; S, M, and L. A single pack of this product contains size pieces of panties in different colors. They are available from dark to light colors.


  • · This panty has a memory function feature that is located at its waistband.
  • · No matter what your body shape and size are, you can ensure a Wealurre panty that fits you.
  • · These panties are also seamless. So, you can wear it under light and thin clothing


  • · It has a super soft texture
  • · There are lots of available colors that you can choose from
  • · It comes with a memory waistband feature
  • · It is sold in a pack that consists of six pieces of women's bamboo panties in different colors
  • · Affordable


  • · It has a low percentage of bamboo viscose fiber, which is only 47 percent
  • · The panties are only available in three sizes; S, M, and L


If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in wearing cotton-made panties, then why not try the bamboo-made ones? All of the bamboo panties mentioned above are available to order in the United States. Also, these companies offer different payment methods.

You can enjoy wearing these pieces of underwear for the first time because it offers a softer and comfortable experience. It carries tons of benefits you can truly enjoy. Aside from being eco-friendly, bamboo-made underwear is the most recommended undergarment men and women should use. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your preferred undies, send your payment through your chosen payment methods, wait for your orders to be delivered, and enjoy it under your favorite clothing!

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