The Pros and Cons of Wearing Bamboo Underwear

Be it outdoors, at work, at the park, or in a cozy room beside the fireplace, underwear is man’s best friend. That said, unless you are of the clique that prefers to have their lower extremities subject to the whims of outwear clothing, the chances are that you wear underwear during your daily activities. Perhaps it is an essential part of what makes your day comfortable. In this article, we will uncover the main pros and cons of wearing bamboo underwear.

It comes as no surprise that most individuals, regardless of their gender, feel vulnerable and ill at ease when they don’t have on underwear. Suffice to say that it is an essential part of the wardrobe of most people.

During a busy workday, the last thing one needs is overly tight underwear that chaffs and leaves you with a temporary walking disability. The choice of underwear can thus, quite literally have an impact on the day and mood of the individual.

Choosing the right type of underwear is very important to ensure that an individual will have peace of mind and body.

When it comes to the science of picking the ideal fabric for underwear production, the consensus for most people seems to be cotton, cotton, and more cotton. We are not trying to condemn that choice, but let us introduce to you an arguably better alternative.

Today we take a look at a different kind of underwear called the bamboo underwear, which is made quite literally from bamboo. We will also look at its various Pros and Cons.

What is Bamboo Underwear?

The first question that most people ask when introduced to men’s or women’s bamboo panties is - “how bamboo in any form is transformed into comfortable cloth articles, let alone into underwear.” Cue new technological advances and research breakthroughs in the textile processing field. Scientists have created technology that shreds down bamboo and with the help of chemicals, process it into Viscose Rayon, a very fine and thin yarn. The Viscose Rayon is quite simply some of the softest threads in the world, with most arguing its suitability versus mainstays in fabric like silk. It is a great deal cheaper and in combination with cotton or polyester, can be used in sewing seams and lining.

This fantastic organic bamboo underwear is made after the harvested bamboo plant is shredded and crushed, after which it is sent through a textile plant where the bamboo fibres are chemically treated. These chemicals break down the enzymes in the crushed bamboo fibres and turn them into the softest of threads for production. Check out our previous blog post on how the bamboo fabric is made in case you are interested to know more about the process.

Quite unlike the way most people describe it, the organic bamboo fabric is thus, no different from any other thread, and its processed bamboo underwear is as good if not better than most other underwear on the market.

Features of the Bamboo Underwear

To use bamboo boxer briefs is to immediately notice the difference as it is more refreshing, antibacterial, and more eco-friendly in comparison with other underwear, including cotton underwear. Women’s bamboo underwear are weaved luxuriously in a sleek and sexy manner. The best bamboo underwear is made with cooling features and has odor-resistant properties, with most also being allergy-free. The men’s bamboo underwear provides comfort during physical activities, as it features thermo-regulating properties.

Bamboo vs. Cotton Underwear

Men’s and women’s underwear have come quite a long
way, and as times have changed and technology has advanced, so has the textile
industry, and to that end, so has underwear. While our parents and grandparents
only knew a few types of underwear aside those made from cotton or silk,
technological advances have ensured that more fabric variations are available
today. Let us compare the bamboo underwear with cotton underwear.

Bamboo grows quickly without the use of pesticides or fertilizers as the plant grows in record speed and, when harvested, recover just as quickly, making planting and harvesting extraordinarily affordable and cost-effective without losing any of its inherent value.

Cotton, on the other end, by its very nature, requires a great deal of attention, management, fertilizer, and thousands of litres of water to ensure it can grow properly.

We've tried and tested bamboo underwear ourselves. Check out this David Archy Bamboo Boxers Review.

To further highlight the differences between these two underwear fabrics and as to why bamboo underwear is much better overall to cotton underwear, we created a list of the Pros & Cons of the bamboo underwear.

Pros & Cons of the Bamboo Underwear

You now no doubt know a lot more about bamboo underwear and its features. Let’s look at it in even more depth by discussing some Pros and Cons and trying to figure out what makes it the best underwear for men and women.

The Pros

Softer:  Underwear made from bamboos is more delicate than silk and provides comfort all day long. While most underwear can be uncomfortable and itchy, bamboo boxers and panties leave you with peace of mind making you feel comfortable in your skin.

Faster to Dry Out: The tiny holes and gaps that are present in bamboo underwear enable aeration and evaporation of collected moisture, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of ease no matter how much you’re sweating.

Thermo Control: No matter how hard you work, the Viscose bamboo fabric ensures that you feel cool and refreshed as it whisks away all excess heat. The fabric itself is extremely breathable.

Odor Resistant: The antimicrobial and breathable natural feature of the bamboo shoot carries on to its underwear as it wicks away all odor, be it from excessive moisture or heat during the day or night.

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo underwear is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Individuals who suffer from itching and/or irritability can wear it as a natural solution to their allergy. Its hypoallergenic feature means that it is rarely infected by bacteria, unlike fibres like cotton, which are human-made.

The Cons

More Pricey: The quality of Bamboo underwear means that it is generally priced higher as compared to others. Bamboo panties, it must be noted, is extremely durable while retaining its feature of being smoother than silk. So it can be argued that even though costs are high, sometimes because of the market, the quality of the product trumps the price.

Harder to Dry: Bamboo naturally holds water easily, and this feature means that bamboo underwear is harder to dry, but while this can be a problem for people using cloth dryers, others using the cloth line will face no such challenge.

Strong Smell at Purchase: The cleaning chemicals used on bamboo underwear have a strong smell immediately after purchase. But this can be offset if you let it sit out a day in the open air, after which you can give it a quick wash. This process will ensure the smell will disappear.

If you feel that the Pros outweigh the Cons for bamboo underwear, then perhaps it is time you have a change of wardrobe and get yourself a whole new stack of underwear.

In a Word

It is about time you get out of that uncomfortable underwear and buy yourself a pair (or more) of bamboo underwear. We have prepared the list of the best bamboo underwear for men and women. Feel free to use it to compare different bamboo brands. Get yourself a pair, and you will never go back to that old pair of underwear ever again.

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