7 Reasons You Should Make a Change to Bamboo Paper Towels

Paper towels make our lives easier in many ways. They can be used as a substitute for kitchen towels or come in hand for taming spills and stains of all kinds. However, the easiness brought by the paper towels also comes with responsibility. We don't think about where our used paper towels go after we throw them away. Paper towels' lifespan is quite simple: once you don't need it anymore, it goes to the landfills to contribute to the global pollution levels. It takes regular paper towels hundreds of years to biodegrade, and this is exactly why we want to show you a more sustainable alternative - bamboo paper towels.

What are bamboo paper towels?

As the name suggests, these paper towels are an alternative for cotton- and cellulose-based ones. Paper towels from bamboo show better absorption results and are more durable. As a consequence, such paper towels create much less waste.

Besides, some bamboo paper towels are multi-use and can even be washed. Resigning from the single-use paper towels favouring multi-use bamboo ones is a good idea for both your budget and the environment.

Why bamboo paper towels are a great choice? 

Once you know more about bamboo paper towels, we suggest that you dive deeper and see why you need them in your kitchen: 

  • They help you save money.

The truth is, many of us are ready to resign from sustainable household choices just because they are pricey. However, the compromise between price and sustainability is not the case for these paper towels. These towels are way more eco-friendly than regular ones, and they also help you save money. Bamboo towels are reusable and much more absorbent than regular towels, which prolongs their lifespan and eliminates the need for purchasing a new pack once in a while.

  • Bamboo paper towels reduce waste. 

We suggest that you take a closer look at your habits of using paper towels. How many towels does it take you to reduce a stain or a spill? We are quite sure that you will not be able to answer this question accurately because it usually takes a tone of paper towels to get things clean. As a consequence of such an approach, you are making your household extremely wasteful and inefficient. 

When it comes to bamboo towels, you only need one to tidy up. In some cases, you even may use one towel multiple times as the majority of Amazon bamboo paper towels you can find are multi-use. 

  • These paper towels are biodegradable. 

The discussion of bamboo paper towels' advantages is barely possible without mentioning this point. Many producers of regular cotton or cellulose paper towels claim that their products are biodegradable. Why are bamboo paper towels so special? The answer is all about the duration of biodegradability. Alongside regular cotton or cellulose, paper towels contain additional components that make biodegrading incredibly long. At the same time, these paper towels are all-natural and take a couple of weeks to decompose. 

  • Bamboo paper towels are ethical. 

The fast decomposition of these paper towels is an incredibly important aspect. However, there is much more to these towels that make them so attractive to all eco-lovers. Bamboo is a unique plant itself as it has very low demands for growth conditions. For example, this plant barely needs to be watered and requires no replanting. Besides, the growth of bamboo does not have to be supported by pesticides. Speaking of cotton, this plant is much more demanding of natural resources and always uses pesticides. 

Another important aspect is the production of bamboo. Bamboo material that is used in paper towels is made with the use of closed-loop cycles. It means that such a method of production creates little to no waste.

  • They last longer. 

We have already mentioned that bamboo paper towels are an excellent find for those eager to save money. It was also stated that these towels absorb more and create less waste. However, bamboo towels are also extremely attractive due to their durability. As much as disposable bamboo towels can be found on the market, bamboo kitchen towels are usually reusable. It means that one paper towel can be reused multiple times. Some types of bamboo paper towels can even be hand- or machine-washed. 

How to Choose Right Bamboo Paper Towels 

The best method for choosing the proper bamboo towels is the determination of your goal. It may be related to a decrease in the waste of your household or simply about saving money. Let's look at two popular types of bamboo paper towels and see who may benefit from their purchase:

  • Disposable bamboo paper towels

These paper towels are known for their high absorption capabilities. It means that one such towel can substitute a good dozen of regular cotton ones. However, you can use such a towel only once, and it will have to be thrown away after a single-use. While purchasing disposable paper towels, opt tor compostable ones, so you reach your goal of creating less waste.

  • Multi-use bamboo paper towels 

These paper towels are a one-fits-all kind of option. By purchasing washable paper towels, you save money and reduce waste at the same time. However, the washing of these paper towels has to be taken carefully. Your multi-use bamboo paper towels will last you longer if you handwash them and avoid using a washing machine. Even if the producer claims that the towels can withstand a machine wash, wash them on a delicate mode and bypass the dryer in favour of air-drying. 


Bamboo paper towels are a relatively new product on the market. However, they have already won thousands of customers' appreciation and became popular amongst those who seek a more eco-friendly household. 

The attractiveness of bamboo kitchen paper towels lays behind their durability and eco-friendliness. Some of these paper towels can even be washed and reused multiple times. Disposable bamboo paper towels also present a better alternative for regular cotton ones as they take much less time to biodegrade. 

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