Bamboo Tiki Torches to Turn a Patio Into a Tropical Getaway

Are you looking to add some bamboo tiki torches to your space and don't know where to start and how they work? Tiki torches feature an island-inspired design and are available in a classic bamboo relaxed style or glass or metal torches. Most of them have a small canister with a wick to burn oil, giving the touch the open flame characteristic. Read on to understand the bamboo tiki torches better.

What are Bamboo Tiki Torches?

Bamboo torches are also known as Tiki torches because of their Polynesian cultural roots. They combine the images of luaus, beach parties, and tiki bars, making them a perfect choice to turn your backyard into a tropical gateway. There is a standard Beachcomber style bamboo torch and a modern bamboo torch in fun colors and patterns, making them more versatile and great party accessories to add fun. These tiki torches are made from real dried bamboo, and they are mostly not weather resistant and therefore are not meant to sit outdoors unprotected between uses.

You should empty the fuel canisters and store them in a garage when you take down the bamboo torches, which can last through the season. Bamboo tiki torches are great for one-off or short-term uses such as picnics, weekend cabins, camping trips as party decor, and people who regularly update their outdoor decor with seasons. The article has compiled some of the best bamboo tiki torches in the market with their pros and cons and also a detailed buying guide to help you in the buying process.

Are bamboo tiki torches better?

1. Matney Bamboo Torches

Matney Bamboo Torches – Includes Metal Oil Canisters with Covers to...
  • BAMBOO TORCHES (60 INCH, 12 PACK) — Add functional appeal to outdoor entertaining with real oil-burning torches — Features fiberglass...
  • 5 HOUR FLAME & BUG REPELLENT — Full flame lasts more than 5 hours when filled with citronella oil (not included) — Illuminates a...
  • TWIST & POUR TECHNOLOGY — Refillable 16-oz canister last for more than 5 hours before needing refill — Easy pour system makes refilling...
  • DECORATE & ENTERTAIN — Ideal for backyard decorating and lawn lighting — Festive accent to luau, beach, tropical, or jungle themed...
  • DESIGN SPECIFCATIONS — Sustainable bamboo construction — Stake base plants firmly into the ground with speared bottoms — Each torch...

Matney Bamboo Torches are the best for large-scale backyard luaus where many tiki torches are needed since this is a set of 12 oil-powered tiki torches at a friendly price. Each torch has a classic bamboo tiki torch construction where each torch stands at 60-inches tall, which will ensure each corner of your backyard barbecue into an island-themed luau.

Matney Bamboo torch comes with large 16-ounce canisters that can burn standard oil or function as bug-fighting citronella oil for up to five hours. The complete set comes with pointed bottoms that make it easy to drive them to the ground, and also, each torch is equipped with a snuffer cap that extinguishes the flames when it's time to end the enjoyable experience and return to reality.


  • 5 hours of burn time and bug repellant making refilling quite easy
  • It uses a twist and pour technology
  • Sustainable bamboo construction
  • Suitable for decorating your backyard and patio and also lawn lighting
  • Includes a wooden snuffer cap for the easy extinguishing of open flames


  • Not the best quality

2. ONETHATCH Synthetic Bamboo Tiki Torches

ONETHATCH Synthetic Bamboo Torches (4pack); Weather-Resistant Large...
  • DURABLE, LASTING COLOR: We take pride in the quality of our artificial torch, which won't bend, warp or split. Plus, the product has made of...
  •  100% RAIN, SNOW, ROT, and SPLIT PROOF: Wherever you install our citronella torches, you'll be astonished at how well it withstands...
  •  EASY, MESS FREE: Our bamboo tiki lamps are easy to install and feature a spike shape stake for easy grounding. A 12-ounce easy-pour WIDER...
  •  NATURAL-LOOKING: Synthetic alternatives must look natural. Every beautiful characteristic of bamboo torches has been faithfully reproduced...
  • ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT: Each of our tiki torch parts is designed with threads, can easily be twisted, and converted into a large size 60" tall...

ONETHATCH Synthetic Bamboo Tiki Torches come in a durable and lasting color of great quality made of a high-performance ABS material that ensures decades of excellent beauty and laid-back entertainment space. The artificial tiki torch doesn't warp, bend, or split. Even though they are not crafted from all-natural bamboo and are synthetic alternatives, they look very natural and deliver a perfect replica.

ONETHATCH Synthetic Bamboo Tiki Torches come with lamps that are easy to install, and they come with a spike-shaped stake that allows easy grounding. Also, the 12-ounce pour wide mouth canisters include a long-lasting fiber wick, and each fill will offer over 5 hours of burn time.


  • Weather-resistant as its 100% snow, rot rain, and split proof
  • Easy to install thanks to the spike-shaped stake for an easy grounding
  • A 12-ounce easy pour wide mouth canister for less mess that features a long-lasting fiberglass wick
  • 5 hours burn time
  • It does not warp, bend, or spilled


  • Not the best quality since its synthetic

3. Backyadda Bamboo Torches; Decorative Torches

Backyadda Bamboo Torches; Outdoor Decor Torch; Extra-Large (16oz)...
  • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION! Jazz up your next outside party with our stylish Burnt Sienna Classic Weave bamboo tiki style torches for outside....
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Made of 100% Sustainable Bamboo. Stands taller than others at 59". Included fiberglass wicks last longer than cotton...
  • EXTRA-LARGE METAL CANISTER holds 16 ounces of fuel for a long-lasting burn. Wide mouth opening makes adding citronella or tiki torch oil...
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT - Bamboo is highly durable and more resistant to moisture and heat, but as with any outdoor decor product, they will...
  • FULL ONE-YEAR 5-STAR GUARANTEE! That’s right, we stand behind these torches; Refund or replacement for one full year, including your...

Backyadda Bamboo is a six-pack easy pour wide mouth canister torches that combine a classic bamboo look with a burnt sienna color and a wicker weave for a completely sophisticated look for a relaxed outdoor style and flare. Each of the six oil-powered torches holds about 16 ounces of fuel, and this is enough to keep your patio or backyard illuminated deep into the night.

All the Backyadda Bamboo flame outdoor torches help easy refill thanks to an easy pour wide mouth canister. Each torch features a long-lasting fiberglass wick and a wooden snuffer that extinguishes the flame at the end of the night. The Classic tiki torch has 59-inch tallness and features a pointed end to allow easy mounting in the ground.


  • It is made from 100% sustainable bamboo construction
  • The bamboo torch has an attractive burnt sienna finish
  • They use large metal easy-pour wide mouth canisters for less mess
  • Long-lasting fiberglass wicks
  • Wood snuffer to extinguish the flames
  • One year warranty


  • The color washes off quickly, especially if the torch gets wet.

4. TIKI Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo Torches

TIKI Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo Torches - 4 pack
  • STYLISH ISLAND TIKI TORCH: These classic woven bamboo torches bring laid-back island style to your outside space for years of enjoyment and...
  • LONGER-LASTING FLAME: Use with TIKI torch fuel and enjoy up to 5 hours of burn time with each 12oz. fill and durable fiberglass wicks
  • NO MESS DESIGN: Each torch has an easy-pour wide-mouth canister for fewer spills, less mess, and a cleaner, more enjoyable experience
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Our torches are great for any occasion and adds beautiful ambient lighting to your yard
  • ALL YOU NEED: This pack of torches includes 4 easy-pour wide-mouth 12oz. canisters with flameguards, long-lasting fiberglass wicks, and...

Tiki Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo is an island-inspired design crafted torches that come from all-natural renewable bamboo, and it features a classic bamboo weave construction. The classic Tiki torch is a 4-pack, and it includes an easy and mess-free 12-ounce easy pour wide mouth canister with long-lasting fiberglass wicks, flame guards for a cleaner, more enjoyable experience with fewer spills. It also comes with snuffers that help extinguish the flames when your party is over after five hours of burn with each 12-0unce fill.

The Tiki Brand Luau Bamboo Torches are suitable for use in an outdoor space, and since they are designed in different styles, they can suit any patio, lawn, yard, or garden. All the natural flame outdoor torches have a sustainable bamboo construction, and also each torch has a 60-inch pole that you can stab deep into the ground as much as you need.


  • It has been crafted from all-natural & renewable bamboo
  • Long-lasting fiberglass wick
  • Excellent value for your money
  • It can stick directly to the ground
  • Available in 4 packs and 12 packs


  • They are not weather resistant and will not work well outside during winter as they may shred.

5. Mr.Garden Bamboo Torches

Mr.Garden Bamboo Torches are suitable for people looking for tabletop bamboo torches for a cleaner, more enjoyable experience. This bamboo torch works with most torch oils and adds a luminous feel to any outdoor entertainment, and has real-burning torches that feature speared bottom. If you choose the right oil, it is also usable as an insect and mosquito repellant, sold separately.

Mr.Garden Bamboo Torches are suitable for celebrations, camping, and holidays for your lawn, garden or backyards since they are only meant for outdoor use. It also includes metal canisters with wooden snuffs that help extinguish the flame when it's time to end the party.


  • Great value for your money
  • 100% classic bamboo weave construction
  • The tiki torches can be used with a variety of oils
  • It comes with built-in stands for stability
  • The bamboo torch has metal fuel canisters with wooden snuff caps


  • Suitable for use on tabletops because of the 18-inch size

What are the Components of Bamboo Torches

a). Fuel Canister

While these torches may not have many parts, the most important part is the canister because it stores the fuel. The materials used for these canisters are either metal or plastic, and you may benefit from a metal canister as it is less likely to catch fire or crack. Also, a large canister means your outdoor torch will burn for a longer period.

b). Wick

All bamboo torches that burn fuel have a wick, and most of these wicks are made of fiberglass, but some feature cotton wicks. A fiberglass wick tends to last longer than cotton because cotton usually burns quicker, but you may need to adjust your wick as it's burning to ensure it produces a nice open flame. You can replace short wicks from your local stores or ordering extras online.

c). Snuffer cap

A snuffer cap is a part that is placed over a burning torch, and it provides a safe and easy way to extinguish the flame. You should leave the cap off when the wick is cooling and place it back on it to protect it from other elements. Notably, not all bamboo torches include a cap, but any high-end purchase will include one attached to the torch with a chain or string to avoid it getting lost.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Bamboo Tiki Torches

1. Quantity (Individual vs. Set)

Bamboo torches come either individually or in a set of several, and it's better and more economical to the packs because you can't imagine an outdoor party with a single bamboo torch. The number of torches may vary per order from two to even a dozen, and some sellers may offer options to allow users to choose the number of torches they may need.

In addition, the price of getting a large number of torches will be less than purchasing a single one separately. Check your outdoor area and how well you may want to light it up to determine the number of torches you may need.

2. Size

All brand bamboo torches come in different lengths, and how you plan on using the torch in your backyard or outdoor space will determine the size you may need. A standard tiki torch comes in an average of 5 feet tall, and these torches may use a wick that holds about 16 ounces of oil to power the flame.

The short-size styles are suitable for an outdoor patio space or a small garden where they can be pushed into planters and may even be clamped onto decks or other surfaces. The shortest torches may range between 1 to 2 feet tall and may come with their stand as tabletop lighting.

3. Fuel

Bamboo torches come in different fuel types, and they include:

a). Paraffin or kerosene

Petroleum-based fuels are the most common and affordable option, and they can produce a lot of soot and smoke than other fuel types.

b). Natural gas/propane

These fuel types are uncommon, but some bamboo torches may use this natural gas or propane. The models that use these types are mostly high-end, and these types are permanent and may need a professional installation.

c). Citronella oil

This is an eco-friendly option as citronella oil in a non-petroleum base would be the best fuel for lighting your outdoor area and keeping the bugs away at the same time. An oil-powered tiki torch may last up to five hours

d). Solar/battery

Some bamboo torches may not use any oil altogether and may use batteries or solar power to power the LED lights that will flicker and mimic the look of a real tiki torch. These models may be safer since they don't use any flame or oil, and they may give between five and 12 hours of burn time depending on weather conditions and how much direct sunlight the solar cell will receive during the day

4. Design

Bamboo outdoor torches usually have a traditional appearance, where others may incorporate patterns and colors. In addition, some of these bamboo torches feature add-on elements like seashells that may add a special tropical touch to your outdoor decor.

5. Assembly

A bamboo torch may arrive when it's fully assembled, or it may need minimum assembly. Notably, the solar-powered bamboo torches may need more work for the torch placement or positioning to allow them to take full advantage of the sun to recharge fully.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Bamboo Tiki Torches

1. Are bamboo tiki torches good?

Bamboo tiki torches usually offer a traditional bamboo look at an affordable price. Still, they may not be as durable as their glass or metal counterparts and pose a danger of catching fire. On the other hand, glass tiki torches may be more durable against any weather and give a more artistic look to your space.

2. Does the Tiki brand bamboo torches keep bugs away?

This usually depends on what you may burn in the torches but keep in mind if you are going to use a petroleum-based fuel such as kerosene or paraffin, you will not successfully keep insects away. However, if you use lemongrass, citronella, or a similar fuel type, you will have more luck keeping bugs away. Citronella is an essential oil usually added to non-petroleum fuel that makes it difficult for any biting insects, including mosquitoes. But remember that citronella oil is more expensive than any petroleum-based torch fuel.

3. Which Tiki brand torch fuel is the best for mosquito repellency?

TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel, made with a cedar and citronella formula, is suitable for offering mosquito repellency and its idea for use with Tiki Brand torches or table torches. It comes in an easy-pour bottle that guarantees fewer spills and less mess, and it can fill eight 12 ounces easy pour wide mouth canister.

Notably, according to studies, using CO2-emitting mosquito traps showed over 50% reduction in captured mosquitoes compared to using untreated controls. Ensure you use TIKI Brand Torch Fuel as directed as efficiency may be affected by torch placement, individual physical factors, and weather conditions.

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