🍃 Bamboo Sunglasses: Be Safe and Eco-Friendly with Style

We all enjoy the sunshine, right?

But not when the rays shine directly into our eyes.

That’s when we need sunglasses.

Today, I’ve prepared 10 top bamboo sunglasses for people who appreciate style, comfort, and eco-friendly materials. Let’s dive right in!

Are Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses Durable?

1. Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses, Classic Aviator by TreeHut

“Of course, style is important. But sunglasses also serve to protect our sensitive eyes from the harmful sun rays. Therefore, it’s better to give your preference to the models that feature the UV protection.”

These first bamboo wood frame sunglasses deserve to be on this list thanks to their quality lenses and classic, universal design.

Now, you might want to know one cool fact about these glasses: each pair is individually handcrafted. This means you will wear a pair of unique sunglasses. The frame is made of pure bamboo with a polished finish for a more luxurious look. The lenses vary in color (blue, brown, and yellow), so you have quite a few options to choose from.

And, it gets better:

The lenses feature 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Overall, I really like these glasses. They look cool and provide good protection against the sun rays. What else do you need?


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable frame material (bamboo)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Classic design, will suit any style
  • Handcrafted
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • The lenses could be darker for a better protection against the light glare
  • Some parts may seem wobbly, so some tweaking may be needed

2. Wise Owl Eco Goods Bamboo Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses Polarized for Men & Women - (Large Size 146mm, Grey...
  • ✅ Wise Owl Polarized Wood sunglasses men Featuring 10 & 11 Layered Lens for Ultimate PROTECTION Against Sun Harmful Rays. Blocks 100% of...
  • ✅ Wise Owl Wooden Sunglasses for Men & Women is Eco-Friendly and made from 100% Bamboo.
  • ✅ Wise Owl 100% Bamboo Sunglasses for Men & Women is simultaneously light weight and incredibly durable.
  • ✅ Wise Owl Wooden Sunglasses for Women & men have Durable Spring Hinges to prevent damage to the frame by allowing the arms to hyper...
  • ✅ Wise Owl wood frame sunglasses for men uses top quality 1.1mm polarized lenses with UV 400 protection.

Wise Owl Eco Goods Bamboo Sunglasses

This next pair of bamboo wooden glasses has a lot of qualities that might buy you over. These glasses are very nicely made in that awesome Wise Owl style, which suits almost everyone.

Here’s the deal:

This pair does more than just complement your personal style. It also protects your eyes from the sunlight. The lenses are polarized, featuring UV400 protection. Besides, they are finished with a scratch-resistant coating, which will save your glasses from damage.

Each frame is made of pure bamboo, which is why each model has its own wood pattern and color peculiarities. This will give you a chance to get a unique accessory.

To be honest, I loved wearing these sunglasses. They are stylish, lightweight, and very comfy. I’m sure you’re going to love them too!


  • Nicely made
  • UV400 protection
  • Pure bamboo frame
  • Float on water, won’t get lost during your summer activities
  • Classic style suitable for almost everyone
  • Come with a bamboo case


  • The polarization finish isn’t that durable and might come off with time

3. Men’s Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses by LogoLenses

LogoLenses Men's Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses Black
  • Temples Made from Real Bamboo Wood
  • 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays
  • Strong and durable

Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses by LogoLenses

The next bamboo sunglasses I want to share with you is a more affordable model, suitable for people who don’t want to invest too much in a simple accessory. Despite being called “Men’s Sunglasses”, this model is quite universal and will work just fine for both men and women.

This pair of glasses features a composite construction. The front frame is made of plastic and the temples are of bamboo. Such a design allows for an interesting look and different combinations of colors (there are 7 currently available).

These glasses are a perfect option for someone who’s looking for a cheap but stylish summer accessory.


  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Classic look suitable for both men and women
  • 100% UV protection
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • The lenses aren’t polarized, which means there’s no protection against the light glares
  • Not a very durable construction (which is okay for such a cheap price, to be honest)

4. Bamboo Wayfarer Vintage Handcraft Sunglasses by Gearonic

Vintage Handcraft Sunglasses by Gearonic

The next item on our list of top bamboo glasses is this cool model by Gearonic. This pair looks great and is very comfortable to wear.

Now, I’m sure that you’re going to love how many available options there are. You can pick both frame and lens color, which will allow you to get the accessory suitable for your taste.

“When shopping online, you can’t be 100% sure that a certain shape of sunglasses will suit you well. Fortunately, there are tons of apps and websites that can help you with that. Simply download your photo (preferably, a full-face one) and attach different sunglasses shapes and designs to the picture to see which one suits you the most.”

Another great thing about these glasses is that they feature 100% UV protection and polarized lenses, which means you can feel absolutely safe when wearing them during summer.

I am very pleased with these sunglasses. I enjoyed every minute of wearing them, and I’m sure you will too!


  • Many color options to choose from
  • Stylish
  • Polarized lenses with UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Float on water
  • Bamboo case


  • Might be too small for some users
  • The arm springs might require some tightening (or maybe I’m the only one who faced this issue)

5. Polarized Handmade Wooden Shades in a Wayfarer by 4est Shades

Bamboo Wood Sunglasses - One of a kind Polarized handmade frames from...
  • Version 2.0: Now even more durable!
  • FREE BAMBOO CASE, CLOTH POUCH & MICROFIBRE CLOTH - Every Pair of 4EST Shades Comes equipped in a personalized Bamboo travel case & Cloth...
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are ALWAYS here for our customers! Try our brand new wood sunglasses yourself or as a gift. If you don't like...

These glasses deserve to be among the top-rated bamboo sunglasses thanks to their cool, authentic design and build quality.

They have polarized anti-reflective lenses with UV400 protection, which means your eyes will be safe and comfortable during the sunny summer days.

Moreover, these sunglasses float on water. You can take them surfing, to a pool party, or to the beach without worrying about losing them in the water.

I must say, I didn’t want to take these glasses off. And I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your summer with them too!


  • Full bamboo frame
  • Polarized lenses with UV protection
  • Come with a bamboo case
  • Lightweight
  • Float on water
  • Handcrafted and nicely


  • The inside part of the temples is quite slippery, which might make them slide off your face
  • May be too loose for some users

6. 50/50 Bamboo Shades by 4est Shades

Bamboo Shades by 4est Shades

These bamboo sunglasses have made it to this list for one simple reason: they look very cool.

But that’s not it yet. They also have good polarized lenses that offer UV protection. And the combination of natural bamboo and plastic creates a unique look while offering superb comfort in use.

“When shopping for sunglasses, keep in mind that color of the lenses plays a very important part. The darker the lenses are, the more protected from the sun you will be. I mean, you don’t want to frown in the sun while wearing your sunglasses? What’s the point in them then, right?”

Read the full review of 4est Shades Bamboo Sunglasses.

Overall, these glasses managed to impress me. They are stylish and nicely made, which you might appreciate too.


  • Stylish design
  • Polarized lenses with UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Come with a bamboo case and a microfiber cloth


  • May be too big for some users
  • The color may differ from the picture

7. Polarized Wood Sunglasses by Cloudfield

Cloudfield Wood Frame Sunglasses for Men and Women - Handcrafted using...
  • 🕶️ COOL STYLE and PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Unlike any other dark sunglasses for women, our bamboo sunglasses are fun and stylish, yet made...
  • 🕶️ BEST FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: For those who enjoy being in nature and any outdoor activities, our fashionable wood sunglasses for...
  • 🕶️ WOOD FRAME GLASSES FOR MEN and WOMEN: With high quality bamboo wood and 9-layer polarized lenses, they will look great while...
  • 🕶️ MADE OF ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Have you ever had problems with your sunglasses getting crushed inside the bag or pocket? Cloudfield...
  • 🕶️ WOOD GIFTS FOR HIM and FOR HER: Each pair of Cloudfield sunglasses comes with a high-quality bamboo sunglasses case, pouch, and...

Polarized Wood Sunglasses by Cloudfield

The next item on our list is stylish and would suit anyone, I’m sure. I am a fan of its deep brown color and trendy shape.

Another cool thing about these sunglasses is the lenses. They feature UV400 protection, but there’s more to them. Their anti-reflective surface is great for both sun and snow. It will protect your eyes from those sharp and blinding light glares.

I really love these sunglasses and the way they look. Their stylish shape and nice lenses will be a good company for anyone during the summer.


  • Full bamboo frame
  • Beautiful deep color
  • Stylish design
  • High-quality anti-reflective lenses
  • UV400 protection


  • The lenses might not be dark enough for some users
  • The frame is rather thin, so it might break with time

8. Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses (Half-Frame) by Treehut

TREEHUT Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses Temples Classic Retro Square Wood...
  • NATURE-FRIENDLY – Treehut Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses are environmentally conscious because they are made of sustainable bamboo wood. When...
  • TRENDY DESIGN – The casual design of the Wayfarer exudes a classic feeling making it ideal for everyday use in any situation. It...
  • HIGH-GRADE LENSES – The composite iridium lenses offer 99% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, allowing you to have all the fun under...
  • STRONG AND DURABLE – Treehut Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses have a durable frame which cannot be altered or damaged by changes in climate and...
  • HANDCRAFTED – Each pair of wooden sunglasses by Treehut is individually handmade and handled skillfully with care.

Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses (Half-Frame) by Treehut

These glasses have a very cool, trendy design and composite frame construction, which gives them a unique look and more sturdiness.

But the coolest thing (probably) about these glasses is their lenses. They are the iridium composite ones, which means they reduce the glare and protect you from those harmful UVB and UVA rays. The lenses come in 5 different colors, so you’ll definitely find the perfect style for yourself.

These glasses really deserve your attention. For such a reasonable price, they have a lot to offer.


  • Great design
  • Composite iridium lenses
  • UV protection
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Come in a variety of colors


  • The plastic frame part might not be that durable
  • The lenses aren’t polarized, so the glare may be rather noticeable

9. Wood Bamboo Sunglasses, Vintage Wayfarer by Oct17

Oct17 Wood Bamboo Wooden Vintage Sunglasses Eyewear for Mens Womens -...
  • MATERIAL - Ultra Lightweight Half Genuine Bamboo Frame
  • DESIGN FOR - Men & Women, Classic style looks good on everyone.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & SIZE - Ultra light weight, about 50% lighter than standard frame weight. Lens width 55mm, Bridge 19mm (at top of the bridge,...
  • COLOR - High quality light weight ABS color choices
  • Product of Oct17, Trademark Registered. US Trademark Registration Number 5178135 will be fully enforced.

Vintage Wayfarer by Oct17

These glasses are another cheap option that can boast a stylish design and nicely made bamboo components.

“Some manufacturers combine bamboo with plastic, which is also a rather efficient design. Both these materials are very lightweight, although plastic is less durable. They also look good together, especially when the plastic parts feature that natural looking wood finish.”

Because these glasses come in 4 different frame colors (and 5 lens colors), they allow for versatility. And the classic Wayfarer style is suitable for both men and women. Just pick the color you want and enjoy wearing your fashionable accessory.

This is an ideal option for people who don’t want to buy expensive accessories. They are perfect for everyday use and suit any style.


  • Super affordable
  • Very lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Genuine bamboo temples


  • The lenses aren’t polarized, which is okay for such a price
  • The plastic part isn’t that durable

10. RawWood Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

RawWood Originals Natural/Green Polarized Bamboo Wood Sunglasses 100%...
  • HANDMADE WOOD SUNGLASSES - Since they are made with 100% bamboo, every pair is as unique as the bamboo they're made from!
  • FLOATING WOODEN SHADES- Due to the nature of bamboo, they are naturally buoyant on water. They are also crazy light, you won't even know you...
  • WE PLANT A TREE for every pair purchased through our partnership with Trees for the Future! Feel good and look good at the same time!
  • POLARIZED SCRATCH-RESISTANT LENSES. Two way hinges ensure a great fit for everyone. The wooden sunglasses are super light due to the bamboo...
  • SIZE:53mm (Lens Width) x18mm (Bridge) x145mm (Arm Length) - Custom bamboo case also included

RawWood Bamboo Sunglasses

The last item on our list can become a great addition to your summer outfit thanks to its beautiful design.

“Bamboo is an excellent material for sunglasses. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. Plus, it floats on water, so you won’t lose your glasses during the fun summer activities.”

This model features high-quality lenses. They are polarized and offer complete protection against UV rays, which makes these glasses a necessary component of your summer adventures. And they flow on water, so you won’t lose them!

I’m sure these glasses have the potential to become your favorite summer accessory.


  • Genuine bamboo frame
  • Classy style and beautiful design
  • Nicely made
  • Polarized lenses
  • Handmade


  • Extremely lightweight, might not stay in one position on your face
  • May be a bit expensive for some users

Factors We Look At

Sunglasses aren’t simply a fashionable accessory. They also protect our eyes, which means this accessory is very important. And when it comes to picking the best one, we pay our attention only to the most important factors:

  • UV protection. Without it, your sunglasses are pretty much useless. Yes, they will help you stop frowning in the sun, but they won’t protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet.
  • Lens coating, which is another factor responsible for your safety. The most common (and one of the most effective ones) is the polarized coating.
  • Price. Expensive doesn’t always mean good, so we always compare the prices and what you can get for them.
  • Materials. We always pay attention to the lenses and the frame. Bamboo glasses might not always be pure bamboo. There are different wood and plastic combinations, which may influence their durability and your comfort.
  • Reviews. This rule applies to any other product too: even if we are enjoying it a lot, some other users might have issues with it. That’s why it’s important to read what other people have to say about their experience in order to learn about the potential problems or inconveniences.

Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Pair of Bamboo Sunglasses

They look super cool. Do I need to continue?

Okay, if that’s not enough for you, here are some other advantages they can offer:

  • Bamboo is a very eco-friendly and sustainable material since it grows fast and doesn’t require the use of pesticides and other chemicals. It gets better: it doesn’t even need much water!
  • Such sunglasses are cool for summer and beach/pool parties since they float on water. You won’t lose them when having fun.
  • Bamboo is very durable, so your glasses will serve you for a long time.
  • Such sunglasses are very lightweight, so they won’t hurt your nose bridge.

Trust me when I say this: the second you put your new bamboo glasses on, you will want to wear them all the time.

How to Care for Your Sunglasses

Actually, there’s nothing complicated about taking care of your glasses. However, some tips need to be taken into consideration if you want this stylish accessory to serve you longer:

  • You definitely need to buy a good case for your glasses to keep them safe and intact.
  • Clean them with a microfiber cloth only.
  • Avoid using regular glass cleaners for the lenses since such a cleaning solution can damage the surface. It’s better to buy a specialized cleaner for sunglasses.
  • If you want to go swimming with your glasses, think about getting an attachment to prevent them from floating away.

Things to Know Before Buying Bamboo Sunglasses

So, you need new sunglasses and are thinking about getting the bamboo ones? Let me help you.

Here are some of the things you should take into consideration when shopping:

  • Frame size, shape, and style. Of course, we all want sunglasses that would look flattering on us. The good thing is they come in all shapes and sizes these days, even the bamboo ones, so you’ll definitely find something for yourself. Round, square, oval, or even heart-shaped – the options are nearly endless.
  • Lenses. They definitely have to feature UV protection. Also, mind the material. Plastic lenses are more lightweight and aren’t that easy to break or scratch (unlike the glass ones).
  • Coating. It will also protect your eyes from the bright reflections. The polarized finish is always a good choice.
  • Color of the lenses. Darker lenses are more suitable for bright sunny days and regular everyday activities, while lighter shades will work great in moderate lighting, for instance, during snow-related activities like skiing or snowboarding.

A quick note: allow yourself to spend some time reading other people’s reviews. Just to see what the glasses are really like in use.


I must admit I had a lot of fun testing these sunglasses. It felt almost like a fashion show, where I got to wear new accessories every day. If you are not yet convinced whether or not you need a pair in your wardrobe, read this article.

Want to know which glasses impressed me the most?

The Polarized Wood Sunglasses by Cloudfield. There’s so much to love about them. These sunglasses are very comfortable to wear. They look cool and stylish. And most importantly, they provide 100% protection for your eyes. What else is there to wish for?

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