🍃 7 Best Bamboo Plates and Their Reviews: Adding Organic Taste to Your Kitchen

It goes without saying that bamboo plates are a great biodegradable option. Plastic or ceramic items can bend, crack, fade, or break while exposed to high food temperatures. Bamboo items are quite durable, washed, and reused. Though, such dinnerware can last from 1.5 to 2 years. They are also a perfect way to make every meal more pleasant and enjoyable. A slight touch of personal style can be easily observed.

Here are some ideas and tips on using such kitchenware and a review of the best bamboo plate brands available on the market nowadays.

Which best bamboo plates are unbreakable?

1. Get Fresh Bamboo Plates  

Get Fresh Bamboo Plates 4 Pack, Bamboo Dinnerware, Bamboo Fiber...
  • ✮ BAMBOO FIBER DINNERWARE ✮ - Made mainly of bamboo fibre these Get Fresh bamboo plates does not affect food aroma, consistency, or...
  • ✮ EXTRA THICK ✮ - Get Fresh bamboo plates are extra thick to ensure highest standards of quality and durability. Specifically designed...
  • ✮ SAFE & DURABLE✮ - Bamboo dinnerware is non-toxic and sustainable. Great for outdoor parties, picnics & home usage. It has no sharp...
  • ✮ EASY TO CLEAN ✮ - Being dishwasher safe Get Fresh bamboo fibre dinnerware set is very easy to clean. After each use, just put them in...
  • ✮ 4 PACK SET ✮- Our bamboo fibre plates are perfectly sized for adults, having different colours – blue, purple, orange and green....

The first product to mention here is reusable bamboo plates from Get Fresh. These items are extra, thick, and durable. The bamboo fiber is of high quality, so the kitchenware does not affect the consistency and flavor of dishes. The plates do not have sharp edges, so they are suitable for all ages. They look very nice and stylish.

Here is some additional information about the product:

- The plates are non-toxic, free from BPA and other chemicals, such as cadmium, lead, phthalate, or mercury.

- They are long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

- The fiber is eco-friendly made from farm-planted bamboo.

- The items are stackable to save space in the kitchen.

Let us regard the main pros and cons of the product now.

Overall, the bamboo plates are sustainable and eco-friendly, which is the best reason to buy and use them. Moreover, they look and feel great, can be washed easily, and are dishwasher friendly. You can use them both at home and for outside parties. Children are completely safe while using them.

If you think that this option is right for your needs, click here to order.


  • The plates are awesome for everyday use
  • The feel of the surface is very smooth
  • They are sturdy for everyday kids’ use but not plastic ones
  • The items are easy to clean
  • The shape and color are even cuter than in the picture


  • The plates seem rather expensive for the size
  • The items do not look quite durable so their long lifespan is doubted

2. Earth's Dreams Reusable Bamboo Plate Set

Earth’s Dreams Reusable Bamboo Fiber Tableware Dinnerware Set –...
  • COMPLETE DINNERWARE SET FOR 4: Earth's Dreams dinnerware set is a complete serving set for four. This complete package contains 10" large...
  • BAMBOO FIBER MATERIAL: The Earth’s Dreams Dinnerware Set is produced from the fine quality Bamboo Fibers. The dinnerware set is strong and...
  • SERVE HOT OR COLD FOOD WITH EASE: Since our Bamboo Fiber Dinnerware Set has high-quality organic decal integrated on each item, plates and...
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: This beautifully designed Bamboo Dinnerware set is safe to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. Our Bamboo Fiber Dinnerware...
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Not every dinnerware sets are sturdy and durable enough to take for outdoor activities. Our reusable...

The next kitchenware items are from Earth's Dreams. This bamboo plate set goes with plates, cups, and bowls. A square saucer is complimentary, and it works well for condiments and toppings. The set can be used for different occasions – Christmas, camping, weddings, and parties- and safe for both kids and adults. The items are coated with high-quality organic decal for better temperature resistance.

Earth’s Dreams Reusable Bamboo Plate Set

Let us provide some additional information about the items:

- The product is BPA-free and consists of 85% bamboo fiber and 15% melamine for better shaping.

- The items are 85% biodegradable.

- The set is perfect for any meals like breakfast, dinner, lunch, or snack.

- The kitchenware is temperature-resistant and rigid.

Regarding the most important pros and cons can influence your choice.

In general, we have been researching this dinnerware for a while to understand how well it works for the whole family, including the kids. The product is amazingly sustainable and looks very nice. With the bowls and plates, the set looks chic. The bowl is for a smaller portion, so it can be used for kids and side salads. The plates are great sizes and durable. The kids love these items very much. The cups are also a comfortable size and don't make water taste odd as some plastic cups do.

If the characteristics of this set suit your needs, click here to order.


  • The pieces of tableware are very lightweight though durable
  • They look much nicer than plastic plates
  • They hold up to quality worth purchasing
  • The table looks chic with this kitchenware
  • All the pieces are of a comfortable size and can be used by children as well


  • It is a pity the items cannot be put in a microwave
  • The items can break or crack in the heat

3. Grow Forward Kids' Bamboo Plates Set 

Grow Forward Kids Bamboo Bowl and Plate Set - 4 Bamboo Kids Plates and...
  • [ Stunning Set of 8 Kids Plates and Bowls ] - Take the stress, and mess, out of mealtimes with this plates and bowls set of 8 from Grow...
  • [ Safest Choice for Beginner Self Feeding ] - Our kid friendly plate design features a high lip that makes it easy for little ones to scoop...
  • [ High Quality, Sturdy, and Durable ] - Grow Forward kids plates and kids bowls are the best alternative to plastic. While they are not...
  • [ Eco Friendly, Sustainable, and Biodegradable ] At Grow Forward, we make sure our eco friendly products are always good for the Earth. The...
  • [ Easy to Clean, Stackable, Dishwasher Safe ] - Our value saving dish set of 8 is easy to clean and won't leave food residue, hold odors, or...

Here is the next option to consider. These bamboo kids plates and bowls are very elegant, with clear lines and great hues. They can make a nice gift for a baby register or baby shower occasion. The items are safe, sturdy, and very durable. They do not have dividers to let kids adjust to bigger portions. The bamboo plates and bowls are stackable, do not hold odors, and do not support stains.

Grow Forward Kids Bamboo Plates Set

The extra information about this product will help you with the choice:

- The items are free from BPA, Phthalates, and PVC.

- They work well for hot and cold foods and liquids and can be used for RV and camping.

- The items are convenient for beginner self-feeding, having a high lip, a shallower depth, and a wide base.

- The plates and bowls are shatter-proof and scratch-proof, so they do not contain hidden germs.

Here are the frequently mentioned pros and cons of this product.

In short, kids love these bamboo plates and bowls, and they even eat better from them. The bowls are great for cereal, noodles, and soup, while the plates fit perfectly for eggs, pasta, kids' snacks, or even ice-cream. All other bamboo dinnerware we ordered in the past used to break easily, but they are much thicker. One of the plates has fallen, but it did not crumble. And you can use the plates and bowls for picnicking and camping because they are convenient to use and easy to clean up.

This product's features correspond well to even the most demanding user's needs, so you can click here to order.


  • The set is very durable and thick
  • The items clean up great in the dishwasher
  • It is much cheaper than buying bowls and plates separately
  • The plates and bowls are of the perfect color and size
  • The items are chemical-free and eco-friendly


  • The plates can break and crumble sometimes
  • No dividers may be a sort of problem for beginner eaters

4. Naturally Chic Bamboo Fiber Plates

Naturally Chic Bamboo Fiber Plates - 10 Inch Round Wedding, Party,...
  • Naturally Chic bamboo plates are the perfect, high quality dishware for elegant events, picnics or parties. Ivory matte finish with leaf...
  • Measures 10" x 10" x 6. The 10” round dinner, entree, salad or snack plate is made using bamboo fiber, corn starch, wood fiber and...
  • Naturally Chic's entire line of dishes and tools are made with NO chemicals, plastics, or added toxins.
  • Heavy duty, solid, reusable 4 piece plate set. Should not be used in the microwave, but is dishwasher safe to 158 F (70 C).
  • High quality, bamboo dishware set made using a sustainable practice good for the planet, from start to finish!

These ivory matte bamboo plates with leaf finish suit different purposes well because they are solid and heavy-duty items with many benefits in use. They are of very high quality and look very elegant and smart at every dinner table. The plates are eco-friendly and reusable. 

Naturally Chic Bamboo Fiber Plates

The additional information about these plates seems to be very useful:

- The plates are made from bamboo fiber using some corn starch and wood fiber for better shaping and melamine resin for bonding.

- The product is BPA-free, does not contain any petroleum-based plastics or chemicals, and is non-toxic.

- The plates can be used for dinner dishes, entrée, salads, or snacks.

- The items are suitable for weddings, parties, BBQs, special events, and dinners.

Here we have made a list of pros and cons to help you with the choice.

Finally, the bamboo plate's bulk is unique because it cleans ridiculously fast compared to plastic or melamine, leaves no residue, and it's nice that you don't have to worry about the dishware shattering like ceramic or glass if you accidentally drop it. The plates have a nice feel, texture, and weight to be used outdoors, at picnics, or inside the home. The only note is that if you eat something with a lot of color from spices, don't let it remain on the plate for long. The material can absorb dense coloring and get stains.

If you have decided to purchase this product immediately, click here to order.


  • The plates provide a very stylish and beautiful look
  • They are durable and easy to clean
  • The items are very lightweight
  • The food on the plates looks awesome while served
  • The size is perfect for most dishes


  • The package is not quite reliable so some items may arrive with slight cracks
  • The items have a rather cheap look

5. Belari Bamboo Plate Set

Get Fresh Bamboo Plates 4 Pack, Bamboo Dinnerware, Bamboo Fiber...
  • ✮ BAMBOO FIBER DINNERWARE ✮ - Made mainly of bamboo fibre these Get Fresh bamboo plates does not affect food aroma, consistency, or...
  • ✮ EXTRA THICK ✮ - Get Fresh bamboo plates are extra thick to ensure highest standards of quality and durability. Specifically designed...
  • ✮ SAFE & DURABLE✮ - Bamboo dinnerware is non-toxic and sustainable. Great for outdoor parties, picnics & home usage. It has no sharp...
  • ✮ EASY TO CLEAN ✮ - Being dishwasher safe Get Fresh bamboo fibre dinnerware set is very easy to clean. After each use, just put them in...
  • ✮ 4 PACK SET ✮- Our bamboo fibre plates are perfectly sized for adults, having different colours – blue, purple, orange and green....

These bamboo plates make a stylish and functional addition to any table. The design is simplistic and minimalistic, so it looks very modern and attractive, bringing natural aesthetics and charm. The materials are produced from the bamboo forests that grow sustainably and are completely renewable.

Belari Bamboo Plate Set

The additional information provided here will help you with the choice:

- These durable plates are perfect for everyday use.

- They are 100% natural and pure bamboo.

- The items should be washed by hand only to preserve their stunning look.

- The plates are versatile – they can be used for home dishes and weddings, parties, and as kids' plates for other special events.

The pros and cons of this product are indicated here for your better choice.

All in all, the versatile use of these plates is awesome. You can use them practically everywhere. And here is one more interesting tip – you can use them as trays for a sandwich, a bowl of soup or salad, a fork and a spoon if you work you're your home office. The dinnerware is perfect for any kind foods even if they are greasy or hot – they do not leave any stains. 

Do not experiment with microwaves and dishwashers, and you will have your bamboo fiber plates set usable for many years.

If the product suits all your requirements, click here to order.


  • The shape of the plates adds a modern vibe
  • The plates are durable and sturdy
  • They can be used for everything – breakfast, lunch, dinner, RV living, and picnicking
  • The plates are a real value for the price
  • The items look very elegant and natural on the dinner table


  • Even hand-washing and immediate drying can sometimes wear out the surface of the plates
  • The glue can ooze out

6. Island Bamboo Plates 

These beautiful bamboo plates from the Island Bamboo manufacturer are made from organic bamboo leaves, and they are disposable and compostable. They are made in a classic style that adds functionality and provides versatile use. These disposable bamboo plates are quite durable and strong, and they are suitable for hot and cold foods, gravies, ice-cream, and liquids. They can also withstand stainless steel knives and other cutlery.

Island Bamboo Plates

Here, we provide some additional information about the product that seems to be quite useful:

- The plates are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and disposable.

- They can be used in microwave ovens.

- They are suitable for weddings, catering, and parties and a more relaxed atmosphere of picnics and outdoor dinners.

- The items are toxin-free and do not contain any chemicals.

Consider these pros and cons to make the right choice for your specific needs. 

To sum up, if you want to spare yourself to wash up after your big party, opt for these bamboo compostable plates. Moreover, they look very nice and stylish. Your friends will never believe that they are disposable. It is a great chance to replace those ugly plastic kitchen items with really convenient and nice-looking plates. Your guests will be amazed and satisfied.

You may need these plates because your special day arrives, so do not hesitate to click here to order.


  • The plates are disposable so you do not need to wash up after parties
  • They can be used in the microwave
  • The items look elegant and chic
  • The natural bamboo color matches all the table designs and occasions
  • The product is eco-friendly and biodegradable


  • It’s a pity that these plates are not meant for washing up and using again
  • The dinnerware is not as durable as it is expected from the advertisement

7. Lekoch Store Bamboo Plates

LEKOCH 10 inch Bamboo Plates,Bamboo Dinnerware Sets,Lightweight Dinner...
  • High-quality Bamboo Fiber: Bamboo Plates are made from the highest quality, strongest and sustainable bamboo manufacturer. Reusable bamboo...
  • LFGB and EU approved: Lekoch Dinnerware Set is mainly made of bamboo fiber, corn starch, and other plant fibers, which has passed the LFGB...
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe:Bamboo dinner plates are simple, durable, and functional, pretty easy to clean by hand wash or dishwasher,...
  • More options: The lightweight Bamboo Plates are a perfect choice for home, camping, picnics, birthdays, outdoor&indoor party. Being...
  • Serve hot or cold food with ease:Our bamboo plates are made of high-quality raw materials, so we can serve hot food on the plate without...

The last but not least product on our list is bamboo plates from Lekoch. They are made from high-quality, sustainable and strong bamboo fiber and are a great option for many occasions. The items are lightweight, beautiful, easy-to-clean, and very durable. The manufacturers used small amounts of starch and other organic fibers for better shaping.

Lekoch Store Bamboo Plates

The extra information provided further will help you to opt for the right product for your needs:

- The plates can hold various cold and hot dishes, such as soup, steaks, pasta, cakes, pizza, and others.

- They are stackable for saving space in the kitchen and can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.

- The items can be used for Christmas, weddings, picnics, parties, BBQs, and other special events.

- The product is unbreakable and can be utilized both by adults and kids.

The pros and cons of this product are highlighted here.

Overall, the bamboo dinner plates of such a great quality can be recommended to those families whose members are sensitive to the sounds of silverware and standard ceramic plates. Using them does not produce any additional sounds. You can also use them for light, hot and cold, meals at picnics and BBQs by the pool. It's high time to eliminate all the disposable plastic and foam, and this reusable eco-friendly option is great.

If you know that you need such plates and have dreamt of having them, click here to order.


  • The plates are quite durable with regular use
  • The product is of very high quality
  • The items are eco-friendly and lightweight
  • They are safe and enjoyable for kids
  • The plates have a nice natural wooden look


  • The plates cannot go in the microwave
  • The upper veneer can sometimes be difficult to clean from grease

Factors We Look At When Choosing Bamboo Plates 

You may also have some doubts about what to consider first while choosing bamboo plates for your family and what factors will influence their functionality and efficiency. So think about the things highlighted below.

Bamboo Material Should Be Checked Carefully

All manufacturers are readily advertising the high quality of their materials and products. However, it should be carefully checked. The manufacturers with a bad reputation or those working in the shade may even persuade you to buy plates that are not made from bamboo. Any stains and uneven edges should be checked and attract your attention to exclude possible fakes.

Think about the Shape and Size You Need

You can find bamboo dinner plates and kitchen sets of different sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be round or square, deep or shallow, with thick brims or without any. The set can be of one color, or there can be items of different colors in one set. The difference in sizes should also be considered. 

Think about what you need your plates or bowls for and who is going to use them. If the plates are meant for your picnic or BBQ with friends, the size can be larger for more convenience. If the item is used as a bamboo toddler plate, it should be smaller and more colorful.

Should the Pieces Be Reusable or Disposable?

Everything depends on the purpose. If you want to use your bamboo plates daily, of course, it will be strange if you throw away the used dinnerware every time you have utilized it and buy the new one. Almost all the brands offer their dishwasher-safe bamboo products, so you won't spend much time washing up.

However, if you plan a big gathering, a special event, or a wedding, opt for disposable bamboo plates. You are sure not to desire to spend much time after the party washing up the numerous dining pieces used by a hundred people. Just throw them in the trash-bin or compost-pit.

Look for the Appropriate Number of Pieces and the Style

To purchase the correct number of plates or the set containing everything you may need, think about those who will be using this dinnerware. If you opt for reusable bamboo plates, do not buy too many of them – they can always be washed up.

Thinking about the proper number of plates, do not forget about their style and design. Always buy the items that could complement your kitchenware's overall aesthetic or the atmosphere of the event you are picking them out for.

The Price Is Essential

Even if you have found the bamboo plates of your dream, consider whether their price matches your budget well. The modern market offers a wide range of options with different price tags. If you buy reusable plates, try to pick out the high-quality options. They will cost more, but they will be quite durable and last longer. 

Sometimes, even a few bucks can add much to the quality and usability of the product.

Why Use Bamboo Plates? 

You can find many reasons why you want to use bamboo plates. The first and foremost is that it is an eco-friendly material that helps you feel green. Let us consider some other benefits of using this unique and stunning material in your kitchenware:

  1. The material is lightweight. It is easy to stack, carry, store, or dispose of in any condition.
  2. The dinnerware is easy to clean. When you purchase a reusable set, you can worry about whether the items will hold on to all the food smells. They won't. They do not get stains quickly, either. You won't have to rub and scrub the deep marks from your plates while washing them.
  3. Bamboo fiber is biodegradable. It means that your product can be easily disposed of when it loses its functional qualities. And, when you throw a party, opt for disposable bamboo plates. They will just be added to the compost after use.
  4. The dinnerware made of bamboo is free of chemicals. It is a great difference between such plates and those made of plastic. The components of plastic or foam kitchenware can easily penetrate the food and make it harmful. Bamboo does not have these properties, so it is fully harmless. And it is never grown with the use of pesticides. The only thing to remember while purchasing such plates is to buy them from a trusted manufacturer or retailer to avoid counterfeits full of dangerous substances.
  5. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial properties. Your food will remain fresh all the time while served on such plates. There is no bacterial buildup, so no unpleasant smells are present.

The bamboo plates are renewable, durable, look beautiful, are strong and unbreakable, and completely safe for kids. These and many other beneficial properties will help you enjoy your kitchenware made of bamboo every time you use it. 

While using, you will find many more effective things and benefits. 


Are bamboo plates safe to use? 

Yes, the authentic bamboo plates manufactured by reliable brands are harmless. Bamboo is a great material with efficient antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is biodegradable and eco-friendly, so completely safe for your family. Just avoid microwaving the items and using abrasive chemicals while washing up. No acids or other dangerous substances are ever used for bamboo kitchenware manufacturing.

Can you wash bamboo plates?

Of course, you need to be sure that your bamboo dinner plates have been cleaned properly. It is always better when you wash them by hands. Though, most bamboo kitchenware items can be cleaned in the dishwasher when placed on its upper rack and then dried on a bamboo plate holder. Just read the product labels and instructions to be sure about that.

Where to buy disposable bamboo plates? 

You can buy your disposable bamboo plates either online or in your local brick-and-mortar household stores. However, it is always better and strongly recommended to order your items in the certified brand stored or get your bamboo plates from Amazon. Getting your products immediately from the manufacturer will guarantee their authenticity and that they are made of bamboo fiber, without any chemicals and harmful substances.

Can bamboo plates be recycled? 

Organic bamboo plates made without using harmful chemicals can be recycled by putting them in the nearest recycle bin. Bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic. Apart from recycling, bamboo kitchenware can also be composted.

Can I microwave a bamboo plate? 

No, you cannot. When exposed to heat, bamboo fiber loses its properties, may crack and get stains, or even set on fire. Some products can even emit toxic chemicals if their veneer topcoat is damaged, which is especially harmful if you want a bamboo baby plate. Try to avoid extremely high temperatures for your bamboo dinnerware, and it will serve you for a long time.


Using bamboo plates seems to be more reasonable than those made of glass or other materials. You can get stylish and durable kitchenware with stunning eco-friendly properties. This is a secure and safe choice for your family and kids. And getting the bamboo tableware is likely to be a more affordable option.

We have compiled this guide to provide you with some information on bamboo plates, their variety, benefits, characteristics, and where to get them. You can always choose between reusable and disposable plates related to the situations and needs.

We hope that you give it a go with these bamboo plates we especially liked: Get Fresh Bamboo Plates & Lekoch Store Bamboo Plates.

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