7 Proven Reasons to Choose Bamboo Fabric

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time?

Once Lindsey Wixson has said:

“I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style.”

Well, it can be daunting at first blush. However, the clothing industry lays a bet on the environment, so natural fabrics guarantee not only your comfort but style as well. And when it comes to choosing clothes, think about the right material for your outfit.

The advice? Choose Bamboo fabric and its benefits.

First things first: what is Bamboo fabric?

Bamboo is a natural fiber derived from the bamboo plant. As the fastest-growing woody plant, the bamboo fabric manufacturing process is cost-effective. Moreover, the development of technologies has allowed manufacturers to use the material in a wide range of textile and fashion applications.

Want to know the best part?

Here comes the list of 7 proven reasons to believe in Bamboo fabric benefits:

1.  Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fabric

‘Hypoallergenic’ is not just a fashion buzzworthy trend. If you’ve ever experienced allergic reactions, you will agree that using something good for your skin and health is a must. Taking care of your health, chances are that you look for skin friendly fabrics.

And if you want to wear safer and more comfortable fabric, pay attention to Bamboo fabric.

Since Bamboo clothes don’t cause allergic reactions, choosing this fabric is a way to avoid skin irritation, and therefore feel more comfortable.

While there’s no guarantee that a person will not have allergic reactions from using hypoallergenic fabrics, using Bamboo materials minimizes the risks. Moreover, the genuine Bamboo fabric is also antimicrobial.

2.  Natural Eco-friendly Material

More and more people start thinking about saving our planet. We become more eco-conscious, so we seek out ways to make the environment better. And using eco-friendly materials is high on the list.

To begin with, eco-friendly materials help conserve resources like water and energy, and their production doesn’t cause harm to the earth.

Looking for an alternative eco-friendly material, pay attention to organic Bamboo fabric.


  • It produces 35% more oxygen than other trees
  • It requires less water
  • It is recyclable and biodegradable

In fact, Bamboo naturally grows without using chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers), so it doesn’t harm the earth. And if you take care of the planet, use Bamboo materials.

3.  Sustainable Farming Potential

Another good reason for choosing Bamboo material is its sustainable farming potential. Minimizing water consumption and promoting soil health are fundamental methods to achieve sustainable farming potential, and the Bamboo plant is a perfect fit.

First of all, it grows fast. It’s proved that Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Just imagine: it can grow up to 60 feet in height within 90 days. It also can replenish itself within a year which means it requires no harvesting as the plant regenerates itself fast. Furthermore, renewable Bamboo doesn’t need chemicals and it uses little water to grow, so it helps to unlock sustainable farming potential.

4.  Perfect Fabric for Sportswear

Your workout outfit isn’t just about your style. It’s more about comfort and fit. To maximize your sports effort and achieve better results, you need to feel comfortable, and your sportswear plays a key role. Thus, people try to choose the right workout clothes, and the material matters.

For a variety of reasons, many designers agree that this material is perfect for sportswear.

Just take a look at the list of Bamboo fabric benefits for sportswear:

  • lightweight: a person feels comfortable wearing lightweight sportswear, and these fibers don't retain odors.
  • thermostatic: no matter what the weather is, the material holds your body’s temperature, minimizing the risks of health problems.
  • soft and fluid: as a result, you feel comfortable during the workout.
  • breathable: the material is actively ventilated, so it provides rapid moisture vapor-transmission.

Any other proofs needed? It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and eliminates odor. Moreover, it dries faster which is essential as people wash sportswear more often than other clothes.

5.  Durability

For a customer, not only physical appearance plays a role. Buying clothes, they expect them to have the textile durability which means having an ability to retain its shape even after constant wear and washing.

And again, Bamboo fiber is stronger than many other materials. Due to its characteristics, Bamboo has the fibers both on the fabric surface and inside, so it can be washed multiple times without sacrificing the durability.

Moreover, the durability of organic Bamboo fabric helps to protect our skin from UV rays as it doesn’t allow the sun to go through the material. As a result, this fabric offers high-quality for its customers.

6.  Shape

Who else wants his favorite clothes to look great after wearing?

Doubtless, most customers would agree that the possibility of textile to keep its shape is appreciated. After wearing and washing, clothes may shrink or bag, and it leads to making purchase decisions. Meanwhile, Bamboo fibers do not stretch, so customers get high-quality clothes with a possibility to wear them longer.

Keeping in shape after washing and wearing is a remarkable quality the fabrics may have, so Bamboo clothes get another ‘plus’.

7.  Production Cost

As you already know, the advantage of Bamboo fiber is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Another point is a possibility to grow in the inhospitable environment. No matter where you plant it, whether near water or in areas with little rainfall, it can survive. Therefore, Bamboo production is more economical than other textiles.

It’s naturally renewable and it doesn’t need much control, so these factors make the fabric low in production cost.

What does it mean for ordinary people? Lower prices!

Thus, if you want to get high-quality clothes at a reasonable price, think about Bamboo fabric.

The Bottom Line

Bamboo fabric is getting its popularity, and there’s no wonder as the textile offers many benefits for its customers. From environmental benefits to customer benefit package, more and more people choose Bamboo clothes.

Have you ever used Bamboo fabric? If you have other reasons to choose it, just write us in the comment section below!

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