Bamboo Flower Pot for Your Indoor & Outdoor Home Garden

For a long time, people have used plastic pots in their flower gardens since they are cheap and available in different patterns, styles and colors, making them easy to tailor to the aesthetics of your home or garden. However, these plastic pots have several disadvantages, and the main one is the effect they have on the environment.

Presently, more people are moving from the traditional flowerpots and embracing the environmentally sustainable ways of plant pots, such as bamboo flower pots. We have compiled a few best bamboo flower pots to choose from and have discussed why they may work for your plants. Dive in.

What is a Bamboo Flower Pot?

A bamboo flower pot comprises bamboo leftovers blended with binding agents. Since bamboo is often used to make items like furniture and cups, manufacturers are bound to end up with many leftovers. Instead of letting these leftovers go to waste, companies will use these bits and combine them with cornstarch and resin to create molded pots.

After you heat and pressurize the molds, they will make biodegradable pots suitable for anyone moving from the terracotta route and who doesn't want to use plastic for their bamboo pots. You might think that all bamboo pots might have neutral or dull that will not blend with your aesthetic needs. In addition, the bamboo pots are practical and work better than most pots you will find on the market.

1. Fingers Craft Natural Plant Pot Indoor

Fingers Craft Natural Plant Pot Indoor, 5 inch Set of 3 Small Medium...
  • SUSTAINABLE, STURDY MATERIAL: Our plant pots are made of 100% bamboo. Each slat went through a careful selection process. Smart double...
  • CONVENIENT, EASY TO CLEAN: Small 5", Medium 6", Medium-large 7", various choices of color & pattern. Easy to clean with wet towel. Suitable...
  • FREE SUPPORT BASKETS INCLUDED: removable plastic basket for direct planting. Prevent the pot's surface from direct contact with water and...
  • DESIGNED FOR DECOR: Having minimalist design, simple eye-catching motif, handcrafted by skilled craftspeople, our planters will add the...
  • HANDMADE, UNIQUE GIFT TO YOUR LOVED ONES: each pot is so unique as being 100% hand-braided, making the set such a perfect present to your...

Fingers Craft Natural Plant Pot is made of 100% bamboo, and each slat has gone through a careful, smart double weaving method of nesting the inside and outside layer, thus improving sturdiness. As a result, it is lightweight and easy to move around, and it offers great flexibility meaning it will be hard to break.

The flower pot is suitable for small and medium-sized office or home flowers, indoor plants and houseplants such as aloe vera, cactus, snake plant, orchid and parlor palm. It is designed for indoor decor thanks to the minimalistic design, and it will add nature details and beauty to your home, office or workplace. Moreover, it qualifies as a perfect gift to your loved ones thanks to its uniqueness, and it can also work as a flower or plant pot cover.

In addition, it is easy to clean with a wet towel and convenient as it is available in different sizes, small, medium and medium-large and also comes in various choices of pattern and color. These styles include black snake, natural mix, black diamond and natural look.


  • Made of sustainable bamboo
  • Minimalistic design
  • Suitable for indoor use as a pot and basket for storage
  • Convenient sizes and multiple pattern choices


  • The quality could be better

2. Haxnicks TIERRA GARDEN Bamboo Pot

Haxknicks is a company that focuses on the collection of quality bamboo fiber pots, seed trays and saucers, and it might incorporate some rice starch in their processing. These pots are a great substitute for single-use plastic pots since they are made from sustainable bamboo, rich starch and some resin made from naturally occurring organic compounds.

Haxnicks bamboo pot is made free of petroleum-based plastics and BPA and can be used indoors and outdoors for your flowers and plants. These planters are suitable for growing flowers and herbs on a windowsill, shelf, or greenhouse. The bamboo flower pot is durable and will last you for over five years, and since it's biodegradable, the compost takes about 6 to 12 months.


  • Durable
  • Biodegradable
  • Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors
  • No petroleum-based products


  • The durability is not the best

Are Bamboo Pots Good for Flowers?

Bamboo flower pots are good for plants and flowers, and it makes sense that you may wonder if using wood is an excellent idea for your planters, but bamboo is not a typical wood. However, it is harder than oak and can withstand more than oak making it a perfect choice as a pot planter as it won't disappoint you with harsh weather comes calling.

In addition, it doesn't swell or shrink depending on the water added to the pot to ensure that water goes to maintaining the plants or flowers instead of feeding the wood. Below are some properties that make bamboo flower pots a good choice for your flowers and plants:

a). Shrinkage

When new bamboo shrinks fast, manufacturers will often have to work hard to avoid this from happening. However, once the wood has dried, it will become stable and less likely to shrink than other wood types. It's possible to use the wood in other items that come into contact with water. Even if you reside in a hot area, you don't have to worry about the flower pot losing its structure with the changes in humidity.

b). Strength

While it may not seem like it, bamboo has high strength, and it can resist external forces better than concrete or wood, which means it gives a great performance as a pot. In addition, it has a high tensile strength that allows it to resist any internal forces and compared to other materials, bamboo's strength is a bit close to steel which makes it stronger than softwoods.

Notably, if a plant's roots try to escape your plant pot because of the binding, they will experience difficulty making it through. Morever, the pot's strength comes down to the manufacturer, and it should be high.

c). Porosity

Natural materials are usually the best options when choosing a pot for your plants and flowers, so bamboo is a great alternative. Porous material allows breathing, ensuring enough air will get to the roots. Also, it improves evaporation as the water leaves from the pot's side, and the soil will cool and draw out more water.

This mechanism guarantees that any excess water will drain out of the pot keeping rotten roots at a distance. However, this will disadvantage the soil drying up quickly, stressing your plants and flowers. Ensure you water your plant enough, and you should be okay since this is a small price to make to have a healthy plant.

How to Choose a Bamboo Flower Pot

Bamboo flower pots come with advantages that other types of pots may not, but you still have to choose when shopping for the best bamboo plant pots carefully. Some things you should look out for in your bamboo pots include:

a). Pot's Drainage

You always need to opt for a bamboo flower pot with enough drainage holes, as this will allow the roots to take up oxygen to ensure they don't drown in water and begin to rot. Also, if you ever notice that your potting mix has a sour smell, it might be time to change your pot or watering schedule.

b). Weight

If you intend to move your flower pot around, you should consider its weight and keep in mind that it will be heavier when you add soil to the pot to water it. If your mobility is essential, this is a necessary factor to consider.

c). Size of the Pot

If you intend on growing a plant or a flower in a bamboo flower pot, ensure you confirm that the pot is large enough to leave a room of about two inches between the ball of the roots and the flower pot. Opt for a flower pot wider than a deep one since root growth is shallow, so planting your flower or plant in a deep pot is less efficient than planting in a wide container.

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