The Ultimate List of Pros & Cons of Bamboo Blankets

As the bamboo fabric increases in popularity, more people start to incorporate bamboo-based products into their daily lives. Many of those who aim towards less wasteful lifestyles have already familiarized themselves with the benefits of bamboo straws, toothbrushes and even bamboo fabric as a material for clothing. However, bamboo-based bedroom items like bamboo blankets still have not received the credits they deserve.  

What is a bamboo blanket? 

Blankets are the absolute bedroom essential. However, we don't tend to learn about what our blankets are made of. As a result, we tend to experience skin allergies and other unpleasant aspects with low breathability and thermoregulation. 

Bamboo blankets are growing their recognition on the market due to being sustainable and providing a high sleeping experience quality. We suggest you take a closer look at this product and learn more about improving your life:  

Pros & Cons of Bamboo Blankets 

These blankets are rather a one-size-fits-all kind of product. However, before you decide to make a purchase, we recommend you familiarize yourself to the list of pros and cons that we have created based on our experience and the bamboo blanket reviews.

The Pros

  • Bamboo blankets are antibacterial.

Bamboo is a unique fabric that has antibacterial properties. Besides, this fabric is also bactericidal, which means that it reduces inflammation on the skin. It is also interesting to know that bamboo naturally does not rot or get decomposed by pathogens. 

Unlike other fabrics, bamboo does not require chemical processing in the course of the production. It is caused by the natural antimicrobial properties preserved by this grass and the presence of a natural antibacterial agent associated with a cellulose molecule made of bamboo. You may have already heard about this antimicrobial molecule of cellulose that is called "bamboo Kun". 

It is worth knowing that bamboo preserves its antibacterial properties during the production process and shows bacteria's resistance even being washed 50 times.

  • These blankets are odour-resistant.

Odour-resistance that can be found in bamboo blankets is a consequence of antibacterial properties. As many of you might know, odour appears as a result of bacteria growth. More specifically, pathogenic bacteria are the main reason why blankets may smell bad after a couple of times in use. Thanks to bamboo Kun that stops the growth of pathogenic flora on the fabric, your bamboo blanket will preserve a pleasant smell for longer. 

  • Bamboo, weighted blankets improve your sleep.

Weighted bamboo blankets are the real breakthrough on the market. They are not only sustainable and hypoallergenic but are also great for your health. Due to a weighted filling, such blankets put pressure on the body, helping to relax and cope with anxiety. Gentle stimulation sensory receptors mostly achieve such an effect. As a result of such stimulation, bamboo weighted blankets improve the quality and deepness of sleep.

The pressure caused by the weighted bamboo blankets is also known as deep pressure. Such type of pressure soothes and relaxes the nervous system. Consequently, the body achieves a higher state of relaxation and increases serotonin production that gets transformed into melatonin later on. 

  • They are hypoallergenic.

Allergic reactions are a common result of using regular blankets. The reason may be behind numerous triggers that can be found in such bedroom items. 

Firstly, some of the allergies are caused by the filling of the blanket. Some of the producers still use natural feathers inside of their blankets, which is not only unsustainable but is also a trigger of allergies for many people. Secondly, the allergies may be caused by dust mites that tend to live inside of some blankets. Thirdly, the blanket exterior might not be soft enough and cause rashes and inflammation on the skin.

At this point, bamboo blankets are perfect at preventing all types of allergies mentioned above. The filling of such blankets is usually made out of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials. Additionally, the breathability of the interior and exterior of these blankets are preventing the growth of dust mites. And finally, the producers of bamboo blankets use high-quality bamboo fabrics for the outer part of their products, which makes them completely risk-free in terms of skin allergies. 

  • Bamboo blankets are thermoregulating.

Thermoregulation qualities of these blankets are a consequence of their overall breathability. The bamboo blanket prevents the body from overheating by allowing an adequate amount of air. At the same time, such a blanket can preserve the heat during colder months of the year. It means that your bamboo blanket is going to provide your body with optimal thermoregulation all year round. 

  • These blankets are sustainable.

The sustainability of bamboo fabric hasn't been a secret for a while. Originally, bamboo grass has very low water and care demands during the growth process. Bamboo is ultimately independent in its growth process and, in comparison to cotton, does not require to be fertilized with pesticides. Also, bamboo builds up the soil that it grows on. The root systems of bamboo strengthen the ground and prevent it from erosion. 

It means that growing bamboo's environmental impact is solely positive, and bamboo fabric-based blankets are an ultimate eco-friendly must-have. 

The Cons

  • Some bamboo blankets may be pricey.

Though these blankets' prices vary a lot, you still need to know that they are slightly more expensive than the regular balnkets. However, the purchase of a bamboo blanket can be regarded as a long-term investment in your health.

  • Weighed bamboo blankets are versatile.

As advised by many producers, you should consult a doctor before purchasing a weighted bamboo blanket. Despite these balnkets being good for people with various conditions, some should avoid them. For example, common causes for not using weighed blankets are pregnancy and bone tissue illnesses.

Is bamboo blanket worth it? 

As you have already learned, these blankets are sustainable and suitable for people with different needs and expectations. For example, bamboo baby blankets and bamboo swaddling blankets are good for the sensitive skin of toddlers. In the meantime, weighted bamboo blankets will be appreciated by elder kids or people with chronic stress and anxiety. Bamboo weighted blankets are also great for children and adults with autism and Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy and Rett syndrome, Alzheimer's and Tourette's diseases, epilepsy and schizophrenia. They are especially beneficial for kids on the autistic spectrum by improving the sense of the body and space. 

Long-term use of weighted bamboo blankets helps the body balance the level of hormones, including cortisol. It also has a positive impact on heart rhythm and brain function. This blanket triggers numerous receptors of the body and improves the quality of nerve impulses. 

The aspect of sustainability makes these blankets even more attractive and suggests that this purchase is totally worth it. 


Bamboo blankets are universal in many ways: they help you improve your sleep, balance your hormones, and relieve you from stress. Also, these balnkets are good for children, people with allergies and individuals on the Autistic spectrum. The eco-friendliness of bamboo blankets makes them especially attractive to those who try to decrease their household wastefulness. 

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