Atom Drop Through Bamboo Longboard Review – 2023 Buying Guide

Since bamboo longboards are becoming more and more popular, we decided to review one of the most popular products available on the market - Atom drop through longboard. With its brand-new characteristics, this unique item has received many positive reviews both from riders and constructing experts. We have attempted to compile everything that was said about this product and make up our review of all its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages for your better understanding and making the right choice.

Since this Atom drop through longboard is especially catchy for its users due to its quality and durability, ease of riding, original customized design, and capability to carry people of any height and weight, the reviews are mostly perfect. So you can see that its benefits outweigh much of the drawbacks. So, let us start our excursion.

Pros and Cons of an Atom Drop Through Longboard

Since the Atom drop through longboard is the best option for the street-side ride, cruising downhill, and fast speeds, it has many advantages.


- The longboard is suitable for people of any height and weight.

- The item is quite easy to be customized, especially concerning changing or replacing a grip tape up to the individual style.

- The board is very durable and easy to control.

- The ABEC-9 bearings’ brand is of the highest standard.

The item is versatile so that it can fit any kind of road, small and large hills, and any purposes due to its best-standard wheel.

- The drop-through deck is perfect for cruising and moving downhill.

- It is very easy to stop while riding fast: just run off the thing and stop it by kicking.

- The board is 3-5 inches close to the ground providing additional stability.

The item is not a good fit for young kids and teenagers because of its length. As well, it is not perfect for technical sliding. Longboards with a different shape of the deck, such as, for example, a kickflip board, make up a better choice.

There are other minor cons reported by users.


- The price of the product is above average.

- The trucks may need tightening every time before another use.

- The board is too long for aggressive turns and stunning tricks.

However, all these cons are not as important as you may think because the positive experiences outweigh all those minor drawbacks.

Atom Drop Through Longboard - Key Features

Let us highlight this item's key features that are very important for a complete Atom drop through longboard review. 

The thing is made of maple laminate with the bamboo upper layer. The trucks use the navigator drone with a 40-degree base and 180-mm hangers. The wheels feature Atom AREA 51 series. They are 70 mm in diameter, 51 mm wide, and 78A hard. The bearings use ABEC-9 smoothed with a high-speed lubricant. The grip is coarse of 46 grit.

The ground clearance is extra low so it ensures great stability. That is why the Atom drop through longboard is perfect for downhill carving. Moreover, it is very easy to push and this fact is great for around-town commuting.

The perimeter shape of wheels provides 9.6 inches for the leverage into turns so it eliminates wheel biting to a great extent.

The trucks use a Reverse KingPin (RKP) technology featuring 242-mm axles.

The manufacturer’s warranty is one year and the customer service is truly excellent and friendly.

Longboard’s Parts and Quality

When you plan for a long-term and regular skateboarding practice, the construction and quality of all parts of this Atom drop through longboard will matter much for you. Let us regard the main parts and their quality.


It is an important part of enjoyable and smooth riding. The deck is drop-through. Though such types of decks are not structurally strong, they are very flexible. You will be much closer to the surface, and your pushes can be more frequent. The deck of this longboard is also very sturdy and comfortable. It is made of the full maple laminate that is quite durable. It is very wide, providing additional stability with its 41-inch size. You can feel secure even if you are not an experienced rider. Since the hardware is located on top of the board and combined with a lower position to the ground, the chances of falling over because of some minor obstacles are minimal.

Wheels and Trucks

Wheels are another important part of all bamboo longboards and any skateboard in general. The wheels of this item are great for cruising. They are equipped with the Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKT) with the 242-mm axles. The construction allows for flawless maneuvers while cruising or riding downhill. You can also make rather sharp turns to avoid trees, rocks, or pedestrians. The wheels also provide a smooth ride due to their ultra-low rolling resistance.


These Atom longboards come with high-quality and durable bearings featuring the high-speed lubricant for fast and stable cruising. The type of bearings is ABEC-9. It is very safe for downhill cruising and commuting around the town. 

You may need to replace these bearings with time when your riding skills improve.

Who Is This Longboard For?

The Atom drop through longboard is great both for beginners and skilful riders because of its low clearance, stability, and durability. However, it is not a perfect fit for young kids and teenagers because of its length. If you are a beginner, mind that the surface you are going to ride on should not be too rough and bumpy.

The Atom longboards are also a great option for a weighty rider, especially if they don’t mind tightening the bolts and connecting the trucks securely. The item is also perfect for balancing practice, carving toe-and-heel side riding, and learning other important tricks.

Where to Buy an Atom Drop Through Longboard?

You can get this longboard from any reputable online store, such as or from the Company’s store. You may also search for it in your local brick-and-mortar watersports or universal sports shop. However, make sure that you are going to buy the thing from a reputable retailer. There are many counterfeits on the market nowadays, so try to avoid that if you want a truly high-quality product.


Do I need to replace anything out of the box?

The out of the box configuration and complectation is great and you won’t need to replace anything, especially if you are not a mature rider. You may need to replace some parts for better performance or up to your desire at more advanced levels.

Are Atom longboards good?

Atom longboards appeared on the market in 2005, and since then, they have become quite popular among riders. The company’s goal and the main focus is to provide its customers with the best product for an affordable price. That is why you can fully trust the top quality of your longboard with a great mixture of brand-new and tested features giving you speed and stability as well as long-lasting and problem-free use.

Does it come fully assembled?

Yes, this longboard comes fully assembled, and you won’t need to spend much effort on assembling it and trying to understand how all these parts work. However, you may need to make some changes in its design, replace the trucks and bearings, or just to customize something according to your preferences, but it is another story.

Is it hard for beginners?

These bamboo longboards are the best choice for beginners. However, much depends on the surface you are riding on. If the street is bumpy, you will feel it for sure. So, you may need some experience to ride on it. If you are a newbie, try to avoid drifting on curves or sliding because that may lead to a sudden fall.

How fast can you go on the longboard?

In comparison to other skateboards, you can move faster on this longboard, especially on flat surfaces. If you are experienced enough, you can go fast on hilly parts as well. You may develop a speed of 30 mph when the side is hilly. With two or three hard pushes, you can reach the speed of almost 20-25 mph on the flat surface because the board is very light and quite maneuverable.

How can I take care of my bamboo longboard?

The longboard is easy to transport and store with its 8.8 pounds of weight, and it does not need much maintenance. You will just need to clear it out with warm soapy water and a nylon bristle. Do not forget to dismount the trucks before cleaning. Then, wipe the item dry with a soft cloth or duster.

How much does an Atom Drop Through longboard cost?

The price of this longboard varies from 86 to 95$ depending on the model and its design. There are three color and design options - purple veneer (the cheapest one), blue geo (average), and natural bamboo (the most expensive one).


In our Atom drop-through longboard review, we have highlighted essential things for a skateboarder. You understand now why this longboard has got its name. It is truly low to the ground surface, and it is quite advantageous because you can push the board easily, faster, and more frequently. The price of the item fully corresponds to its quality if compared to other options on the market. That is why, if you are a beginning rider, you will be able to learn and develop, and quit any time without much damage to the budget.

The longboard is stunning and fully equipped with everything you may need. Even if you may come across some disadvantages, the item is worth every cent paid for it. We believe that this Atom longboard review with its detailed information will help you make the right purchase. 

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