Top 6 Best Abdominal Belt For Weight Loss Reviews in 2023

As parents, it’s our number one job to keep our babes safe and out of harm’s way, but that gets a little tricky when the solution itself poses some risk, too. Take your time finding a product you’re comfortable using — it’s worth it. Here are 8 products we think are worth looking into.

What Is An Abdominal Belt?

Electrical stimulation abdominal belts are sports devices with electrodes intended to strengthen muscle mass. For this, they send electrical signals directly to the muscle fibers and therefore reproduce the signals sent by the brain during an effort.

This is called EMS technology. Being unable to discern the origin of the request, the muscle will then contract as if it were performing a sports exercise . The difference compared to a physical effort, is that with an abdominal belt by electrostimulation, the body does not feel the effort and then allows you to go about your business while using it.

Intended to work the muscular mass of the abdominals (for the abdominal belts in any case), these belts are however not advised nor effective, to lose weight. Indeed, their use does not solicit the fat mass and therefore does not burn calories. On the other hand, the muscles are worked and the results are felt over the uses with a significantly thinner and drawn size. After 25 uses, the first abs even point the tip of their nose. They may help in conjunction with a body visualizer

On the other hand, for the results to be spectacular, the practice of a sporting activity, even a gentle one, next to it remains essential. The belt will then consolidate the bases. The must, it is also to use the belt during the practice of a physical activity . This makes it possible to target the muscles more and to use them 100%, something which is not systematic during an effort.

List of 6 Best Abdominal Belt

1. Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner – Core Abs Workout Belt

Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner - Core Abs Workout Belt

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The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal toning belt, guaranteed for 2 years, is a high-end belt with many features. Mixed, it easily adapts to sizes ranging from 69 to 119 cm and its discreet shape as well as its lightness allow use in all discretion throughout the day. Its ten programs allow use adapted to each level, from beginner to expert. In addition, three of them are specially designed to be active during a sports session and thus strengthen its effects.

The programs offer muscle warm-up and cool-down phases, as well as automatic progression recorded as and when used. The deep, transverse and oblique muscles of the abdominal belt are solicited by reproducing their natural movements thanks to three electrodes which will nevertheless have to be changed every 20 to 30 sessions in order to preserve maximum efficiency! The exclusive and patented EMS technology used for the design of this belt allows it to climb up to 150 intensity levels: thanks to this, a 20-minute session is equivalent to 120 abdominals and the promise is made to re-sculpt the belly in 4 weeks with 5 weekly sessions, making it flatter and firmer while sheathing it.

The belt is fitted with a rechargeable remote control (compatible with the brand’s other product ranges) and operates thanks to a rechargeable control unit also available from the mains: a single three-hour charge is sufficient for around thirty sessions.

2. Beurer Em38 Electrical Muscular Stimulator

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The Beurer EM 38 back belt, guaranteed for 3 years, was specifically designed to combat back pain located at the bottom of the spine, lumbar and cervical spine disorders, headaches and joint pain. The technology used, called TENS, has been studied to relieve and remuscitate the back muscles thanks to effective electrostimulation of the venous tracts and can be advised by a doctor.

This belt is equipped with four water, wear-resistant and conductive carbon contact electrodes, which do not need to be changed or fixed with contact gel. Just moisten them and moisten the skin surface with which they will be in contact. Suitable for waistlines from 70 to 140 cm, the belt is flexible and has comfortable Velcro closures. Its pain relief programs, four in number, last between 25 and 30 minutes and have different intensity phases which nevertheless remain manually adjustable in order to suit everyone’s needs.

The intensity level, from 0 to 20, contracts the muscles and can be associated with the countdown which will however be stopped automatically for safety if the electrodes are not in contact with the skin. The batteries are supplied with the device. The whole is controlled by a large bright LCD screen to allow an overview of the workouts, the intensity, the program chosen and the time remaining until the end of the session.

3. IMATE EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation ABS Trainer

IMATE EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation ABS Trainer

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This muscle stimulator is made up of different modules that adapt to several parts of the body in order to be able to work not only the abdominal muscles, but also the biceps, triceps and thigh and calf muscles. An integral stimulation therefore thanks to micro-electric signals diffused by adhesive electrodes which tone the body and improve blood circulation, mainly at the level of the abdominal belt. The set is supplied with hypo-allergenic contact gel sheets. Light, compact, soft to the touch and extremely thin, the device can be used discreetly under a t-shirt.

It is also silent and therefore almost undetectable, which is practical in everyday life when there is little time to devote to a sporting activity. A discreet carrying bag is offered to easily transport the device to work or home. Ergonomic and easy to use, the buttons arranged on fine boxes allow you to choose a suitable program from the six available: warm-up, light exercise, intensive training or muscle relaxation to eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day, the sessions are offered with a average duration of 20 minutes, ideally renewed 4 to 5 times a week.

These programs are available in around fifteen intensity levels in order to progress little by little, the ideal being to start at the first level to gradually increase towards more intensive training, and this in a perfectly painless way. The device’s batteries can be quickly recharged using a supplied USB port, on the mains or via a computer.

4. Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit

Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit

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The Beurer EM 35 bodybuilding belt is an abdominal belt, the frontal and lateral electrostimulation of which allows intensive stimulation of the abdominal muscles using water-contact electrodes using 3 x 1.5-volt AAA batteries supplied with the belt. The width of these electrodes, combined with pulses of 200 micro-seconds per phase, allows an efficient distribution of electrical pulses for better in-depth work on the targeted muscles.

Guaranteed for 3 years, it has a Velcro closure and an adjustable belt extension that adapts to stomach sizes between 75 and 140 cm and corresponds to all body types. It is also possible to adjust the intensity from 0 to 40 according to the needs and preferences of the user, and its LCD screen allows a simplified reading of symbols and different programs. These are 5 in number and last from 22 to 31 minutes. It is possible to memorize these programs in order to ensure a continuous monitoring of the training sessions!

The electrodes, 4 in number, are provided with an anti-wear contact system in conductive carbon, which avoids the addition of a contact gel and does not require having spare electrodes. The seat belt also has a safety button to turn it off and an automatic stop at the end of the program, as well as a battery change indicator. Its low weight barely around 450 grams makes its use painless and functional.

5. Slendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone Connect Abs

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The Slendertone Connect Abs is part of the latest generation of abdominal belt, it is connected and therefore does not require a remote control. Yes, we might as well take advantage of an accessory that we always have on hand and that we take great care to never lose: our iPhone or our tablets.

This belt is one of the latest models from the Slendertone brand. It benefits from the brand’s know-how and from its experience acquired during the sale of previous models. Thus, it is more comfortable, more powerful and more modern . All the details have really been revised to improve the user experience, both in terms of the handling of the device and the results obtained.

We understand why this belt is praised by several sports coaches who do not hesitate to advise it. Plus: you can even use it during a sports class for even more results.

Only downside, it is not available with Android at the moment. In any case, this user has been conquered by the Slendertone Conect Abs and shares its impressions with you.

6. Sport-Elec Ab Firming Belt with TENS Programmable Device

Sport-Elec Ab Firming Belt with TENS Programmable Device

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The Sport-Elec Ultranomade belt is modular . It can be used in various ways, since the electrodes are not attached to the belt. It is therefore possible to have only the electrodes on the belly or to wear the complete belt. In this it resembles the previous model, the Sport-Elec Body beautiful, but in a more compact, simpler format intended to be used mainly without the belt.

For precise muscle work, the set includes two small electrodes and a large format electrode. It also means that it is possible to place the electrodes on the thighs, arms or buttocks , as desired. By cons this belt offers only 4 different programs, a little less than the majority of other belts. It remains to be seen for what and for which part of the body you are buying it.

Finally, note that despite its name, the Ultranomade belt is better suited for quiet use at home, in front of the TV for example, because the power supply / remote control sometimes comes off. This is at least what emerges from the home use of several consumers.

How To Choose An Abdominal Belt?

To work your abs in addition to a sporting activity, the abdominal belt remains an excellent ally, if not the best . With its help, the results can only be increased tenfold and amplified over the uses. However, it remains to find the model that best suits you and that will accompany you throughout your training sessions. For this, here are the important criteria to take into account before buying an Ab belt.

The type of belt

As you have just seen, the only term abdominal belt includes various variations such as the vibrating belt and the sweat belt. You now know that apart from losing weight, and again, these two versions have little interest. Conversely, encourage the purchase of an abdominal belt by electrostimulation that targets abdominal muscle mass and combine it with a sport that you like to lose fat.

To make the best choice, be aware that it is possible that a single device combines both EMS (to request contraction) and TENS (to relieve muscle pain, work on relaxation and recovery) technologies.


In order for the abdominal stimulation to be optimal, it is important that the belt is correctly positioned. For this, it must imperatively be of the right size at the risk that the electrodes send their signals in a vacuum. When purchasing, do not hesitate to check the characteristics of the product. Note that on average, the belts are adjustable for waistlines from 74 to 140 cm .

In this regard, some brands have chosen to offer their product even at “extreme” sizes such as the Abdo Express brand and its Slim Pro V model, which can be extended from 70 to 160 cm around the waist . Others, like the Slendertone Connect Abs even go down to 61 cm in waist.

The number of electrodes

To function properly and be as efficient as possible, the belts must have at least 3 electrodes . This makes it possible to target the great right, in the center, but also the obliques and the transverse.

Of course, the number depends on the brand, the price and the quality of the product. Note that some models have additional electrodes included in the pack , which allows to diversify the muscular work and to amplify it further. This is the case, for example, for the Beurer EM35 and Beurer EM37 models which contain 4 unlimited electrodes.

The programs

To diversify the exercises and muscle stimulation, you can count on the various programs integrated in the belts. They can target relaxation, recovery, warm-ups, but also notification or last for long minutes, among others. On average, belts have at least 4 or 5 and can go up to 10 .

Intensity levels

The intensity levels are important to allow the user to improve and evolve. The important thing is not to get too used to the body and especially here, the abs, so that they continue to work. The change in intensity level is therefore a good way to surprise the muscle over the sessions . On average, the models have around 40 levels and can go up to 150 like the Slendertone Connect Abs belt .


In order to make the best choice, do not hesitate to inquire about brand awareness and quality feedback. Concerning the abdominal belts, those which come back the most and which are the most acclaimed by the buyers are: Slendertone, Beurer or even Sport-Elec . The opinions about them remain very good and enjoy very good value for money.


For this type of device intended for the abdominal muscle, the price can quickly increase due to the diversification of the programs, the different levels of intensity or the original quality. On average, the first prices start around 30 euros with for example the Meabelt 400 model and can reach 150 euros as is the case with the Slendertone Abs 8 belt .

Besides, the price can go up more if the belt is included in a pack with a shorty or armbands which also connect to the electrodes. The best is therefore to take advantage of a promotion (or black friday and sales) to offer the abdominal stimulator of your dreams at an unbeatable price.


As with any electrical appliance, the presence of a guarantee can reassure, especially when the price is high and it is doomed to be used on a daily basis. Prefer therefore abdominal belts by electrostimulation which offers a warranty of one year , at least.

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