What to Do with Old Pool Filter Sand: 7 Cool Ideas

In many pools, filter sand keeps out dirt and other contaminants. Overall, it reduces cost especially if you want to have clear water in your pool. As expected, pool sand should not stay in the pool for many years. As time goes on, you will have to replace the old sand with a fresh supply.

what to do with old pool filter sand

Things to Do with Old Pool Filter Sand

Now, what should you do with the old pool filter sand? Well, there are several things that you might do with the item.

Let’s get started

Here are simple ideas for projects that include your filter sand.

1. Bury It

Since pool filter sand includes various contaminants, it might help if you disposed of the material. Instead of throwing the sand in the trash, try burying it in the yard. Here are some simple steps for performing this task.

  • Take the old sand to the yard or garden.
  • Look for an area that does not contain waterways or drainages.
  • Dig a hole and ensure that it is deep enough for the old filter sand.
  • Throw in the sand and cover the hole.

2. Add It to Ice on Your Driveway

If you have ice in your driveway, you might have issues with moving your vehicle. But if you add some sand to this area, your vehicle will enjoy more traction and drive easily. Also, the material provides heat that deals with the slippery ice.

Old filter sand can be used for this task. Here are the steps for clearing your driveway.

N.B. If the project occurs in extremely cold areas, your sand might get frozen. But you can prevent this from happening by adding some salt to the sand.

3. Use It to Landscape Your Yard

Old pool filter sand might not look elegant. However, they are great tools for several types of landscaping projects.

4. Fill Holes in the yard

Old pool filter sand can cover up many things including holes in the ground. Since it does not require many tools or skills, anyone can perform this task. But before you fill the hole with sand, try using the same sand type in the hole.

  • Gather the old pool filter sand.
  • Dump the sand into the hole on the ground
  • Continue dumping the sand until it covers the hole.

5.  Make a Garden Path

You can also use old pool filter sand to build walkways in your garden. Instead of paying for sand, you can use the one in your pool. Here are the instructions for making a simple garden path.

  • Create a layout of the proposed path
  • Place strings on both sides of the path to mark it out. If the path is bent, use hoses instead.
  • Use a shovel to remove all the plants in the marked area.
  • Make a hole of 5 inches and add an even base.
  • Walk over the soil to pack the dirt properly.
  • Cover the path with landscape fabric. Also, trim the fabric with a utility knife and ensure that it follows the shape of the path.
  • Use fabric staples to keep the cloth in place.
  • Pour some old pool sand on top of the landscape cloth. Then keep the soil level flat by using a board that is slightly smaller than the path.
  • Arrange some stones to get your preferred path design.
  • Fix the stones of the path while leaving gaps for plants and sand.
  • Pour some pool filter sand into the gaps. To perform this task correctly, sweep the sand to spread it evenly. Then moisten the pool sand with a few drops of water. Repeat these steps until the spaces are full.

6. Use It in Your Compost

You can add pool sand to a compost pile. With this in mind, this task is an ideal way to dispose of the sand.

  • Add leaves, old coffee beans, dried leaves, and other kitchen or garden waste to the composter.
  • Combine the ingredients and allow them to decompose.
  • Mix the decomposed mixture with some old pool sand. Next, use a rake to spread the material on the garden bed. Also, mix thoroughly with the soil.
  • Get a shovel and share the sand/compost mixture amongst raised beds.

7. Fill Flower Pots

There are still many things that you can do with old pool sand. For instance, you can use the soil in a pot and cultivate plants.

If you want to use old pool sand in a pot, pair the material with pea gravel. Then, use these soils to grow house plants in the winter.

Can I Use an Old Pool Filter Sand for Concrete?

No, you cannot use this sand to make concrete. After all, filter sand contains silica that can weaken the concrete. If you want to make the best concrete, it would help if you used concrete sand.

Why Can’t I Place Old Pool Filter Sand in a Play Area?

Old pool filter sand contains unhealthy substances such as silica quartz and loads of contaminants. Since these contaminants can cause health issues, they are not ideal for constricting a play area.

When Should I Change the Sand in My Pool?

You should change the pool and once every 4 -5 years. However, your preferred time depends on the general condition of the pool.

Wrapping Up

Pool sand is a great tool for caring for swimming pools. But when it becomes old, you might not know how to dispose of it.

You can use the old pool sand for simple projects like building a compost pile or garden path. Besides, the soil can offer support on an icy driveway.

However, you cannot use old pool sand for mixing concrete. After all, it does not have features for handling such tasks.

If you don’t feel comfortable with these ideas, you can dispose of bury the sand. To avoid any issue, dump the sand far from any water sources.