Vitamix 6300 Blender Review

These days, blenders have become an essential kitchen appliance. Once you get one at home, you can forget store smoothies and enjoy your healthy drinks in a matter of minutes.

To help you make a wise decision among mushrooms of mixers, we will give you an A to Z Vitamix 6300 review – One of the most popular blenders.

If you are a fan of Vitamix – the king of the blender kingdom, you may consider Vitamix 6300, Vitamix E310, and so on. You may refer to our related reviews by searching the keyword #Vitamix to see which Vitamix is the best for you. Now, let’s get on board to see if Vitamix 6300 has any significant differences.

Highlights Review of Vitamix 6300 Blender

Before any product reviews, we will provide you with specifications and price because sometimes, the numbers say it all, and you may love at first sight. 

To start our Vitamix 6300 review, we would like to say it is a premium pick for those who need long-term investment. Vitamix 6300 is one of the latest creations from a fantastic C-series line of Vitamix. Let’s take a glance at the 6300 specifications first!


Dimensions17 x 13 x 13 inches
Weight11 pounds
Motor power1470 watts
Jar capacity64 ounces
BladeThick hammer stainless steel blades
ColorSilver, white, red, black
Warranty claim7 years

You may spend around $600 for a brand-new 6300 on Vitamix’s official website here ( or find the best deals on

The price varies, but it can’t be lower for a new one than our suggested price. If you can’t afford it, you may also find secondhand models that are much less expensive, but the 7-year warranty does not fully cover you.

Pros & Cons

More than 4 million people own a Vitamix blender at home, but there are only 4 employees in the repair department. This proves the brand’s quality and design.

That’s why it has been growing steadily throughout time and has got a better competitive advantage than other brands. 

In this part, all the pros and cons are shown. That's why it is an extensive, Vitamix 6300 review.
In this part, all the pros and cons are shown. That’s why it is an extensive, Vitamix 6300 review.

However, you are still confused if the 6300 is worth the Vitamix logo and your investment. Among dozens of Vitamix models, why should we choose A6300, and what makes it so different? All these questions will be solved in this part, and you will know immediately if it is your best choice.


Read our reviews regarding Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 7500 – latest editions. You may find it familiar with such terms as 10-setting speed and pulse function.

In new product lines, Vitamix all added these features; hence, we will keep it short for your information and focus on decisive factors that help you make a deal. 

+ Variable speed, pulse function, and self-cleaning

In the Vitamix 6300 review, this variable speed control is a highlight that makes Vitamix competitive. However, it is not the factor that helps you choose among quite a few Vitamix latest models.
In the Vitamix 6300 review, this variable speed control is a highlight that makes Vitamix competitive. However, it is not the factor that helps you choose among quite a few Vitamix latest models.

As you can see in the picture, the 10-setting feature is still added for those who want to smash things manually. You can even make dips and nut butter without doing any twisting or scraping. 

It is also more wonderful with pulse function. You can switch on/off whenever you want to adjust the speed or add more ingredients to the recipe, significantly coarser foods like hummus.

Additionally, with pulse function, you can enjoy effortless cleanup, which attracts most working moms. Who doesn’t want to have a refreshing smoothie and take a rest just after pushing some buttons?

Should you only want these features, you can also consider Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 7500. You can compare their prices and choose the lowest because your requirements are standard. 

+ Powerful motor with 64 oz tall BPA – free container

When it comes to the second group feature, you start to see a significant difference, and we hope they may be of help to your decision. 

Vitamix 6300 blender review 3
In Vitamix 6300 review, you can see we do not add the phrase “low profile container.”

As shown in the picture, Vitamix 6300 has a 64 oz tall container. It is spacious enough for medium to large batches. It is excellent for family and frequent party lovers. It is a better choice when compared to Vitamix E310. 

It is shatter-proof and free from BPA (bisphenol A – a kind of plastic that is harmful to public health). One of the key differences lies in the dry lids. Now, you can add more ingredients to the blender even while it is running. Vitamix 6300, in this round, is the winner over E310 and 7500.

Vitamix 6300 blender review 4
Significantly, they also add a powerful 2 horsepower motor to this C-series line.


This feature is included in both Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 6300 so that you can slice and crush anything frozen or severe such as frozen fruits and even ice cubes, with its cyclonic speed. Within two minutes, you will get a refreshing smoothie with perfect thickness and texture.

Vitamix 6300 blender review 5
This is two avocado glasses retrieved from a customer’s Vitamix 6300 review, and she calls it the smoothest of the smooth.

If you are a soup lover, both Vitamix 7500 and 6300 are beautiful thanks to the powerful motor while durable enough to withstand the heat. 

+ Three preset function

This function is the crucial competitive advantage of Vitamix 6300. The lack of programmable features in Vitamix 7500 has been fixed in Vitamix 6300. It has three preset parts to blend things for a specified period. 

Vitamix 6300 blender review 6
As you can see in the picture, Vitamix 6300 has three preset functions: smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups.

You will no longer get into a hassle because you have to figure out by yourself how long the blender should run. For each type of blending, the blender will set a fixed time, but it can’t adjust the settings based on the number of components.

Therefore, you have to estimate the number of ingredients to flood the Vitamix each time. However, this function is pretty beneficial for a tech freak. 

+ Vitamix Tamper

This Vitamix 6300 review will be incomplete if we do not mention Vitamix Tamper. It is an upgrade for the 6300.

It is integrated with a stainless steel 3-inch diameter blade so that you do not need to waste 5 minutes, cutting the ingredients into small pieces. Instead, all you need to do is put the whole thing in, start the blender and push with the temper.

Vitamix 6300 blender review 7
Even without any liquid, it still works well to turn fruit into juices.


In any reviews (incl. Vitamix 6300 review), we also give you both pros and cons of a product so that you can know precisely what you long for.

We all know that Vitamix 6300 is perfect with many unique features; nevertheless, you also need to consider its cons and see if you can ignore these minus points.

+ Heavy and tall container

Vitamix 6300 blender review 8
It is better when you put it in the comparison.

The size of the container is something of a con. With a height of 17 inches, the Vitamix 6300 seems to be too high to store under your counter. In other words, it is not cabinet-friendly.

Therefore, we suggest you measure where you want to put it in first before making a deal because, to be honest, it is difficult to tug it out. 

+ Noisy

Like all machines using a horsepower motor, Vitamix 6300 makes its presence felt. By this, we mean it is as noisy as the Vitamix 7500. Due to its tornado-like speed and powerful motor, they all create pretty worse noise than other blenders. 

It makes noise while working; however, it does not last long.

The noise will stop right after it finishes blending. Therefore, we should not complain about the sound as the result it produces is just amazing. 

+ Heating up

As in any other Vitamix 6300 review on Amazon or eBay, you may hear many users complain that the blender’s container heats up whenever it blends. It is understandable because the cooling system of Vitamix 6300 is not as good as that of Vitamix 7500, and the motor is too powerful.

Fortunately, it is effortless to fix this problem and maintain the product’s durability. You should always use ice cubes with other ingredients to keep the smoothie and the container cool at the same time. 

Verdict for Vitamix 6300 Blender?

We will end the Vitamix 6300 review with a verdict in the form of a question. From our perspective, the Vitamix 6300 is a good blender with an affordable price in the same line and high performing features. Do not be thrown off by the price tag, as it is worth every penny you invest. 

When compared to Vitamix E310 and 7500, we would recommend the 6300. However, if we have to decide which one to choose between Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200, it may be a hard-to-pick question.

To be honest, the Vitamix 5200 has the same features with better performance and at a lower price. However, if you like a programmable blender, you should make a deal with the Vitamix 6300 immediately. 

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