Top 6 Best Detangler Hair Straightening Brushes of 2023

A small revolution is breaking through in the field of hairdressing tools. The straightening brush makes it possible to further facilitate the smoothing process. The speed of styling and the lack of technical gesture necessary for its use have made this famous brush popular. Let’s discover together how to choose the right one according to your needs and do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the users to get your own idea.

List of 6 Best Detangler Hair Straightening Brushes

1. DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush

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Thanks to its high-quality 3-dimensional ceramic design, this straightening brush from DAFNI promises to meet all expectations. Indeed, this feature allows it to heat up quickly so that you can style your hair in no time. This device is ready to use in just 40 seconds. And to complete your task, you will only have to count 5 minutes. For those in a hurry, this asset remains very considerable.

On the other hand, this article offers a homogeneous distribution of the temperature over its entire work surface. That way, you don’t risk damaging your hair as it passes. Also, the processing heat will not exceed 185 ° C. What to avoid burning your stems. This product also has an antistatic coating. Your styling will only be more successful, because you will not notice any overflow. Each hair on your head will be well erected.

Regarding the handling of the device, it incorporates a flexible cord of 2.5 m. The latter will allow you to perform all your movements comfortably. In addition, with the heating surface making a total of 78 cm², operations will not take you long.

2. PHILIPS HP 8656/00 Straightening Brush

PHILIPS HP 8656/00 Straightening Brush

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Philips HP8656 / 00 offers an inexpensive blower brush. In this comparison, you can plan to buy this product if you are looking for a basic model that is functional. The air flow from which it allows each user to benefit is diffused at a power of 1000 watts. This guarantees you a good quality result after each smoothing.

This equipment is provided with a ceramic and tourmaline coating ensuring a uniform distribution of heat. This makes it easier to have uniformly straightened hair. It offers a ThermoProtect and ionic care function ensuring the protection of your hair against burns or the risk of being damaged little by little by being unable to resist heat.

This equipment allows you to access 3 temperature settings, including the Air Cool button. The latter guarantees that your hairstyle can stay in place. As a result, you will have no trouble adjusting the heat it provides to the nature of your hair. In addition, it is made available with 5 accessories so that you can be sufficiently equipped by using it. Among these equipment is the flat brush to allow you to brush.

This device from Philips with a good power of 1000 W distributes the heat evenly on its ceramic plate and tourmaline. The equipment incorporates 3 temperature settings. Its ThermoProtect and ionic function protects your hair against drying and thermal shock. The final result will be very smooth and well structured. If you want to compare this model to others, this one also has different accessories for styling.

3. ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush

ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush

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The 3rd position from GHD combs and smooths your hair in record time, for those looking for a perfect result in just a few minutes. Thanks to its optimal styling temperature of 185 °, the GHD Glide adapts to all types of hair. The device will completely replace your straightener to effectively tame your hair and offer you a perfect hairstyle in no time. Very soft for the hair, its technology makes it possible to protect it, and to preserve the volume, while bringing a natural movement and a shiny finish. The promise of easy, fast and natural styling.

4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

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Its main advantage is the possibility of using the 10 temperature settings which allow to adapt to absolutely all types and natures of hair for a perfect smoothing up to 210 degrees. Very light and ergonomic, this is a smoothing brush perfect for everyday use, and allows easy handling. The hair is shiny, soft and smooth in one pass.

5. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure

Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure

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This Straightener smoothing brush has the advantage of being equipped with MCH technology. In other words, it is a straightening brush made of metallic ceramic with advanced heating technology. Its action is very fast: in 30 seconds, your device is ready to use. This straightening brush also has 5 different temperature levels to adapt to all types of hair. In addition, its ion technology completely eliminates static electricity and frizz. Only drawbacks: the handle is slightly too bulky for handling, and the top of the brush heats up a little too much during use.

6. Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush, Hair Straightener

Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush, Hair Straightener

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Even if it has only three temperature settings, this straightener brush has the advantage of offering a high level of heating, at 230 ° C. Its coating is also effective against frizz and static electricity, and it brings shine to your hair. In addition, the temperature being uniform on all the pins of the brush, this equipment offers you a longer lasting result. However, we deplore the absence of automatic locking.

Detangler Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide

What is a straightening brush?

The straightening brush is located between the classic brush and the straightening iron. It is used like a hair brush and allows you to discipline your hair in just a few minutes. The heat from this electrical appliance makes it easy to brush. In order to adapt to all types of hair, the straightening brushes or combs have several temperature levels.

The higher it is, the more your hair will get an even smoother result, this is suitable for women who have thick, curly, curly or frizzy hair. A low temperature is more than enough to style its lengths and remove frizz.

Remember that the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above are designated for the majority of brushes in general. It is certain that some of them will have different qualities and defects. You can now consult the tests located on your right, to learn more about each model.

How does a straightening brush work?

The straightening brush is an innovation halfway between the blowing brush and the traditional straightening iron. It is used as easily as a hair brush to discipline your hair. Thanks to its different adjustable temperature levels, the straightening brush can adapt to all types of hair.

The rendering will depend on the nature of your hair. Smoothing will be more pronounced for fine and / or wavy hair. For thick and / or curly hair, it is more like natural brushing.

Slightly more imposing than a hairbrush, its grip is pleasant for effortless styling: simple and quick. Straightener burns are quite frequent, the straightening brush is much more reliable. No heating element touches your skin (handle and spike tips). The tips are there to massage your scalp and improve the styling experience.

The straightening brush is a hair-friendly device that offers natural straightening.

Advantages and disadvantages

Straightening brushes have many advantages for their users. One of their greatest strengths in common remains their speed. Now creating a blow-dry as in magazines becomes an easy exercise! Besides, this is the solution to your hairstyle creation desires. Despite this, these electric heaters and blowers do not only have advantages. It may happen that certain types of hair do not correspond with the brush in question, which will lead to a negative result. The defects and qualities of each brush are obviously different for each model.


  • Fast heating time. Depending on the models of straightening brushes, it takes between 20 and 60 seconds.
  • Quick to use. A few flicks and you will already get positive effects.
  • Pleasant handling. Most models of straightening brushes all have a more or less pleasant grip.
  • Easy storage. The straightening brushes are not bulky and light enough.
  • Respectful for hair. Smoothing with a straightening brush damages the hair less than a straightener.
  • More natural effect of smoothing.


  • You will not get a smoothing as smooth as with a straightener
  • The temperature and start adjustment buttons may be located on the handle of the brush, which may cause you to press it unconsciously when it is in the hand.

How to choose straightening brush

When purchasing a straightening brush, there are certain criteria to take into account. First, it is essential to know what use the brush will be for? Then what type of hair will it be used for? All these questions are essential. Indeed, the operations which you can carry out with these electric brushes are numerous and complex, namely: brushing, smoothing, creating volume, in a word creating a brushing at the top of the top! It is up to you to determine whether it can be used on a daily basis or just for festive events. The straightening brushes are not very bulky so it will be easy for you to store them and take them everywhere with you. Price is another important criterion to take into account.

The materials

Like straighteners, straightening brushes are not all made from the same materials. As with the straighteners, the choice and the quality of the coating used for the heating pins of the straightening brush is essential to obtain a quality and lasting smoothing. For the moment we mainly find in straightening brushes 3 types of coatings:

  • Ceramics: ceramic is a safe bet and is also the most used coating for both straightening brushes and straighteners. Ceramic is a solid material which ensures a continuous diffusion of heat in the pins to allow a smoothing of quality. You should also know that ceramic is a naturally ionic material which will therefore make it easier to discipline your hair.
  • Nano ceramic: as its name suggests, nano ceramic is made of ceramic. Nano ceramic is a new material which is gaining ground in the manufacture of straightening brushes and straighteners. It allows an optimal and rapid distribution of heat and releases negative ions in quantity making this material a quality ionic material.
  • Tourmaline: Tourmaline is the latest coating trend in hair straighteners and straightening brushes. Naturally ionic tourmaline slides better on the hair, heats up faster and is more respectful of the hair fiber. With a smoothing brush in tourmaline your hair will be better protected when straightening.


There are different technologies that can be taken into account before buying a straightening brush, not all brushes have all the technologies, that’s why we can find variations in the price of brushes.

  • Ionic Technology: Ionic technology is a small revolution in the world of hairdressing, it is really a real positive point for brushes with this technology. An ionic brush is a brush that will give off negative ions when smoothing. These negative ions will act to counter the positive ions emitted by the hair during straightening. Thus, the ions will eliminate static electricity and frizz that can occur during smoothing. The ions also tighten the fibers of the hair to make it less vulnerable to heat. Your hair will be protected during straightening and will come out soft and shiny, we can not do without it!
  • MCH heating: MCH heating technology is the latest heating technology for smoothing products. This device allows your brush to heat up in a few seconds to the desired temperature, no more waste of time! MCH heating also regulates the temperature to keep it constant throughout the smoothing, the temperature is not likely to rise or fall. You will therefore have a constant temperature in all the pins of your brush to obtain an optimal result.
  • Auto-stop / auto-blocking function: a truly essential function on heating appliances, we strongly recommend buying straightening brushes with this device. The auto-lock / auto-lock feature will lock your brush controls after a few seconds to prevent you from changing the temperature or turning off your brush while it is in use. Usually you only need to press the on / off button twice to unlock your brush. The auto-stop function allows your brush to go out after a certain time on its own (between 30min and 1h depending on the model). Security level is really the best because we have all had the anxiety of knowing if we had unplugged its straightener when leaving in the morning. With these two functions no more security problems!


You will understand, with each straightener brush its characteristics and specificities. Take the time to define your preferences and assess the nature of your hair to choose the material that best suits you. Another piece of advice: choose ceramic straightening brushes with modern technology, a guarantee of efficiency and long-lasting character.

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