How to Pronounce Mischievous

Do you know how to pronounce mischievous? The word has French origins, and can be tricky for English speakers. This blog post will show you how to say it correctly!

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How to Pronounce Mischievous

The word mischievous can be pronounced in two ways: MIZ-uh-vuhs or MIS-chuh-vuhs. The first pronunciation is the most common one in the United States, while the second pronunciation is more common in the United Kingdom.

The Meaning of Mischievous

Mischievous has several meanings. It can describe someone who is playful and full of fun, someone who causes trouble or harm, or something that is tricky or difficult.

The word comes from the Old French meschevant, which means “evil, wicked.” This in turn comes from the Latin root word malum, which means “evil.”

Here are a few example sentences:
-My little sister is very mischievous. She loves to play tricks on me.
-Don’t be so mischievous! You’re going to get into trouble if you keep causing trouble like this.
-That cat is so mischievous! It knocked over my vase and broke it.

Examples of Mischievous

Here are some example sentences for each word:
-The young boy was very mischievous and got into a lot of trouble.
-The little girl had a mischievous grin on her face when she put salt in her brother’s coffee.
-The dog appeared to be up to no good, with his mischievous expression and wagging tail.

Synonyms for Mischievous

Here are some common synonyms for mischievous: