How to Pronounce Aunt

How to Pronounce Aunt

Aunt (ahnt)

Your aunt is your father or mother’s sister. You can also call her your “auntie.”

If you’re a kid, you might go to your aunt’s house for a sleepover, or she might babysit you while your parents are out.

Aunts can be fun, but they can also be strict. If you misbehave

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Aunt (noun)

Your aunt is your father or mother’s sister, or your husband’s or wife’s sister.
If you are related to someone through marriage rather than by blood, you can call them your aunt or uncle. For example, if your mother’s sister marries someone, her husband becomes your uncle and his sister becomes your aunt.

Aunt can also be used as a form of address for an older woman who is not related to you.

The correct way to pronounce aunt

The word “aunt” can be pronounced in two ways. The first way is to say “ahnt” and the second way is to say “ant”. The first way is the more common pronunciation in the United States, while the second pronunciation is more common in the United Kingdom.

Why people mispronounce aunt

There are a few reasons why some people mispronounce aunt. The most common reason is that they are unsure of the correct pronunciation. Another reason is that they have been exposed to the incorrect pronunciation more often than the correct one. Finally, some people may simply not know that there is more than one way to say aunt.

Whatever the reason, there is no need to worry. With a little practice, you will be able to say aunt correctly in no time. In this article, we will show you how to pronounce aunt correctly, as well as provide some helpful tips for avoiding common mistakes.


Now that you know how to pronounce aunt, make sure to practice it often so that it becomes second nature. Pronouncing words correctly is an important part of speaking any language, and it can come in handy in many different situations. Whether you’re talking to your own aunt or looking to impress a foreign exchange student, being able to say “aunt” correctly is sure to make a good impression.