How to Preserve Flowers in a Jar

Learn how to preserve flowers in a jar with this easy tutorial. You’ll need just a few supplies and a little bit of time to make beautiful, long-lasting floral arrangements.

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Flowers are a beautiful and natural way to brighten up any room, but they only last for a short time. If you want to enjoy your flowers for longer, there are a few things you can do to preserve them in a jar. With a little bit of care, you can keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful for weeks.

What you will need

-A clean, empty jar with a lid
-A pair of sharp scissors
-Flowers of your choice
-Paper towels

1. Start by trimming the stems of your flowers at an angle using sharp scissors. This will help them fit better into the neck of the jar and also allow them to take in more water.
2. Place a layer of paper towels at the bottom of the jar. This will help absorb any excess moisture and prevent mold from forming.
3. Add enough water to just cover the paper towels, then arrange your flowers in the jar as desired. Be sure to remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline, as these can cause rot.
4. Fill the remainder of the jar with water, screw on the lid tightly, and place in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful display!

Step One – Choose your Flowers

To get started, you will need to choose the flowers you would like to use. If you are picking them from your own garden, make sure that they are freshly cut and free of any debris. It is also important to choose flowers that are not too heavy, as they may not be able to stand up once they are in the jar. Some good options to try include baby’s breath, daisies, and roses.

Once you have your flowers, it is time to move on to the next step.

Step Two – Prep your Flowers

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to prep your flowers. Start by trimming the stems of your flowers so they will fit nicely into your jar. You want to make sure there are no air bubbles around the flowers, so gently push them down into the water. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, add a drop or two of lemon juice to the water. This will help keep your flowers fresh for longer.

Step Three – Fill your Jar

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to fill your jar. Start by adding an inch or two of gravel to the bottom of the jar. This will help with drainage and keep your flowers from sitting in water. Next, add enough clean water to fill the jar about halfway. Finally, add your flowers. It’s best to use fresh flowers that haven’t been exposed to chemicals. Once you’ve added your flowers, screw on the lid and store your jar in a cool, dark place.

Step Four – Add your Preservative

Make sure to add your preservative to the water before adding your flowers. This will help keep them fresh for longer. You can use a store-bought preservative or make your own with a combination of sugar and bleach.

Step Five – Hang your Flowers

After your flowers have been pressed and dried, it’s time to hang them! You can do this by threading a needle with fishing line or string, and then tying the end of the line to the base of the flower. Start at the base of the flower and work your way up, gently curving the line as you go. Once you reach the top of the flower, tie off the end of the line and trim any excess.

Step Six – Check on your Flowers

Every few days, check on your flowers to make sure they have enough water. If the water has evaporated, add more until it reaches the top of the jar. You may need to trim the stems to keep them from growing too long.

Additional Tips

To further prolong the life of your flowers, consider these additional tips:
-Add a drop or two of bleach to the water. This will help to prevent bacteria from building up in the water and affecting the flowers.
-Change the water every few days. This will help to keep the water fresh and prevent it from becoming stagnant.
-Add a packet of floral preservative to the water. This will help to keep the flowers fresh for a longer period of time.


If you’ve followed the steps above, you should now have a beautiful flower arrangement that will last for weeks. Remember to keep the jar clean and fill it with fresh water every few days to keep your flowers looking their best. With a little care, you can enjoy fresh flowers all summer long!