How to Preserve a Fox Tail: Step-by-Step Guide

Several online forums are rife with various techniques for skinning and preserving a fox tail. Gleaning and condensing this information will enable you to preserve a fox tail with ease. However, we have tried the various methods suggested by veteran fox hunters, and have also devised our own methods for curing and preserving a fox tail.

how to preserve a fox tail

How to Preserve a Fox Tail

So if you dream of hanging a well-preserved bushy fox tail on your rear-view mirror, then sit back to learn how to preserve a fox tail.

You must be careful to apply the techniques presented in this document for preserving and storing fox tail, since failure might cause damage to your cherished prize; it might also cause the fox tail to give off offensive smell. So let’s dig in on how to preserve a fox tail.

Carefully remove the fox tail

The process for removing the fox tail is very important since this determines if the tail is still usable or not.

  • Once the carcass of your fox is right before you, then proceed to cut the base of the tail very close to its vent
  • The cut must only be around the skin of the tail
  • Get two pieces of sticks that are about 6 inches long and nearly as thick as your little finger
  • Place the two sticks on both sides of the tail where you have cut, and then pull gently
  • If done well, the tail of the fox should extract itself easily, leaving only the inside bone still connected to the carcass
  • You may also use bailing twine to get the tail out instead of two sticks
  • Get the tail brush cleaned thoroughly and then let it dry by hanging in the open

Insert Borax powder into the hollow of the fox tail

  • Once the tail has dried out in the open, get a packet of Borax powder
  • Fill the hollow of the tail with the powder
  • Plug a smooth stick or piece of long wood into the fox tail right through the Borax powder
  • Use wires to get the stick in place or tack it on one way or another
  • Hang the tail in a shed or open place for 3-4 weeks
  • After this duration, pull out the stick and empty out the powder
  • Insert another suitable wood into the dried hole left by the Borax to make a handle for the tail

Note that the Borax powder is to keep the tail disinfected, dry, and free of decay or any offensive smell for as long as it can last.

Immerse in a solution of meth

Another method of preserving your fox tail is to soak it in meth solution after removing it from the fox carcass. It must remain immersed in the meth solution for 3 weeks before it should be removed and dried in a shed or airy place. Some hunters have also used turps to soak the fox tail while others have even tried using white spirits with some positive result.

Yet, a particular hunter said he laid salt into the hollow of the fox tail after removing it from turps or meths to get better preservation results.

But many hunters tend to support soaking the tail in methylated spirits for up to 4 weeks before it is washed and then air-dried. It is however best to use what works for you and based on personal experience.

Tan your fox tail to preserve it

A number of hunters like to tan their fox tail in their preservation process. Tanning will enhance the natural colors of the tail to light yellowish-brown or the color of topaz. Tanning will also make the tail pliable and soft to be bent to any directions without losing hair. Although you can use tanning oil for this purpose, you can also use egg yolk if you can apply it correctly; and you can use tannic acid as well if you would follow the instructions for use.

Tanning will preserve your fox tail and make it look like a suede leather if that is what you are after. It will last nearly forever without smelling or damaging when it is completely hydrated after the tanning process. You can then sell the treated and well-preserved fox tail or put it up for a hunting prize to show off.

So there you have it: how to preserve a fox tail. You can try it now to see how well you have followed this tutorial. The more you skin and preserve fox tail, the more you gain mastery at the art. And it makes perfect sense to make mistakes along the way, but you can be certain that you will master it sooner or later. You are encouraged to share your experiences in the comments section below.