How To Make Ice Cream In A Ninja Blender

Hot dry days are coming together with the feeling of tiredness that will make you become under the weather for certain. Normally, on such hot days, you often select yourself light refreshments or cups of ice cream with a view to easing these hot days.

Alright, in the market, there are various types of ice cream, each of which has its own taste so that everybody can pick the one up. However, in this post, we’d like to guide you 3 ways to make ice cream in a Ninja blender quickly and deliciously as well. Also, all of you can follow it to make ice cream at your own home for your small family in these such boiling-hot days.

3 Recipes To Make Delicious Ice Cream In A Ninja Blender

1. Coconut ice cream

Ingredients and tools:

  • 3 yolks
  • 50g sugar (that adding or reducing depends on your appetite)
  • 250ml coconut juice
  • A teaspoon of flour
  • 20g coconut rice
  • 250ml fatty cream
  • A teaspoon of coffee vanilla liquid
  • Bowl, Ninja blender, Stove
How To Make Coconut Ice Cream In A Ninja Blender

Step 1: Stirring yolk with sugar until yolk changes into light yellow. Next, you put coconut juice into a gas stove to boil. After the coconut juice boils, please turn the gas stove off, pour coconut juice into the yolk and mix them completely.

Step 2: Sifting the flour into the mixture of egg, mixing them again and putting them into a gas stove to boil. After the mixture boils, please turn off and leave them cool. Next, you fry the coconut rice with a small fire in a while until coconut rice changes into yellow-brown. Then, mix it with coffee vanilla liquid and using a whisk to stir the mixture well.

Step 3: Adding fatty cream to Ninja blender and milling it until the cream is up. After that, you pour the mixture of coconut juice and continue to mill until they are blended together.

Step 4: Leaving the mixture of ice cream in the fridge within 6 hours before removing it out of the fridge and please use a small spoon to leave them on a plate.

2. Banana ice cream

Ingredients and tools:

  • 2 big smalls bananas
  • 2 teaspoons of cocoa flour
  • 2 tablespoons of almond-chestnut soup
  • Chestnut seeds to decorate
  • Milk if you want
  • Gas stove, Ninja blender, Bowl
Make banana ice cream in a Ninja blender

Step 1: You should select big ripe bananas, peel and cut them into small rounds (about 1cm). After cutting, you leave the whole bananas on the ice shelf in the fridge within 1 hour so that pieces of banana can be frozen. After that, leaving those frozen bananas in the blender and mill them well.

Step 2: Adding 2 teaspoons of cocoa flour to the miller and mill it in a while so that cocoa can blend well with the mixture. To create a sense of fatty and sweet taste, you do need to add 2 tablespoons of almond-chestnut soup and go on grinding until the mixture is incredibly smooth.

Step 3: Leaving banana ice cream in a bowl and put it into the fridge about 6 hours so that ice cream can be frozen and edible.

3. Jackfruit ice cream

Ingredients and tools:

  • 200ml fresh ice cream
  • 50g solid milk with sugar
  • 60g sugar
  • 20ml fresh milk without sugar
  • 300g peeled-jackfruit without seeds
  • Ninja blender, bowl, whisk, and mold
Make jackfruit ice cream in a Ninja blender

Step 1: Cut 2/3 jackfruit and put it into the blender. After that, blend with 20ml fresh milk with sugar-free. The left jackfruit is diced in order to add to the cream. Then, use a whipping machine to whip the cream until the cream seems to get wet.

Step 2: Pour solid milk into ice cream and then use a whisk to mix well. After that, add the mixture of milled-jackfruit and mix them together.

Step 3: The diced nuts are poured into the cream, put the cream into the mold, and leave them in the fridge’s freezer for 4 hours. After 4 hours, take the cream out and carefully scrape in order that the cream doesn’t tend to freeze. Finally, lay the mold out as it used to and put it in the freezer in 2 hours. The more you scrape, the more delicious the cream is.

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