How to Cut In After Effects

In this blog post, we will show you how to cut in After Effects. This is a very simple process that can be done in a matter of seconds.

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After Effects editing is a very versatile skill to have. Whether ’re cutting a feature film or creating a commercial, you will likely use After Effects. It is software primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects for television, films, and the web. Many people think of it as just a glorified video editing program, but it can do so much more.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on how to cut in After Effects. This will be a very basic overview of how to use After Effects without getting too deep into the weeds. If you want to learn more about After Effects, check out our other guides!

The Basics of After Effects

After Effects is a program that allows you to create animations and graphics for your video projects. You can use it to create titles, lower thirds, intros, and more. In this section, we’ll show you how to cut in After Effects.

What is After Effects?

After Effects is a program that allows you to create animations and other graphic effects for your video. You can use it to add titles, lower thirds, transitions, and other graphic elements to your video. After Effects is also a very versatile program, and can be used to create much more than just simple graphics.

The After Effects Interface

After Effects is a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software. It is used to create titles, intros, and transitions for video productions. The software is also used by graphic designers to create animated graphics for television, movies, and the web.

The After Effects interface is divided into panels, where you will do most of your work. There are three main sections to the interface: the Project panel, the Composition panel, and the Timeline panel.

The Project panel is where you import and organize your media files. You can also create new compositions in this panel.

The Composition panel is where you preview and edit your composition. This is also where you add your visual effects and compositing elements.

The Timeline panel is where you add your animation keyframes and edit your layer properties.

After Effects Workflow

After Effects is a professional video editing software that allows you to create unique video effects and motion graphics. It’s used by film and television editors, graphic designers, web designers, and anyone who wants to add special effects to their video projects.

The After Effects workflow is simple: you create a project, add your footage or other assets, and then create a composition. A composition is a group of layers that you can animate together. For example, you might have a composition that contains your video footage, as well as a separate layer for text.

Once you have created your composition, you can add effects to it. After Effects comes with a large number of built-in effects, but you can also download or purchase third-party effects. Once you have added your effect, you can adjust its settings to get the look you want.

Once you are happy with your composition, you can render it out as a video file. Rendering is the process of creating a final video file from your composition. After Effects can render out videos in a variety of formats and resolutions.

Cutting in After Effects

In Adobe After Effects, you can cut in two different ways. The first way is to use the Pen Tool to draw a line around the object you want to cut out. The second way is to use the mask tool.

Cutting Clips in After Effects

When you’re cutting a clip in Adobe After Effects, there are a few different ways you can do it. The first and most common method is to use the Edit > Split Layer command. This will cut your layer at the playhead’s current position. You can also use the Edit > Trim Layer command, which gives you more control over how your layer is trimmed. Finally, you can use the Pen tool to draw a custom split line.

Cutting Layers in After Effects

There are a few ways to cut layers in After Effects. You can use the classic “cut” tool which is similar to the cut tool in other video editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. You can also use the “slice” tool to cut a layer into multiple pieces.

To use the “cut” tool, simply select it from the toolbar or press C on your keyboard. Then click and drag on the layer to create a cut. You can add as many cuts as you like. To delete a cut, simply select it and press Delete on your keyboard.

To use the “slice” tool, select it from the toolbar or press S on your keyboard. Then click and drag on the layer to create a slice. To delete a slice, simply select it and press Delete on your keyboard.


In conclusion, it is important to know how to cut in After Effects in order to create smooth, efficient workflows. There are a few different ways to do this, and the best method will vary depending on your project and software. However, we hope that this guide has given you a good starting point for understanding how to cut in After Effects. Thanks for reading!