Top 5 Best Gloves For Crossfit Reviews in 2023

The CrossFit is an exercise through which you go to your muscles, gain muscle strength and of course maximize your cardiovascular health.

Although this sport is accessible to everyone, both beginners and top athletes, it is still necessary to practice it in good conditions and with effective exercises . Thus, one of the essential preliminary steps for a successful experience involves the careful choice of gloves for crossfit .

Thanks to them, you will be able to train in the most effective way while leaving aside any physical pain such as blisters on your hands for example.

List of 5 Best Crossfit Gloves

1. Mechanix Wear SS-SMS-9004860 Original Clothing

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The Mechanix Wear Original Covert glove is a closed glove that provides total comfort and good ventilation for the hands, which allows you to enjoy an unequaled freshness. Its closure is made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer and is fitted with a hook and loop which is combined with a complete cut to enhance the safety of the hand as well as the fingers. Its palm protector is made of a piece of seamless leather in a single layer to reduce the gene and improves dexterity.

This crossfit glove is made from very good quality synthetic leather, which guarantees an unrivaled longevity. Some parts like those that protect the back of the hand are made of TrekDry, which is a breathable material to keep good ventilation of the hands. The Mechanix Wear glove differs from other gloves in that it offers maximum protection without hampering the joints of the hands.

2. RDX Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym Workout

RDX Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym Workout

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Made from NAPP leather, the RDX crossfit gloves are very robust and resistant. They are ideal for intensive weightlifting and crossfit sessions. These gloves offer maximum protection of the palms of the hand thanks to a non-slip palm protector padded with Shell-shock gel. The wrists are also well protected with these RDX gloves since they are provided with wrist protectors with velcro closure to ensure joint maintenance.

The cut of these gloves is half cut to bring out the fingers and maximize ventilation, which is ideal for those who do not like closed gloves. Traction enthusiasts are delighted with these gloves since they offer a grip without slipping and allow to significantly increase its grip thanks to its straps which stabilize the wrists. They are available in several sizes and are suitable for all types of athletes.

3. Trideer Padded Crossfit Gloves

Trideer Padded Crossfit Gloves

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The Trideer Fitness is a multi-purpose glove which is suitable for all sports disciplines where weights and bars are frequent. It is unisex and is available in all possible hand sizes. Very comfortable and functional, this glove is made of a material made using ultra-resistant and light microfiber. Equipped with a wrist support made of a breathable mesh Velcro strap, this Trideer Fitness glove effectively protects the wrist joints and also keeps them warm, which is ideal during warm-ups.

Very practical and also safe, the part which protects the palms of the hands has a layer which has been specially thought to reduce contact with the bars, but also allows to have a good grip or also grip.

4. Reebok CROSSFIT Training Glove

Reebok CROSSFIT Training Glove

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This Reebok brand crossfit glove features Speedwick technology, which absorbs sweat and moisture and keeps hands dry. It is reinforced with goat leather and is very remaining and durable while being very comfortable. This glove is black which allows it to have a neutral style and suit everyone. It has Velcro closures to stabilize and protect the wrists and allow the glove to hold securely.

It is designed for all types of sports and exercises and is suitable for any sportsperson, even if it is basically indicated for crossfit. It is very practical and allows you to enjoy a good grip on any barbell and dumbbell. This glove is also machine washable and easy to maintain, it is a good accessory for intensive exercises.

5. JerkFit WODies Camo Wrist Wraps

JerkFit WODies Camo Wrist Wraps

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Crossfit is a physical activity that can be done by everyone, without any question of level. However, if your goal is to use regular and relatively intensive training, then it goes without saying that you will necessarily need appropriate equipment, thought to be able to withstand hundreds of hours of use while you always ensuring the same security and comfort.

And that’s exactly what these JerkFit crossfit gloves offer you, which have been developed for demanding athletes who are looking for the best in this area.

Thanks to them, your workouts will take on a whole new dimension, and there is no doubt that after having tried them for the first time, you will not imagine a single second being able to do without them.

With perfect wrist support thanks to a patented design, these JerkFit crossfit gloves will allow you to lift heavier weights than usual without risking injury. In addition, the coating of the palm of the hand, slightly webbed, adapts perfectly to the skin, for a natural feeling and comfort.

So when you work, you won’t feel like you’re wearing gloves. The feeling then being more natural, you will only have to focus on your efforts, and not on your comfort which will be flawless. These JerkFit crossfit gloves , designed in the United States, are of professional quality. And it is obvious that they will quickly become your favorite sports accessories.

How To Choose Crossfit Gloves?

To choose the right crossfit gloves , it is essential to take into account a few criteria, namely:


The material is important in the choice of crossfit gloves. Indeed, it is advisable to choose only those which are made using materials, comfortable, resistant and above all durable. Among the materials most used in the manufacture of gloves, there are leather, neoprene, different fabrics and synthetic materials.


The thickness is one of the criteria that should not be overlooked when choosing a crossfit glove. In fact, a glove that is too thick can prevent the weights and bars from being properly grasped and, as a result, increases the slippage of the hands. For this, it is important to choose only a thin and light glove and this to maximize its good grip during exercises.


A glove made from too rigid materials can also hinder the proper execution of certain exercises since the hands may be hampered and will lose their flexibility. To avoid this, you should favor gloves made from flexible materials or which offer a cut that allows the hands to fold and unfold naturally.


Poorly ventilated gloves are also to be avoided since they will accentuate perspiration. However, a wet glove can become very uncomfortable and can even encourage the appearance of blisters. For this, it is advisable either to choose the right material, preferably aerating, or to opt for gloves fitted with small holes to let air through.

Palm protection

The palm of the hand protection is the primary use of a crossfit glove. Therefore, it is important to insist on the palm protectors of the gloves, namely whether or not they are padded, what material they are made of and how many layers they are made up of.

Wrist support

Admittedly, there are wrist protectors that can be fitted, but it is more practical if the gloves also protect these fragile joints. So when it comes to choosing a crossfit glove, it is more beneficial to opt for those who offer wrist support.

The presence of seams

The presence or not of the seams is also a very important element for a glove. Indeed, the presence of the latter, especially for the part of the palm can make it unnecessary to use a glove, since these stitches will in the long run irritate the skin and thus promote the appearance of blisters.

It is therefore advisable to favor gloves that offer a palm protector made in one piece.


Finally, when it comes to crossfit, which brings together a range of fairly hard exercises, it is important to think carefully about protecting yourself. In the case of hands, only crossfit gloves can offer complete protection.

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