How to Get Wax Out of Fabric in Clothes and Upholstery

Candles are excellent options, whether you are trying to set the mood for a special dinner or want alternative lighting during a power outage. Unfortunately, if you have attempted to blow one out aggressively or tried to move one while it is dripping, the wax stain can be difficult to remove because of its elements. Hence, you need the best tips on how to get wax out of fabric for clothes and upholstery.

1. Elbow Grease

You cannot go wrong with the scraping method, as it is one of the most effective ways to remove wax from clothing and upholstery. However, from the title, you can tell this process requires plenty of effort on your part. Still, a critical part of the procedure involves letting the melted wax dry up and harder before you begin removing the stains.

a). Tools

You require a scraping tool such as a dull knife or a butter knife for starters. Alternatively, a credit card or spoon will suffice as the idea is to graze away the hardened wax. On that note, you will need a few ice cubes to help quicken the hardening process or allow the candle wax enough time to cool.

Dealing with hot wax can cause more problems. For instance, the liquid form can easily penetrate the fabric's fibers. Consequently, you will need to put more effort when removing candle wax from clothes. Moreover, paper towels and rubbing alcohol are essential.

b). Procedure

You can allow the melted wax time to cool and harden as attempting the scraping method on hot wax causes the stain to cling onto the fibers easily. Alternatively, ice cubes could help cut down the waiting time, and you can run the affected area under a cold tap to ease your process. Still, candle wax is not water-soluble, so this will not remove the stains.

Use your scraping implement to peel off large sections of the candle wax. A dull knife will work well, but you can use a card as any hard tool will work. Nevertheless, it is critical to consider the kind of material you are cleaning as you would not want to get candle wax out of clothes while damaging the delicate fabrics in the process.

Remember to begin removing wax from the corners of the stain and work your way to the center. After all, you do not want to have a lot of remaining wax when you finish scraping. These stain removal methods should work well on clothes and upholstery if done well.

You can remove candle wax entirely when you scrape it away. However, a stubborn stain, typically from dyed candle wax, requires more care when removing. Consequently, you need to employ the following process to ensure you can clean off as much wax and remaining residue as possible. Plus, the scraping method is an excellent precursor to the following options as it allows you to deal with any dye and oil stain from candle wax.

2. Heat

Heat is an excellent method for removing wax stains as it can help the substance melt. Nevertheless, high temperatures can cause the stain to spread as the liquid form clings onto fabrics more readily. Consequently, if the stain persists, melting it off first can help deal with it effectively.

a). Tools

When set to low to medium heat, a clothing iron or hairdryer can help you remove hot wax from clothes and upholstery. A paper towel is necessary as it allows you to treat the affected area with heat without damaging your appliances with candle wax. Alternatively, you can use brown paper bags if you do not have paper towels. However, a plastic bag may melt and cause more problems, so stick to the paper varieties.

b). Procedure

Scrape first before you start working on the remaining stains since it is advisable to remove the chunky wax from the stained area before applying heat. Remember, this method will melt the wax, so having a lot of the substance on the fabric might cause an even bigger mess. Consequently, perform a decent scrape with a dull knife before starting the ironing method.

Once done, use two paper towels to cover the tough stain. Ensure that the entire area with wax stains will not contact your clothing iron. A large paper bag or newspaper can help if you made a big mess on your favorite shirt.

Place the iron box on the paper towels after putting the lowest heat settings on the appliance. Be gentle with pressing the clothing iron as you do not want to get candle wax deeper into the fabric's fibers. After all, you are trying to melt it so that the paper towel can absorb excess oil and wax from fabric strands.

Switch the paper towel as often as possible to ensure the stain does not soak through the fibers as it melts. In addition, a hairdryer works similarly to this step-by-step guide for clothing iron. Merely place the paper towel on the candle wax residue and blow hot air on it. However, use low heat to avoid making things worse.

3. Vegetable Oil

Since most paraffin wax dissolves in oil, using vegetable oil can help solve any stubborn stains if candles stain your tablecloth at a dinner party. Of course, as with the previous method, let the wax harden before you scrape any excess off. Also, after applying this process, you can use a washing machine for the rest.

a). Tools

Please find a way to harden the wax quickly or give it time to settle before starting. Use scraping implements from the first removal tips to ease the cleaning process. Vegetable oil will be your stain remover, while paper towels will help you get candle wax out of clothes without letting it spread.

b). Procedure

You need to use plenty of vegetable oil for the wax residue to dissolve in it fully. However, you can let the stained areas of the cloth soak in the oil before you start working on it. Afterward, use a paper towel to absorb the excess oil, then rub on the area to dissolve the wax.

If you are delighted with the results, you can put the fabric in the wash and use your regular laundry detergent and the usual cycle. Then, you can let the material air dry to allow you to check the stain's status and decide whether you need to repeat the process. It may take a few hours to see results, but oil as a wax stain remover will not let you down.

4. Cleaning Products to Remove Candle Wax Stain

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You can remove wax from clothes with specific types of detergents. This method is one of the most effective on our list, but you may need to purchase products if you lack the right supplies in your laundry room. Plus, once done, no one will notice the fabric stains afterward.

a). Procedure

You can let the laundry detergent seep into the stained areas, and you can use your fingers to rub it in. A soft brush can also help if you do not want to use your hands. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes to effective results.

Try to use boiling water for cleaning to remove candle wax stains more easily. Still, if you work on fabrics that do not do well with high heat, you can throw the cloth in the wash instead. First, however, you need to ensure you follow the recommendations for cleaning the specific material.


You can remove candle wax from fabric fibers easily with our useful tips. However, it is crucial to check how to deal with the specific material before choosing the right process for removing the stains. After all, cleaning should not damage the clothes. 

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