Cariloha Bamboo Pajamas Men & Women Review

People spend a third of their lives in bed. So, they need special clothes that will make their sleep healthy and comfortable. If you want to acquire the right bedding for you, think about pajamas as well. We have completed this review to convince you that pajamas made of the bamboo rayon make up one of the best choices. Their stunning qualities outperform the sleepwear made of any other materials, such as silk or cotton. Their temperature management and moisture wicking potential add much to the overall quality of your sleep.

Now, let us have a closer look at these Cariloha bamboo pajamas and how they can make your bedding time as happy and comfortable as you need.

Pros and Cons of Cariloha Pajamas

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. Cariloha pajamas for men and women have some pros and cons that were seen obviously during the tests and from customers' reviews. Let us have a closer look at them.

The Pros

Ultimate comfort. Sleepwear should be comfortable. That is a must because no expensive mattresses or bed sheets can improve the quality of your sleep more than the soft and light pajamas Cariloha offers. They are truly perfect. There are no zippers or big buttons on them meaning that your body will not be disturbed by them. Moreover, these pajamas are a bit oversized meaning unrestricted movements and better chances for thermoregulation.

Budget friendliness. Not all the high-quality things should cost a lot. There is also a common misbelief that items made of bamboo are rather costly. No way. Cariloha bamboo pajamas make up an exception. The material is truly amazing due to its quality but it is likely to be one of the most affordable products on the market.

Durability. Bamboo viscose is a quite durable material. It does not stretch too much, tear down, or fade. Although budget-friendly goods are believed to be lacking durability, this is not the case with these bamboo pajamas. If you avoid machine drying, high washing temperatures, and bleaches, you will receive the item that will last you for ages.

Eco-friendliness. People nowadays are worried about ecology and environmental protection. You have a chance to contribute to it using these Cariloha nightwear. The pajamas are produced from bamboo and it is grown without too much water, pesticides, and herbicides to protect the environment and your skin from unfavorable chemical influences. The pajamas are great for those who suffer from allergies because they do not contain any harmful substances. On the contrary, they have strong antibacterial properties so your body will be preserved from microbes and nasty odors.

People of different sizes can wear these items. If you are tall or short, skinny or stout, you may find it challenging to pick out the bedwear for yourself that will be comfortable enough for your size. The size chart developed by Cariloha includes all the possible sizes taking into consideration the height as well. To get the most suitable fit, look through this official chart and you will never be mistaken.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the neckline of the pajamas for women is nor stretchable enough. It can be an obstacle to breastfeeding. Use some other items if you are a breastfeeding mother but this situation is temporary and soon you will be able to enjoy the Cariloha pjs again.

Main Features

The Cariloha bamboo pajamas are made of the innovative material that consists of the bamboo rayon with only a small addition of spandex for a better fit and durability. This fit is great for both men and women of any size and height offering maximal comfort and  temperature regulating properties. Even hot sleepers can enjoy their sleep without waking up wet and tired.

The Cariloha manufacturing company has been on the market since 2007 always growing and improving its products. You can find the Cariloha pjs in more than 16 countries of the world and people enjoy them very much. The unique line of Cariloha summer pajamas for women is worth special attention since  it has developed an impressive style that can be easily transferred from bedrooms into the lounges. They have an attractive lightweight and breathable design and serve well for peaceful sleep and comfortable rest. Their robes, tanks, and tops go in different colors and shapes to suit the most demanding individuals’ needs.

The fabric is composed of 67 percent of bamboo viscose mixed with 28 percent of cotton, and only 5 percent of spandex. Such a composition is optimal for the best sleeping experience.

The Cariloha bamboo pajamas are quite durable and they can withstand different external factors and multiple machine washes. The pants are very convenient to wear because they are equipped with a specifically designed elastic waist band and a sturdy draw cord. The colors and patterns can vary and you can choose whatever you feel appropriate for you.

Each item is immensely soft, providing pleasant feelings of security and relaxation. The thermoregulating and hypoallergenic properties make these items still more attractive while the price can meet easily even the most restricted budgets.

Our Experience with Cariloha Pajamas

We pay much attention to the quality so we always test the products accurately for about a month to see whether the items correspond to the quality that is announced by the manufacturer. In the case of Cariloha pajamas for men and women, we have tested them for comfortable wear, durability, and hypoallergenic qualities. We have tested the short-sleeved, half-sleeved, and long-sleeved sets, and all of them displayed stunning results. After a month’s wear they looked quite new, without any color-fading, and unwanted stretches. The convenient fit and impressive softness always add much to the quality of night sleep for all the categories of customers.

Another part of our research has included considering the customers' reviews. This aspect corresponds pretty well with the results we have got by experience. The incredible comfort highlighted in all the reviews has been proven and the remarkable breathability and temperature control properties are also proven by our tests.

Who Are These Pajamas for?

Considering all the features described above, we may assume that Cariloha pajamas are great for hot sleepers. If you sweat too much at night, this product is the best choice for you because the thermoregulating properties of bamboo rayon  can keep your body cool when the temperature in the room is high.

These pajamas are the best choice for those who follow the eco-friendly lifestyle. If you like softness and comfortable feelings, you will also get much from this item.

The bamboo pajamas are hypoallergenic. So, they work perfectly for people who suffer from severe allergies, irritations of skin or their skin is just too sensitive. Bamboo can prevent dust mites from appearance in your bed, so it is also a great benefit. No microorganisms will be breeding in your bedding so you will always stay healthy.

Where to Buy Cariloha Pajamas?

There are many online and offline outlets for purchasing this product. However, be very attentive about the choice of the shop. It should be reliable and reputable not to face the counterfeits. That is why we recommend using such authorized stores as or just order the item from Cariloha's official website.


What is the sizing of Cariloha pajamas?

The sizing range offered by the brand varies from Small to 4X Plus meaning that they are for people with different weight and height. Look thoroughly at the sizing chart provided on the official website. You will need to consider all your body’s parameters to make the right choice.

How to wash Cariloha pajamas?

You can use machine wash for your Cariloha pajamas or do the manual washing. However, when washed in the machine, utilize a delicate mode only and never use any bleaching agents. Dry your item on a line and avoid machine drying.

Are Cariloha pajamas good for summer sleeping?

The bamboo material is quite breathable. So Cariloha pajamas can help you stay cool in summer. Your body will adjust its temperature naturally because it will feel three degrees cooler than while wearing the pajamas made of cotton.

How do Cariloha pajamas feel?

The Cariloha pjs feel great. They are very comfortable, soft, and tender for your skin. The weave of this bamboo fabric is unique so it helps enhance the feeling of the overall comfort. Your night’s sleep won’t be disturbed with anything rough and uncomfortable, so you will always wake up healthy, optimistic, and fully refreshed.


There are many benefits in Cariloha bamboo pajamas that will not be found in any other products of this type. Their properties of keeping your body cool when the temperature is high and warm when it is low is quite rewarding.

The combination of the stunning quality and reasonable pricing is also quite beneficial. Using this guide, you will be able to find the best products for yourself because all the types of clothing we buy including the bedwear can greatly influence your lifestyle. Moreover, such a choice will allow you to stay sustainable and eco-friendly.

Cariloha pajamas provide you with a great choice of sizes, colors, and models. The bamboo viscose mixed with spandex will ensure the incredible breathability and adjustment to your body’s parameters. You will always feel happy wearing these pajamas and having the most comfortable and peaceful sleep ever.

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