Best Loofah for Men to Clean and Exfoliate the Skin

After the best shower experience? The best loofah for men guarantees great skin exfoliation and a foamy lather. In this article, we talk about the shower loofah for men, from what it is, the best loofahs in the market, how you buy one, and how to clean it to prevent bacteria.

Which Loofah Is Best For Men?

What is a Shower Loofah?

A loofah is a bathing accessory made from the Luffa plant, a sub-tropical vine from the cucumber family. The luffa plant produces an edible fruit and is part of popular Asian cuisine if harvested early. But, when the fruit fully matures and becomes fibrous, it is carefully harvested, and the fibers are used to make the loofah scrubbing sponge.

A loofah is great for scrubbing off dead skin cells to leave you with fresh, young skin, while its ability to create a rich lather when you use soap is unmatched. So, when you need the best shower sponges to preserve your best body wash, a loofah is probably your best solution.

An exfoliating loofah comes in different designs, textures, shapes, and colors. It is ideal for all skin types, from oily dry to sensitive skin. In addition, you can use a loofah to clean any part of your body from the face, body, and feet. Thus, here are the eight best loofahs you can get today for gentle exfoliation on your entire body.

1. WhaleLife 4 Bamboo Charcoal Mesh Shower Loofahs

Shower Puff 4 Pack Black Bath Sponge Shower Loofahs Pouf Ball Nature...
  • NATURAL LOOFAH: WhaleLife Loofa Spongelle Specially Adding Natural Bamboo Charcoal, Body Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin Can Use.
  • EASY FOAM: Shower Balls Can Save Up 20% Use Of Bath Foam.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: WhaleLife Luffa Makes By Highest Grade Durability Design, Easy To Hold, Convenient To Be Hanging.
  • ENJOY YOU SHOWER TIME: Loofa body scrubber fit on mens body wash ,women bathing beauty.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Skin care bath sponges shower scrunchy mesh loofah puff, durable with excellent process. Gentle cleanse for soap making,...

Are you looking for a body wash-saving loofah package? This WhaleLife set of four loofahs will have you using very little shower gel, yet they will form enough lather to scrub your entire body.

In addition, each loofah is enriched with bamboo charcoal powder, so it deeply exfoliates your skin to get rid of imperfections like acne and clogged pores. The soft loofah is also easy to hold so you can scrub easily, and it comes with a durable loop so you can easily hang it to dry after use.

These loofahs are available in different colors, plus each package comes with a free comb to complete your bathroom routine. The set of four, though synthetic, comes at an affordable price. With four loofahs, you can trust that this package will last you a few months.


  • Affordable
  • Made with bamboo charcoal for the best exfoliation
  • Sturdy hanging loop
  • The package comes with four loofahs
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to hold


  • Made with synthetic fibers, thus could be harsh for sensitive skins
  • Quite small

2. MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf

MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf Body Wash Scrubber (Set of...
  • Perfect size loofahs weighing 60g and approx. 4.9 inches
  • Premium quality fine mesh creates a super soft textured sponge
  • Team with any bath soap or body wash to create a rich lather
  • Gently cleanses and exfoliates for more healthy-looking skin
  • Beautiful colors with hanging ribbons for ease of use and storage

Looking to buy the best loofah for men to last you a while? This MainBasics package comes with three loofas made with synthetic fibers to exfoliate your skin with each use gently. The shower sponges are in white, pink, and gray colors. As such, you can even distribute each to your loved ones as they will be easy to identify.

Eash loofah needs little soap to produce more than enough lather to scrub off dry skin, and it also comes in a great 4.9-inch size for easy holding in slippery conditions. The loofah sponge pouf also features a sturdy hanging ribbon, making it easier to dry.


  • Affordable
  • Pack of three loofahs
  • Three different colors for easy identification
  • Best bath sponge for dry, rough skin
  • Soap-saving loofahs
  • Big size for easy holding
  • Sturdy hanging ribbon for thorough drying


  • It is made with synthetic materials

3. AmazerBath Sponge Shower Loofahs Balls

AmazerBath Bath Shower Loofah Sponge 75g/PCS Bath Sponges for Men...
  • Strong knotting design: The improved version of the loofah adopts special reinforcement and knotting technology, which greatly enhances the...
  • Ideal body cleaning set: The exfoliating bath sponge is made of soft PE material, which is strong and not easily deformed. It can gently...
  • Extra large size: Each body sponge loofah is about 75 grams and measures about 5.9 inches. The 75g lufas are larger than a standard bath...
  • Nice foaming effect: The AmazerBath loofah sponge has a dense, fluffy mesh that allows you to create a rich and luxurious lather with just a...
  • Multiple colors: There are multiple elegant and classic colors available, so you can choose the color you like to match your bathroom decor....

The set of four black loofahs is ideal for most men. Apart from the color, these loofahs also come in an ideal size that is easy to grip even when fully lathered. Each bath sponge is made with synthetic fibers, thus ideal for scrubbing your body in circular motions to enhance blood circulation.

Each loofah is carefully knotted so it won't fall apart while you use it. Additionally, each loofah comes with a sturdy hanging loop, so you will easily leave it to dry in a cool, airy place. The shower sponge uses little soap or body wash as it easily lathers. If you want other colors, this set is also available in different color combinations, which is great when you want to buy loofahs for different people.


  • Careful knotting so it won't come apart as you bathe
  • Affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with a sturdy hanging ribbon to support the wet weight
  • Made with synthetic fibers for thorough scrubbing


  • Not eco-friendly

4. CraftsOfEgypt All Natural Loofah Sponge

Egyptian Natural Loofah Sponge Exfoliating Body Scrubber - Our Bath...
  • Use Cleopatra's Deep Cleansing Secret: Experience a natural deep pore cleanse enjoyed by the Ancient Egyptians using this body and back...
  • Experience Nature's Finest Latherer: Made from Egyptian Luffa plants, our luxurious loofah for men and women develops a rich, foamy lather...
  • Bath Time Bliss That Lasts: Each loofah body scrubber is generously sized at 6 x 6 inches to cover your body from head to toe, while the...
  • A Gift Fit For Royalty: Our exfoliating loofah sponge for men and women is simply too good not to share; Complete with a classy Egyptian...
  • Traditional Luxury You Can Trust: We're here to help shoppers pamper themselves with a wide range of handmade home decor and beauty...

Tired of synthetic loofahs that can sometimes come with chemical smells or feel very rough on your skin? It is time to treat yourself with an Egyptian loofah. This CraftsOfEgypt set comes with three natural loofahs that are healthy and eco-friendly.

Each Egyptian loofah sponge pouf is made to last and is gentle on your skin for all exfoliating needs. Made with natural luffa fibers, these loofas do not have toxic chemicals. In addition, each 6"x6" bath sponge is easy to clean since you can also sterilize it in the dishwasher. When it is time to dry it, each unit in the shower bouquet comes with a knitted loop that will hold the wet weight.

They are the best loofahs to cleanse pores and enhance better blood circulation. If you are not satisfied with the exfoliation you get, these loofahs come with a money-back guarantee on any unused item.


  • Great lather
  • All-natural loofah
  • Eco-friendly
  • Knitted loop for hanging
  • Easily to clean and sterilize
  • Money-back guarantee for unused loofahs


  • It can be tough on sensitive skins
  • A bit expensive

5. Yoove Exfoliating Loofah Body Scrubber for Men

Loofah Back Scrubber | Bamboo Charcoal Infused Shower Scrubber |...
  • Cleanse, Exfoliate & Revitalize: Our bamboo charcoal back loofah set effectively removes dead skin cells and helps boost cell turnover. This...
  • Bamboo Charcoal Infused: Naturally deodorizing bamboo charcoal is added to our loofah body sponge to target oilier skin. This loofah on a...
  • Long Handle Grip: 17" long-handled loofah back scrubber will wash even the hardest to reach places easing back & feet. The textured rubber...
  • Durable: Our Premium loofah bath scrubbers are coated to provide additional resistance to breakage allowing for a longer period of usage....
  • Value For Money: This body cleaning set includes a Loofah Back Scrubber with wooden handle, Loofah Pouf and Shower Hook. Our Loofah sponge...

Can't easily reach your back for proper scrubbing? This back scrubber is designed for you. The piece comes with a synthetic loofah plus a 17" ergonomic handle with the best grip so you can use it in wet and slippery conditions. The long handle makes it easier to scrub dirt and old skin cells to leave your hard-to-reach areas squeaky clean.

The loofah is infused with bamboo charcoal to exfoliate oily skin. Unlike other back scrubbers with weak sticks, this Yoove stick is coated, so you don't expect water damage. The stick also comes with a knitted loop for easy hanging and drying. The loofah pouf is available in different colors.


  • Great loofah for hard-to-reach areas
  • Infused with bamboo charcoal for better exfoliation
  • The coated stick will survive use in wet bathrooms
  • The synthetic loofah is available in different colors
  • Comes with a sturdy hanging loop
  • Ergonomic handle with good grip


  • The loofah pouf is not eco-friendly

6. YIQINGJIE Natural Loofah Sponge

Natural Loofah Sponge Exfoliating Body Scrubber (3 Pack),Made with...
  • [NATURAL MATERIAL]Loofah sponge pad is biodegradable. It is an organic, eco-friendly exfoliating body scrubber.Both men and women can use...
  • [HEALTHY CLEANSING]YIQINGJIE Natural Bath Loofah Exfoliating Pads can remove dead skin and deeply clean the skin and wipe away excess oil...
  • [EASY TO USE] Before bathing, immerse it in warm water to soften it and use it.The back is equipped with an elastic band and a comfortable...
  • [SIZE DESCRIPTION]Shower loofah sponge pad size:4.3-6.3 inches, The packaging bag is double sealed: 3 loofah sponge pads and 1small hook are...
  • [SERVING YOU]If you have any problems with our product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours and solve all...

If looking for effective scrubbing, these natural loofahs are your best buy. They are not made with harsh chemicals but with natural luffa fibers that are soft on your skin for exfoliation, blood circulation, and lathering.

The three pads are easy to hold as they come with an elastic band where you pass your hand through. In addition, due to the good grip, you will find it easy to scrub off old skin cells for younger and more radiant skin.

As this loofah is made with natural fibers, you will need to soak it in warm water before using it so the fibers can soften a bit. Then, you can hand them to dry with the hanging loop when done bathing. The set of three loofahs is affordable, portable, and eco-friendly.


  • Great size for easy holding
  • Easy to grip for exfoliation
  • Made with natural luffa fibers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Three affordable loofahs
  • Comes with a hanging loop


  • The fibers are very harsh on the skin unless softened in warm water
  • Could use better exfoliating features

7. Vusoset Natural Loofah Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Natural Loofah Exfoliating Back Scrubber for Shower Set (Large),...
  • [Natural Material] The body cleanse kit contains 1 back scrubber and 1 oval loofah sponge pads, made of natural loofah + ultra-fine towel...
  • [Multifunctional Loofah Back Scrubber] 4 X 31.5 inch(Without handle) extra long and wide design for complete coverage of the entire back....
  • [Loofah Sponge Pad] 5.5 X 7.2 inches, larger version. The front is made from a natural loofah and the back has an elastic band for easier...
  • [Method of use]: Soak in water for 1 minute, so that the loofah sponge full expansion of softening, and then coated with shower gel or soap,...
  • [Guarantee] We hope you are going to love this. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer you in 24hrs . If any defective...

This Vusoset back scrubber is ideal when you want to exfoliate your back deeply. With two handles on each end, you will only need to move it along your back for thorough coverage. In addition to the back scrubber, this package also comes with an oval loofah that is easy to hold for deep exfoliation on easy to reach areas.

While each of the two pieces comes with a loofah surface, the other side consists of a microfine cotton surface for a soft massage to enhance better blood flow. Before using any of the loofah surfaces, it is best to soak the pieces in warm water for a few minutes to soften the fibers.


  • Two multifunction loofahs
  • The best back scrubber for deep exfoliation
  • Easy to hold
  • Affordable
  • Natural loofah, thus not made with harmful chemicals
  • Easy to dry


  • Not ideal for sensitive skin unless you soak it to soften the fibers

8. Honoma Loofah Back Scrubber with Bristles

Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah,Back Scrubber Bath Mesh...
  • GUARANTEE: 120 days unconditional guarantee for confident purchase.If the item is defective in any way, please email us for helping.
  • MUNTI-FUNCTION LIKE HAVING DUAL BRUSHES IN ONE:Bristle and Loofah 2 in 1 Shower Back Scrubber. Use Any One Side You Like. Very Conveniently...
  • FOR WET OR DRY BRUSHING:Stimulates Blood Circulation; Remove Dead Skin And Toxins to Improves Skin Quality; for Men & Women Relieves Stress.
  • LONG HANDLE BRUSH:Curved Long Handle for Comfortable to Hold, Non-Slip.Extended Handle Allows You to Easily Clean Hard to Reach Areas Such...
  • EASY HANGING TO DRY:Convenient Hanging String and Hanging Hole Design. Just Rinse after Use and Hang the Brush Up by the Rope or the Hole...

This unit is your best accessory for scrubbing your back. It comes as a multifunction scrubber with one side made of soft bristles, while the other is made with loofah fibers. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip even when wet or slippery with soap.

Best for people struggling to reach the back or other areas, this accessory will not only leave you squeaky clean, but it will also enhance better blood circulation and remove dirt and other impurities. It is easy to clean and dry; it also comes with a hanging hole and string that will support the weight.


  • Soft bristles and loofah to open clogged pores, remove dirt, and exfoliate hard to reach areas
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a long, curved handle for bathing ergonomics
  • Non-slip handle
  • You can use it for 120 days before you need to replace
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a hanging string so you can hang it to dry


  • Synthetic loofah fibers
  • Loofah can come apart
  • Small loofah and brush

Benefits of Using the Best Loofah for Men

Wondering how a loofah can make your bathtime better and faster? Here are the main benefits you enjoy from this bathing accessory.

  1. A loofah is exfoliating. As your largest organ, the skin is exposed to all elements, getting dirty fast while also attracting imperfections like dryness and acne. As you need your skin to remain healthy, gentle exfoliation is imperative to eliminate dry skin and acne. Removing dead skin cells opens clogged pores for younger, smooth skin.
  2. A loofah saves your soap or wash. Since a loofah has an airy material, it forms a rich lather from a little amount of body wash, enough to wash your entire body. Thus, not only does the loofah remove dirt and open pores, but it also saves you the money you would need to replace your soap every often.
  3. It encourages better blood flow. When you use a loofah, you will leave the bathroom feeling clean and energized thanks to its gentle cleansing and massage.
  4. It is easy to use. The best loofah is designed to be easy to hold and use in the bathroom. Its texture means it won't slip off your hands as you scrub your body, while a back scrubber will also come with an ergonomic and grippy handle.
  5. It is affordable. When buying a loofah, you will often find many sellers selling a package with several loofahs. Thus, these packages not only save you money but also make it easier to replace each loofah after you've used it for about three weeks.

Potential Risks of Using the Best Loofah Shower Sponge

A loofah is so effective in the bathroom. But, the beloved soft loofah is porous, making it a great breeding ground for infectious bacteria.

Remember, you use the loofah to remove dead skin cells, and thanks to the porous design, these skin cells will lodge in the nooks and crannies. So, it would be best to observe the following care tips.

  1. Dry your loofah after every use. The first reason your loofah can house bacteria is if it never dries completely in between uses. Since you use it in the wet bathroom, it is great to have it dry in another dryer place after use, rather than the humid bathroom. So, after use, wring out most water using your towel, then hang it in another dry place to prevent bacterial growth.
  2. Do not use it after shaving. Even if you dry the loofah after each use, using it days after you shave can cause problems to the sensitive skin. Wait until the skin heals to scrub with the loofah.
  3. Avoid using it on your genital areas and face if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Clean it weekly. To remove the lodged dead skin cells, you will need to wash your loofah at least once a week. Luckily, you can find machine washable loofahs, but if not, we will share a few cleaning tips below.
  5. Replace your loofah every three weeks. You need to replace a natural loofah every three weeks, while a synthetic one can last as long as two months. Still, you need to observe the state of your loofah; if you notice mold growing after a few uses, you need to replace it then. In addition, you also need to look out for any odor. If you notice one, you also need to throw away the loofah immediately.

How to clean a loofah

You can use two methods to clean a loofah; in the washing machine or manually. If your loofah is machine washable, you can wash it with bleach but let it rinse thoroughly. Make sure to air dry it after every wash.

If you don't want to wash your loofah in the washing machine, you only need to;

  1. Rinse the soap off after use.
  2. Soak the loofah in a diluted bleach solution for several minutes.
  3. Rinse it several times, then leave it to dry in an airy place.

Factors to Consider for the Best Loofah for Men

Are you still unsure which loofah to get from our list of eight? Here are the factors you can consider for the best loofahs for men's skin.

a) Material

Loofahs come in three main materials;

  1. polythene plastic
  2. silicone
  3. natural loofah

When choosing the best loofah, you will want to know the following details about each material;

  • Polythene plastic loofahs, while soft, can be harsh on sensitive skin. In addition, the plastic loofahs are not antibacterial, so it is easier to find bacteria lodging between nooks and crannies.
  • Silicone loofahs are softer than plastic loofahs. In addition, these loofahs are antibacterial, hence easier to clean as they do not store dead skin cells after you finish showering.
  • A natural loofah is made from the fibers of the luffa fruit, hence, the most eco-friendly option. However, the material also easily stores dirt after you shower and can be harsh on sensitive skin.

b) Texture

A good loofah should be soft on your skin, whether you have smooth or rough skin. When buying, look for a fine grit that will not break your skin or cause any irritation as you shower.

c) Ease of cleaning

Wen buying a loofa, ensure it is easy to clean and dry every time you shower. Depending on the material and texture, your loofah for men's skin should not leave breeding grounds for bacteria. Silicone loofahs are easiest to clean as they do not absorb moisture, while synthetic and natural loofahs will have enough spaces for skin cells to lodge.

It might also be best to look for a machine washable loofah or one you can safely sterilize in the dishwasher once a week.

d) Ease of use

Apart from how soft a loofah is on your skin, you have to consider how easily you can use it in the bathroom. If you need a simple loofah, look for one that is big enough so you can easily grip it and scrub your body. Remember, you will use the loofah with your shower gel, so a small size will probably slip off as you scrub harder-to-reach areas.

Look for an ergonomic and slip-resistant handle when you want a soft loofah to scrub your back. For example, some loofahs can come with a dented wooden or plastic handle, while other scrubbers will come with two handles on each end so you can easily hold them with both hands to scrub your back.

Additionally, since you need to air dry your loofah after every bath, you need to look for convenient hanging features. Finally, the hanging loops need to be sturdy to carry the full weight of a wet loofah.

How to Use the Best Loofah for Men

Bought your best loofah? Here is how to use it to exfoliate and remove excess oils on your skin deeply.

Step 1. Soak the shower loofah in warm water to soften the fibers. This step is vital, so the exfoliating loofah does not irritate or break your skin.

Step 2. Pour some shower gel and form lather.

Step 3. Scrub your skin with the loofah. When done, rinse the loofah and hang it to dry in an airy place, preferably not the bathroom that will remain humid.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Loofah for Men

a) Are loofahs safe to use?

Yes, you can use loofahs to shower daily. However, while they are good for removing dirt, old skin cells, and other impurities, you will have to take great care of your loofah to ensure it does not breed bacteria that could cause infections.

For best results, you need to clean and sterilize your loofah weekly, and after every use, you need to leave it to dry in an airy place. It is best that you dry it outside the bathroom.

Then, it is also ideal that you replace your natural loofah every few weeks, so bacteria does not breed between the nooks and crannies.

b) Is a loofah hygienic?

A loofah is not the easiest to clean bathroom accessory. Even with its porous material, it may never dry completely unless you hang it to dry in a cool, airy place. The loofah would remain wet, especially when you leave it to dry in a humid bathroom after showering. To ensure your loofah is hygienic, you will need to dry it properly, clean, and sterilize it every week.

You will need a bleach solution to kill any present bacteria, then replace the loofah every three weeks.

c) Can a loofah eliminate back acne?

Since clogged pores and bacteria cause acne, you can trust loofahs to eliminate your acne through exfoliation. Also, keeping the loofah clean, dry, and sterilized will make it hard for any form of infectious bacteria to breed.

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