Top 7 Best Light Therapy Lamps Reviews in 2023

The light therapy lamp is an excellent accessory to compensate for the lack of light during cold seasons and its consequences: fatigue, stress, devolution …

In low season (autumn and more particularly winter), the sun goes down and it is not uncommon to see symptoms appear due to lack of light: stress, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances … The light therapy lamp is a superb ally to help you fight against its annoyances, in a completely natural way. Here are some models of light therapy lamps to favor.

List of 7 Best Light Therapy Lamps

1. Light Therapy Lamp, Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light

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UV-Free Light Therapy Lighting: Emulating the energy of a bright sunny day, the lamp provides the clinically recommended 10,000Lux for powerful light therapy

Elevates Your Mood: Increased concentration will affect your life positively and also aids combat symptoms associated with jet lag, and work shift, along with winter blues

3 Modes in Finger Touch: Pick the Utmost Effective brightness to your requirements at the touch of a finger

Mobile Design: Compact dimensions with foldable bracket leaves the lamp Effortless to store and hold; matches alongside your notebook, to the kitchen counter, in your cubicle desk, also anyplace

2. Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal, Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal, Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

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HappyLight Compact light therapy lamp provides you with a private light therapy encounter. The lightweight, small, and mobile HappyLight Compact supplies white light in the equivalent of around 10,000 lux with lengthier sessions – enabling you to enhance energy, enhance mood, modulate sleep, and improve your focus. The streamlined design is ideal for desktop, dorm, or any location where space is a priority!

3. Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp | As Seen On Shark Tank

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp | As Seen On Shark Tank

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Most adjustable lamp, easy to use: It is rotating lighting panel gives it exceptional versatility, enabling you to set, place and direct that the lamp in a way that optimizes your light therapy session. Our lamp is revolutionary, rapid one-touch performance makes it easy to use. No complex settings to mess up with. 3 degrees permits you to personalize the brightness to get the ideal efficiency and relaxation.

Effective brightness, full-spectrum, white light, uv-free: Gives the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness for powerful light treatment to help overcome the winter blues, modulate sleep, and fight fatigue, improve mood, and enhance focus. Our lamps create high quality lighting with the ideal attributes – Pure-white colour of the noonday sunlight (5500K), full-spectrum, and also totally free of undesirable UV rays.

4. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, UV-Free 10000 Lux LED Bright White Therapy Light

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, UV-Free 10000 Lux LED Bright White Therapy Light

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Sleek & Modern Shell Design: its own unique shell shape and 6500K colour temperatures also make it not just a light therapy product, but also an appealing focus in your House

Safe & UV-Free LEDs: Light intensity measured in lux ought to be 10,000 to mimic a bright sunny day. It provides natural light which increases your mood, improve focus

Flexible Length: Using 3 brightness levels (40% / 60% / 100%), you can set it to the best degree Based on the surroundings, space from the lamp, as well as your sensitivity with just a simple touch

5. Luminette 3 – World’s First Light Therapy Glasses

Luminette 3 - World's First Light Therapy Glasses

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Luminette 3 – It is for all those of you who have busy mornings and who do not have time to sit 30 minutes to 1 hour in front of their light therapy lamp for their daily session. Thanks to its ultra light compact and above all portable format, Luminette follows you wherever you go and allows authentic light therapy sessions even while you are mobile and free to move . It is thus possible to perform your light therapy treatment while indulging in other activities simultaneously! And if you want to go on a trip, know that a travel bag is included with the purchase!

These light therapy glasses operate on a rechargeable battery. But unlike the portable EnergyUp model from philips (HF3430), Luminette has a very high autonomy . While the EnergyUp lasted for about an hour at maximum power, we can use Luminette here for up to 5 transfers without having to recharge it! Let’s talk a bit about lighting: Luminette uses LED technology and provides homogeneous white and blue light of up to 1,500 lux (which is equivalent to the operating distance of 10,000 lux of white light). We will thus obtain a simulation of natural sunlight but without UV and infrared !

You will be able to choose from 3 degrees of light intensity (500, 1000 or 1500) the one that suits you best. At the risk of repeating itself, this functionality (which we do not find everywhere, it must be said!) Can be particularly appreciable, especially in the morning to avoid glare. Among the features, there is also a timer with signal to keep an eye on the duration of the sessions. Do you already wear glasses or contact lenses? Rest assured: Luminette’s patented lighting system is specially designed for a diffusion of light which does not impair vision and which limits glare. In addition, the interest of Luminette is that it best preserves your comfort and makes you able to devote yourself to something else while you are wearing it.

We might be concerned to impose such close proximity to our eyes with the intense lighting of a light therapy lamp. There is no reason to worry there again, since Luminette is classified as safe for the eyes (standard IEC 62471) and also has CE Medical certification . It is also subject to rigorous annual reviews by an independent inspection body (SGS).

Thanks to the ultra innovative format of Luminette, you can perform your light therapy sessions without being blocked when sitting behind a desk. With it you are free to perform other tasks in parallel! Interesting features, innovative technologies, visual comfort and high autonomy, what do people want?

6. Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp

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Combat mood problems because of sun deprivation, circadian sleep disorders, jet lag, shift work alteration and very low energy using all the Day-Light Classic: a more modern, unobtrusive bright light therapy lamp. Bright light therapy experts advocate BrightZone Technology that provides 10,000 LUX at a wide area of lighting.

Even the Day-Light Classic lamp stipulates the most dose of 99.3% UV-filtered white lighting and projects light from over for successful therapy. Prepare the light therapy lamp to get optimum results with angle and height adjustments. This mild satisfies the clinical recommendations for effective light therapy and provides two flicker-free configurations for either therapy or task lighting.

Bright Light Therapy is your most popular recommended remedy for combating mood swings because of sun deprivation. Clinical studies show bright light treatment to assist with circadian sleep disorders, PMS, jet lag and shift work modification and non-seasonal mood disorders. Which are the advantages? You will experience greater vitality, more optimistic moods and enhanced sleep patterns.

7. TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp

TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp

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Produce a Sunny Window Indoors: Mimics the Complete spectrum of lighting found in daytime, UV-free LED beams with a 10,000 lux strength to deliver 6500K lighting to help combat winter jet, jet lag, shift work & seasonal fluctuations

Ultra-Thin Layout: Lightweight & discreet 0.39in profile is super mobile, only slip to the provided protective storage tote & off you go

Rotatable Stand: Pivot the rack 90 levels for use in landscape or portrait & fix the opening angle between 40-100 amounts to place the light as best desired

How To Choose The Best Light Therapy Lamp?

Which power to choose?

The unit of measurement for light intensity is Lux . To fight against winter depression , mood and concentration disorders, disturbances of the biological clock, anxiety and sleep disorders (insomnia, late awakening), it is generally advisable to opt for a lamp at 10,000 Lux.

The more powerful the device, the faster it acts. Indeed, an exposure to a light therapy lamp at 10,000 Lux lasts half an hour , compared to almost two hours for a lamp at 2,500 Lux.

Some people are however hypersensitive to light and have side effects when exposed to intense light (headache, dizziness, nausea …). It’s up to you to find the intensity that suits you best. To avoid making mistakes, choose a dimmer lamp .

How sensitive are you to light?

If your eyes are easily dazzled and you apprehend the intense light, prefer a phototherapy lamp with a white or opaque diffuser . You will lose in distance (it will be necessary to expose as close as possible to the light source) but you will reduce glare , and at the same time migraines and dizziness for pleasant sessions and especially in continuity.

What configuration for your sessions?

If you wish to exercise an activity during your medical light therapy sessions , prefer a 10,000 Lux lamp at least 14 inches with a reflective support or additional bulbs which will improve its range and therefore its effectiveness at a good distance.

Some lamps are delivered with a roller support for more convenience. If portability is not a decisive criterion for you, there is no point in buying a portable lamp : they are generally much more expensive.

Is the full spectrum important?

The therapeutic contribution of the lamp comes from the brightness. The full spectrum guarantees better quality of light and the current state of scientific research in the field suggests that the full spectrum is beneficial for health .

However, be aware that a lamp that does not have this characteristic remains effective for treating the winter blues , circadian rhythm disorders and sleep disorders, provided that the triptych duration of exposure, light intensity and distance between the eyes and the lamp is respected.

However, it is known that the full spectrum presents simulated light closer to daylight. A non-whole spectrum will tend to turn yellow, increasing the risk of migraines and eyestrain .

In short, the full spectrum is a must, but given the price of the lamps that offer this attribute, doing without it is not a scandal.

Pay attention to compliance with current standards

Do not underestimate this point, it is about your health. Be sure to consider only light therapy lamps that meet European standards in this area. They are the only ones that present no danger to the user.

They are also easy to identify: they include the famous CE marking , more specifically the CE medical label (93/42 / EEC) which remains the main guarantee of reliability.

Some lamps also display the IP44 standard, this means that they do not fear splashing (they are not waterproof, however). The CE medical label also guarantees that the lamp has a high-performance filter that retains ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.

Please note: some manufacturers claim that UV rays are beneficial. We strongly advise against light therapy lamps that do not filter UV rays because of the obvious risk to health that they present.


Light therapy lamps are therefore superb accessories to improve your well-being and fight against the harmful effects of lack of light. Note that there are many different models such as the light therapy lamp with dimmer, desk or even wireless. You will definitely find the right for you!

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