Top 6 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviews in 2023

If you were looking for electric knife sharpener reviews you came to the right place. I’ve built this site specifically to look at knife sharpeners because I feel that they are a very valuable tool that will pay for themselves many times over throughout the course of their lifetimes.

While on the homepage I have compiled a database of different knife sharpening products to make it easy to compare them to each other, on this page specifically I want to focus on the most popular electric knife sharpeners.

List of 6 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

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This knife sharpener comes up any time electric knife sharpeners are discussed. It is considered, at least currently, to be as close to perfect value as you can get in the middle price range.

It is extremely consistent, mainly because it’s so easy to use. This makes it very accessible to beginners who are trying to be more involved in the kitchen. As with most electric sharpeners it can handle just about any type of knife, serrated included, and has a solid 3 year warranty.

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The only ‘complaint’ about the Trizor XV is that it will take off a substantial amount of material if you use it on a knife too often. As long as you don’t overdo it however it shouldn’t be a major issue.

2. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Presto Eversharp is the ultimate electric sharpener for cheap. BUT you need to know that it does not work with serrated knives. If you need an economical option for serrated knives move on to #3.

As far as quality of the sharpening goes it’s more than you could ask for from such an affordable option. Obviously it won’t be as good as the leading mid-range models, but it is actually just about as good as some of the worse mid-range models, for a heck of a lot less out of your pocket. All in all this is a good product if you have a lot of regular edge knives, but if you plan on sharpening expensive or exotic knives at all it would be a good idea to move a step up in price range.

3. Chef’sChoice 0220100 Electric Knife Sharpener, 2-Stage

Chef'sChoice 0220100 Electric Knife Sharpener, 2-Stage

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When you’re looking at electric knife sharpeners two companies always come up at the head of the pack, Chef’s Choice and Presto. That’s why it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that the next highest rated sharpener is another Chef’s choice model, the 220 Hybrid Diamond sharpener.

The biggest difference between this and #1? This sharpener was made for people who wanted a more economical model. It may not be 100% as good, but still does a very good job.

Just like the Trizor sharpener it can handle serrated knives along with most other kinds. The reason it’s called a hybrid sharpener is that it has 2 slots that are electric powered, which contain diamond abrasive wheels, but it also has one slot with a manual hone to use as needed.

There’s our electric knife sharpener reviews, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of our recommendations, if so let us know. If you’re looking for more electric knife options, there are several contained in the comparison table on the homepage.

4. Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

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Wall Street Journal rated as the “best overall” knife sharpener in 2007. In my opinion it is one of the best rated knife sharpeners on the market. This breakthrough sharpener is the complete package. It can sharpen straight, serrated, pocketknife, European, Santuko and kitchen knives in seconds. It comes in three stages. Stage one provides a 100% abrasive diamond sharpener to quickly sharpen the edges. Stage 2 will create the microscopic teethes to give your knives the bite by sharpening with miniature steel. Unlike stropping with a leather belt, stage 3 provides a flexible stropping to polish the knife with a hair splitting finish.

5. Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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This sharpener received the seal of approval from Handyman Club of American Magazine. Eventhough it is model before 130, it still provides a punch as an all-purpose sharpener. Like its predecessor, it comes with what Chefs Choice called “precision elastomeric guide” which essentially is self-guided sharpener that will adjust to the knives proper sharpening angle. It comes in three stages. Stage one and two incorporates diamond coating into the sharpening disks. Stage three will polish knife back to factory level sharpness.

6. Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

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Considered by many to be the world most versatile knife sharpener. With its precision guide, it has the ability to sharpen your knives at the perfect angle every time from a 15 degree for most Asian knives and 20 degree for European and American knives. It comes in three stages that will sharpen, hone and polish the knife back to its original form.

How To Sharpen A Knife

From cutting boxes to small tree branches, I’m sure many of you readers can agree that one of the knife that gets the most beating is the pocket knife. Because of its flexibility and small size, their edge can dull up from wear and tear. Everyone has their own approach to sharpening a pocket knife, whether it is something your father have taught you or a clip you learned from YouTube, at the end of the day, if it is sharp, that is all we care about. Below are two different methods on how to sharpen a pocket knife with some tools you may have already at your disposable or may consider to get.

  • Choose a rod sharpener of your choice, both ceramic and diamond steel works just fine
  • Securely hold the rod steel out or rest the head against a stable surface at a 45 degree angle for more stability.
  • Hold the pocket knife’s edge at approximately 15 degree angle against the rod steel and push the knife out from the heel to the tip.
  • Sharp each side 5 – 10 times until satisfaction
  • Clean knife with cloth Whetstone
  • Make sure your whetstone is on a solid stable surface
  • Choose the level grit of your preference
  • Prep your whetstone by soaking it in water for at least five minutes or if you’re in a rush, splash some water to the sharpening surface
  • With the knife bevel flat securely flat against the whetstone, lightly push the knife through the stone as if you’re shaving a piece of the surface. As you’re pushing the knife, draw the knife out to make sure it sharpens the tip too.
  • Sharp each side 5 – 10 times until satisfaction
  • Clean the knife and whetstone. (Some manufacturers may recommend oiling the whetstone after usage

Sharpening A Serrated Knife

Sharpening a serrated knife can seem daunting and time consuming but it doesn’t have to. On here we will cover two different methods on to how to sharpen serrated knife using both manual and automatic methods.Manually Sharpening Depending on your experience level, this process can take 5 – 10 minutes in our test.

  • First, purchase a steel or ceramic rod sharpener
  • Placing the rod in the groove with light pressure, slowly grind AWAY from the blade at a 25 degree angle to avoid injuries.
  • Continue to grind every groove on the knife
  • On a whetstone or leather sheet, just how you would sharpen a straight edge knife, grind away the blunt with approximately 5 – 10 strokes.
  • Clean the knife with a clean cloth to remove any micro metal residues.

This is not a process that you can quickly rush through. It takes time and a very methodical and precise concentration to get the razor sharp edge like a professional. For more, please see the video below for more visual demonstration.

Automatic Sharpener

This is by far the easiest process. It took us literally only 1 – 2 minutes to finish sharpening one.

  • Choose an electric sharpener approved for serrated knife sharpening. See here for our list.
  • With the power on, place the bottom of the knife in the first stage and slowly pull towards you.
  • Continue to sharpen 2 -3 times on each side for stage 1.
  • On stage 2, repeat the same process of sharpening each side 2 – 3 times to hone the knife.
  • Rinse or wipe the knife clean
Instead of focusing on sharpening every single groove on the knife, with the correct electric knife sharpener, it will adjust itself to give the serrate knife the perfect angle every single time.


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