Best Dishwasher for Hard Water in 2023

Washing dishes can be annoying especially when having to deal with the effect of hard water stains. Although dishwashers are like powerful assistants to help reduce the burden of kitchen work, not all are effective in washing the dishes with hard water. Besides, hard water is known to ruin the quality of dishes. So if you are using a dishwasher that doesn't work well with hard water, then it's time to invest in the best dishwasher for hard water that works perfectly and keeps your plates and dishes clean.

Which Dishwasher is the Best for Hard Water?

Why Would You Need a Dishwasher for Hard Water?

A dishwasher is a machine that you t clean cutlery and dishware automatically. Unlike hand dishwashing which usually relies on physical scrubbing to get rid of soiling, a dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water, between 45 and 75 °C, at the dishes, with lower temperatures designed for fragile items. A dishwasher detergent and water mix are pumped to one or more rotating sprayers, washing the dishes with the washing mixture. The mixture is usually recirculated t save energy and water. Moreover, there is a pre-rinse, which might or might not include detergent, then the water is drained.

Most dishwashers for hard water have an integrated water softener, to which you add the dishwashing salt. With this feature, it deals effectively with the hard water effects. Besides saving water and electricity, it ensures health for you and the entire family by eliminating bacteria on the dishes. Now that we understand the importance of a dishwasher for hard water let's look at the best models on the market.

1. Danby Countertop Dishwasher with Quiet Operation, DDW621WDB

Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher with 6 Place Settings, 6 Wash...
  • Compact space saving countertop dishwasher
  • Easy Set Up: The quick connect feature is compatible with most kitchen faucets. Wattage 680 Watts and Amperage 5.7 Amps
  • Energy Saver: Energy Star compliant and low water consumption of up to 3.1 gallons of water (11.7L) per wash to help save you money
  • Roomy Interior: 6 place setting capacity with a silverware basket and durable stainless-steel interior
  • Quiet Operation: Maintain ambiance in the kitchen with this quiet dishwasher that operates at 52db, less than a normal conversation

Danby Countertop DDW621WDB Dishwasher is suitable for most families' kitchen faucets. Also, when it comes to installation, this machine is easy to install and is compatible with most kitchen taps. So, you don't require any additional converters or change the water supply nozzle system. Moreover, the Danby dishwasher features six convenient cleaning cycles, including normal wash, economical, glass wash, thorough cleaning, quick and soak. So it depends on the bowl type and its dirt level; you can choose the cycle you want.

The dishwasher is energy-saving with Energy Star compliant. It also has a low water consumption of about 3.1 gallons of water per wash. The machine has a roomy interior with a silverware basket as well as a durable stainless steel tubs interior. Moreover, the dishwasher maintains ambiance in the kitchen operating at 52 dB. Conversely, the spray arm housing combined with the enhanced filter makes cleaning more efficient.


  • Features six washing programs for you to choose from
  • Compatible with virtually all kitchen taps
  • Energy-efficient and low water consumption dishwasher
  • Offer advanced wash efficiency with new filter and spray arm


  • The tilt bracket is a bit hard to remove

2. BLACK+DECKER Compact Countertop Dishwasher, BCD6W

BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings,...
  • 7 SUPERIOR WASH CYCLES: With this incredible BLACK+DECKER portable dishwasher, you find the right wash cycle that works for you and your...
  • LED DISPLAY: Set your wash cycle and time with ease thanks to this intuitive dish washer LED display. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate...
  • QUICK CONNECT: Hook up your must-have white dishwasher with a seamless Quick Connect assembly, hooking right up to the faucet. No need for...
  • IMPRESSIVE CAPACITY: This dishwasher portable ensures you can fit up to 6 place settings at one time. Plates, bowls, saucers, mugs, cups,...
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN: The interior of this spacious portable dishwasher is stainless steel, guaranteeing immaculately cleaned dishes after...

Black +Decker Countertop Dishwasher comes in different colors to choose from. Though compact, you can install this machine in six different positions. So, it's suitable for cleaning different types of dishes and perfect for family parties. Conversely, the dishwasher has seven different cleaning programs for you to choose from. The cycles are intense, 90 mins, fast, soak, eco, and glass. Plus, it has an LED display allowing you to set your time and wash cycle with ease.

The 24-hour pre-timer of this machine enables it to operate even when you're not around. Nonetheless, the cleaning effect is much enhanced when you wash dishes thoroughly before putting them in the machine. Besides, one of the features that make this machine exceptional is the child lock. This feature usually protects your kid while they're playing in the kitchen area.


  • Features child lock making it safe for children
  • Energy efficiency
  • Features six washing programs for you to choose from
  • Easy installation


  • Quite noisy when operating

3. Kapas Portable Countertop Dishwasher with Built-in 3-Cups Water Tank

Portable Countertop Dishwasher, 5 Washing Programs, Built-in 3-Cups...
  • Build- in Lights Function, Portable Size: 16x16x17.5(H) inch, 26.4 LB Net Weight, Convenient Dishwasher can fit a Variety of Dishes (up to...
  • Multi Washing Programs: Six Wash Programs - Standard, Quick, Strong, ECO, Fruit and DRY. Lower and Upper Spray Arms give Dishes that...
  • Easy-To-Use Control Panel: The LED Digital Controls show a Clear Picture-View of Wash Controls and the Automatic Water Level Indicator Lets...
  • Two Channel Filling up Water from Tank & Hose : If you want the Advantage of Portability and Storage, This Dishwasher gives you the Two...
  • Detergents: Pods, Liquid or Powder Detergents are All Acceptable and It's Recommended to only Use Detergent Tablets When Running Long Cycles...

Kapas Portable Countertop Dishwasher provides you with a cleaning option in quick, strong, standard, ECO, fruit and dry options with six cleaning modes. The washing arms usually work simultaneously to offer you a thorough and streak-free cleaning. Conversely, it comes with a built-in tank that you can fill with water for cleaning purposes. Besides, this feature supports the portability factor and allows you to wash the dishes wherever and whenever. Moreover, the hose attachment with the kitchen faucet is an optional feature suitable to set up too.

The tall design of this dishwasher provides different items to fit in for washing, and it can fit about 12 inches of plates in the holder. It also includes a fruit basket for your fruits and vegetables. The easy-to-use LED control panels to display the electronic controls to choose the washing options from. Additionally, the LED panel shows the water level in the built-in tank so you can know when you need a refill.

The machine supports all dishwasher detergent types and pods for washing and rinses aid. Nonetheless, detergent tablets are recommended for long cleaning cycles only. Conversely, the high internal temperature heating in this machine thoroughly sanitizes your kids' bottles properly, keeping hygiene in check. Moreover, the intense temperature helps to dry the plates and dishes rapidly.


  • Features six cleaning programs for you to choose from
  • Comes with a built-in water tank
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Compact and size design


  • Quite noisy when operating

4. Farberware Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher, FDW05ASBWHA

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher with...
  • QUALITY CONTROL NOTE All dishwashers are factory tested to ensure proper operation As a result it is normal for small amounts of residual...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This convenient dishwasher can fit a variety of dishes (up to 12-inches in diameter at an angle) and is ideal for...
  • NO HOOKUPS NEEDED: If you want the advantage of portability and storage, this dishwasher gives you the choice to fill the built-in tank so...
  • FIVE WASHING PROGRAMS: You'll get full size dishwasher cleaning in a countertop sized compact unit that offers five wash programs - Normal,...
  • STEAM: Steam generated during the Baby Care cleaning cycle can be used to sanitize baby bottles and give glassware a sparkling clean finish

Another compact dishwasher from Farberware is the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Countertop Dishwasher. So if you have small machine installation space, this is the dishwasher to go for; very suitable for kitchens with limited space. The machine is very portable and has lightweight making it suitable for camping and vacations. You won't need to buy additional water hooks with this dishwasher since the unit comes with a built-in flask. So when buying the machine, it comes with a water hose that connects directly to the kitchen faucet. However, you will need an adapter under particular circumstances.

The dishwasher comes with five washing programs suitable for every kind of tool you need to clean. You can set regular, fast washing, washing glasses, washing baby food utensils, and using the fruit cleaning cycle to clean the fruits. The cycle allows you to clean the dishes in 40 minutes or less. Moreover, the dishwasher comes with an additional feature: the steam mode in the baby care cycle, which usually steps in sterilizing your baby's bottle and dishes; plus, this model is suitable for washing the glass and making it shinier.

The drying process of this machine is something worth mentioning. Once you rinse the dishes, the air exchange function will help you enhance drying performance and reduce odor on your dishes. This function is usually integrated into any program.


  • Features five washing programs for you to choose from
  • Compact design for limited kitchen space
  • Comes with steam mode for a shiny look on dishes and glasses
  • Offer effective drying and deodorizing


  • Lack drying function after washing

5. Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Professional Countertop Dishwasher

Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop...
  • Dimensions: Depth - Door Shut (with Handle): 21.7". Depth - Door Shut (without Handle): 20". Depth With Door Open 90 Degrees: 29"....
  • Six-place setting: the six-place setting capacity allows you to wash a variety of dishes (up to 10-inches in diameter) and includes folding...
  • Quick installation: Features a quick connect assembly with accessories and adapters included to easily connect directly to your faucet
  • Seven washing programs: you'll get full size dishwasher cleaning in a countertop sized compact unit that offers seven wash programs - heavy,...
  • Extra-drying function: this feature adds extra heat to the final rinse to enhance drying results, but can only be used with the following...

You can count on the Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Professional Countertop Dishwasher if you're looking for the best dishwasher for hard water that's portable and has a compact size. This dishwasher is ideal for small spaces such as dormitories or apartments. Also, it brings tidiness to your kitchen. Additionally, the machine is easy to install since it's compatible with most kitchen faucets when it comes to installation. Plus, the include will help you with that since it offers the ability to connect accessories quickly.

The dishwasher has seven different washing programs for you to choose from. It also includes a 45-minute wash, light, heavy, normal, glass, baby care and automatic cleaning mode. The machine is suitable for discs about 10 inches in height. The fruit washing and taking care of the baby is one of the things that makes this dishwasher special. Thanks to the fruit washing cycle, it usually allows you to clean your baby's dishes and wash all your fruits and vegetables effortlessly.

The dishwasher features a hot water mode, which creates steam, increasing cleaning efficiency, ensuring safety since the hot steam cleans the surface and kills bacteria on the machine's surface. However, the dishwasher is tiny, so it might be tricky to clean loads of dishes simultaneously. Also, the price tag is a bit high.


  • Compact and size design
  • Features seven washing programs for you to choose from
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with hot water mode and is compatible with kitchen faucet
  • Features silverware


  • It's tricky to wash loads of dishes at the same time.

How to Clean a Dishwasher for Hard Water?

1. Clean the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher's tub. The effective way to do it is by removing it first (some models need to be unscrewed first). Next, rinse it with hot water while cautiously scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. Besides, adding special dishwashing detergent will help the process.

2. Next, get a dishwasher-safe glass and fill it with white vinegar, although not to the brim. Put the glass on the top rack of your empty dishwasher and run a usual washing cycle.

3. When done with the vinegar stage, add traditional baking soda to the tub's floor, then run a short cycle.

4. Avoid using the dishwasher that's now fresh clean until the next day. Also, leave the door open overnight. The door will vent the odors from the cleaning agents and eliminate the traces of hard water build-up.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dishwasher for Hard Water?

1. Doesn't consume a lot of electricity

Averagely; a desktop r built-in dishwasher usually consumes less than 0.5 kWh f electricity while other models consume about 1 kWh. Compared to the quantity of work that a dishwasher can handle, this is fair electricity consumption. On the other hand, washing the dishes by hand will take up to 30 minutes for the same amount of dishes. Usually, the size and number of items that need cleaning will be proportional t the electricity consumption. Besides, the power consumption is usually much lower than that of other household appliances.

2. The Best dishwasher for hard water consumes less water.

Most tests have proven that the same amount of dishes for a typical meal with different contaminants like grease and oil if washed by hand, will take you up to 20 liters of water to clean effectively. Nonetheless, with the same amount of dishes with the same impurities, the best dishwasher for hard water has proven to be more economical when using water. It uses about 5-12 liters, depending on the machine.

3. A dishwasher saves more time.

Hand washing dishes will take you about 15 to 30 minutes. So, on average, every day for a year, it will take you about 182 hours. With the best dishwasher for hard water, however, the problem will be solved. You will have more free time for your daily routine and your family.

4. Safe and convenient 

Most of the best dishwashers are designed using high durability and safety materials, like stainless steel coated with powder coating. These materials are good heat resistance. Conversely, the dishwasher is easy to use. The dishwasher with lots of intelligent and modern functions and clear captions will help young children and older people use it without any issue. Moreover, dishwashers with different sizes and designs can suit a household with large to small spaces.

5. Ensure health for the entire family

Washing dishes by hand, no matter how careful or how many times you rinse it, it's not completely clean because bacteria often lurk in dishcloths or towels. Conversely, the dishwasher can get rid of these risks. The best dishwashers for hard water have bacterial functions that will keep the dishes clean and ensure hygiene and health for your entire family.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Dishwasher for Hard Water

1. Size

The dishwasher size is a vital consideration since the available kitchen space influences the decision. Most dishwashers come with a standard width of 24 inches. Therefore, taking precise measurements of the space, you intend to install the machine is crucial. If you don't want to make any drastic modifications, we recommend recording the available space measurements and working with them.

2. Design

The interior design and flexibility of the dishwasher are essential to consider. Features such as a third rack make washing effective and more convenient. A third rack usually offers you more options to wash your precious silverware and opens up space for more bowls and plates in the lower rack. In addition, moveable tines, silicon fasteners for wine glasses, baby bottle guides and height-adjustable racks will offer you meaningful convenience each time you load and unload.

Adjustable height racks with smooth movement, foldable tines and well-placed silverware jets are handy features that do washing and placing silverware away much more manageable. Moreover, don't forget a stainless-steel interior tub with longevity and better soundproofing is a better option than a plastic tub that is prone to stains.

Also, you want a dishwasher with an excellent exterior too. Manufacturers are making a wide range of finishes and visual designs, from fingerprint-resistant doors to classic and black stainless steel and everything in between.

3. Materials

The best dishwasher for hard water features a stainless steel tub. This material resists rust and is effortless to clean. Some models, however, feature a hybrid interior that combines both plastic and stainless steel materials. As a result, they have stain-masking and protection. Conversely, racks often come with a nylon coat for additional durability.

4. Reliability

A beautiful and powerful dishwasher is useless if it's going to break down a few months of use. Therefore, we recommend you pay attention to reliability when buying the best dishwasher. Most reliable dishwasher brands provide dishwasher machines that will last in your kitchen for an extended period.

For your dishwasher to last longer, it is essential to maintain it properly. Crucial parts, including the filter, dishwasher detergent or detergent dispenser, the spray washing arms and the rinse aid dispenser, can get clogged with food particles, grease. Hard water build-ups to the point where they fail to work and may not effectively clean your dishes. You, therefore, need to clean them regularly.

5. Filtration

We recommend looking for a dishwasher that comes with stainless steel filters and several-sate filtration systems. Even without eliminating all salt irons, an excellent filtration mechanism usually softens the effect on your dishes.

6. Washing cycles and options

Various dishwashers feature different options of cycles. Standard models have about 14-16 processes and several modifying options. As such, a great model eliminates any lime deposits that result from washing dishes in a dishwasher with hard water.

7. Quietness

Modern dishwashers usually have longer wash cycles mainly due to the energy start system standards requiring less energy and clean water to run. With all the extra washing hours, you don't want t experience the disturbing machine noise when washing the dishes. Therefore, the noise level is an essential consideration for your comfort.

Nowadays, the noise levels of dishwasher machines range between 38 dB and 60 dB. So anything below 50 dB is good, and 45 dB and below is superb and recommendable.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Dishwasher for Hard Water

1. Should you pre-rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?

Pre-rinsing dishes are unnecessary because modern dishwashers are designed to detect food particles, and dishwashing detergents are fabricated to attach to particles. In addition, Pre-rinsing will be wasting your water. So, as long as you have a modern dishwasher and are always clean, you don't need to pre-clean your dishes. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you should put casserole dishes in the dishwasher that have food left in them, but you don't need to clean your dishes totally before putting them in the dishwasher, either.

2. What are the negative effects of hard water?

When the dishwasher works effectively with hard water to clean dishes, the parts that the water passes through are left with insoluble carbonate salts that stick and usually become thicker every day. So, if you see faint white stubborn stains on the surface of glassware, porcelain enamel, or stainless steel, it's a sign t know that hard water has already formed on your dishwasher. And if this situation is long-term, it will be challenging to get rid of yellow stains on your dishes.

Furthermore, the engine of the dishwasher is also covered with a limescale layer from the hard water, which can easily damage the engine. The dishwasher's efficiency will reduce, reducing soap's capability to foam when cleaning dishes resulting in a waste of water, electricity and washing oil. So, you must know how to choose the best dishwashers for hard water and invest in a water softener for your machine to last longer.

3. Can hard water ruin a dishwasher?

Hard water usually has a high magnesium and calcium level that is too challenging for the regular detergent to get rid of food particles from dishes causing clogging of heating components which causes spotting on glasses or other shiny surfaces. Also, hard water limits soap's capability to do the job. Moreover, a dishwasher's heating component can be destroyed by hard water, which results in spots and crusted-over surfaces.

The issue of spotting and crusted-over heating components could be caused by hard water, which has total magnesium, calcium and other minerals at 121 milligrams per liter or 7 grains per gallon. Hard water leads to the spots on your dishes and diminishes how well it cleans them.

4. How long does a dishwasher for hard water last?

The average working expectancy is 9 t 10 years. However, how long should you expect your machine t last? For example, if you spot a calcium scale on the bottom and use a cup of vinegar in a single cycle, your unit will last 7 to 12 years.

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