Best Dish Drying Mat With Style & Functionality

Washing and drying with a dishcloth have been the order of the day for a long time. However, it can sometimes be a tasking chore to do it all by yourself. A dish drying rack can be a life savior, especially if you don't have the time to spare to dry dishes with a cloth. Furthermore, a full-sized rack and the best dish drying mat will let your dishes dry until you can store them.

What is the Most Recommended dish drying mat?

What Is A Dish Drying Mat?

A dish drying mat is a piece of absorbent material that helps to dry dishes faster. Dish drying mats are a great way to dry dishes and especially in small spaces. A dish dryer mat saves counter space, mainly if you have limited counter space. Furthermore, some dish drying mats have antibacterial properties.

A drying mat also saves time when you have other chores to finish. Of course, you can always leave your utensils to dry and complete other chores as well. Purchasing the best dish drying mats is also essential because some dish drying mats promote the growth and transfer of dangerous bacteria. Furthermore, they might hold only a few dishes.

A good drying mat is an excellent choice for your counter space. It absorbs excess water and is also dishwasher safe. The best dish drying mat should not chip or put a dent in your dishes. A simple dish towel can get most of the excess water off but not really dry your dishes. Furthermore, storing your dishes half-dry will leave them smelling musty and damp.

Not to mention, the number of bacteria which reside in warm and damp places will transfer to all your dishes. Therefore, a good drying dish mat is an excellent choice because it can hold up to four times its weight in water. Additionally, we have compared and compiled the top 5 best dish drying mats for your counter, along with their pros and cons.

Best Dish Drying Mat

1) Norpro Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat, Grey (359G), Pack of...
  • The perfect solution for every kitchen countertop! Ideal to replace dish towels on the counter when handwashing pots, pans, dishes,...
  • This unique design holds 4 times its weight in water by combining a thin layer of foam between two high quality, extremely absorbent,...
  • Dries faster than ordinary dish towels.
  • Provides cushion for delicate dishes and stemware. Also protects your counter from scratches and scuffs when placed under small appliances.
  • Includes a sewn in hangtab to the side of the mat, to hang up mat to dry. Can also be folded for easy storage.

Made with super-absorbent microfiber material, this dish drying mat is the best dish drying mat for large and small spaces. Furthermore, it is an awesome way to replace any of your dish towels and keep your countertops dry. In addition, you can use a dish drying mat under a dish rack to keep your countertop dry.

After it absorbs all surplus water and catches any runoff, you can always hang it up to dry. The hang tab sewn on the edge makes it easier to dry the mat. The dryer mat is also machine washable. In addition, if you have delicate dishes, this mat is equipped with cushioning to prevent breaking or cracking. Furthermore, it is easy to store.

This microfiber drying mat also offers easy storage. It is easy to fold and store the Norpro microfiber mat. A single drying mat can hold four times its weight in water and doesn't take long to dry. Not only can you air dry it, but it is also a cushiony microfiber drying mat to protect delicate dishes. Furthermore, it protects your countertop from scratches and scuffs.


  • Water-absorbent
  • Dries faster
  • Easy to store
  • Protects the counter
  • Long-lasting
  • Doesn't leak
  • Beautiful
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip surface


  • Stinks if not washed

2) OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat

OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat, Large (Gray)
  • Sized to fit large items such as 12″ frying pans, platters, salad bowls and more
  • Unique ribbed design helps dry items by maximizing drainage and aeration
  • Soft, non-slip surface protects delicate items like stemware and is easy-to-clean
  • Flexible silicone Mat can be rolled up or hung for storage
  • Made of food-safe silicone

This heat-resistant, double-duty dish drying mat also functions as a trivet. It is heat-resistant up to 4250F. The ribbed design on this silicone dish drying mat optimizes drainage so that even easily breakable dishes dry safely. Furthermore, you get stress-free storage because it is easier to fold and store this dish drying mat.

In addition, you can also throw it into the washing machine to get rid of any mineral deposits. Furthermore, this silicone dish drying mat is made of food-grade silicone. This means it is safe for drying dishes. In addition, it offers a clean and modern look to your kitchen. The mat simply rests on any human-sized kitchen countertop.

Additionally, it is a large-sized mat that can hold large pots, pans, or salad bowls. It can also comfortably fit under your drying rack to catch any runoff water. It has a non-scratch surface that is perfect for delicate dishes, china or wine glasses. The full-size microfiber mat air dries your utensils until you are ready to put them away.


  • Machine washable
  • Large size
  • Non-scratch
  • Modern look
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes less room


  • Water lodges in the ridges

3) S&T INC. Dish Mat

S&T INC. Absorbent, Reversible Microfiber Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen,...
  • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water and radiates moisture from point of origin to keep countertops dry
  • Cushions delicate dishes and stemware and is reversible for convenience and optimal performance
  • Catches drips under a dish rack or place pots, pans, serve ware and glassware directly on the mat
  • Protects your counter from scratches and scuffs when placed under small appliances such as a mixer or blender
  • Highly durable and machine washable in cold water with liquid detergent - tumble dry low

Made with super absorbent microfiber material, this drying mat is one of the best dish drying mats. Furthermore, it keeps your countertop dry because the cushioning foam absorbs water quickly. In addition, both sides of the dish drying mat are made of microfiber material. This gives you double drying capacity and a dry countertop every time.

The cushioning in this microfiber dish drying mat is perfect for delicate stemware and dishes. Furthermore, you can easily place it under your dish drying rack to collect any water. Additionally, it is a multipurpose mat because you can place it under your kitchen appliances. This will prevent your countertops from marking or scuffing.

If your reversible dish drying mat gets dirty, you can easily throw it into the washing machine. Later you can also hang it out to air dry. Storage is also easy because you can fold it up, and it can store with your other dishcloths. Additionally, it absorbs tons of water on your counter or kitchen sink. Lastly, the mats exist in multiple colors.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to store
  • Fast-drying
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip surface
  • Good quality


  • Prone to mildew

4) Umbra UDRY Rack And Dish Microfiber Mats

Umbra 330720-354 UDRY Rack and Microfiber Dish Drying Mat-Space-Saving...
  • DISH DRYING RACK & MAT IN ONE: Umbra’s UDRY combines a dish drying rack and dish drying mat in one so you can neatly stack and organize...
  • SUPER-ABSORBENT MICROFIBER MAT: The perfect blend of form and function, UDRY's microfiber mat absorbs water from drying dishes while at the...
  • REMOVABLE DISH RACK TRAY: Versatile and durable, the molded plastic (BPA-free) dish drainer tray can be secured to the middle or side of the...
  • FOLDS FOR EASY, COMPACT STORAGE: The lightweight, low-profile design of this small dish drying rack looks great on your counter-top and...
  • DESIGNED BY DAVID GREEN FOR UMBRA: Another kitchen gadgets innovation from Umbra, UDRY is an easy to use, easy to clean, all-in-one dish...

This BPA-free plastic rack and dish mat are essential for your kitchen counter. It is a dish rack coupled with a dish drying mat. You can now place your plates in a vertical stack or air dry them on the mat portion. Furthermore, you can also detach the rack portion if you only want to use the mat portion. This is very convenient because dish racks can be an eyesore.

When not in use, the dish rack and mat can be folded and kept away. Furthermore, the mat is low-profile and doesn't take up much space on the kitchen counter. The sleek appearance makes it barely noticeable on the counter unless it has dishes on it. Additionally, the detachable rack is large and holds a good amount of dishes.

The microfiber mat absorbs a lot of water from any wet dishes. At the same time, it protects your countertop from any scratching from dishes, pots and pans. Additionally, you don't have to worry about any water stains or mineral buildup on your counter. Finally, it is easy to put it in your washing machine when you need to wash it.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Value for money
  • Removable dish rack
  • Large
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbent


  • Doesn't dry easily

5) Bellemain Microfiber Dish Mat

XXL Dish Mat 24" x 17" (Largest MAT) Microfiber Dish Drying Mat, Super...
  • EASILY FITS A FULL SINK OF DISHES | STOP USING TWO DISH MATS WHEN ONE WILL DO: Most dish-drying mats are too small to hold your big pots and...
  • THICKEST, STYLISH MAT | INNOVATIVE HONEYCOMB WEAVE: Keep your counter spotless even while washing a sink full of dishes. Our superbly...
  • KEEP YOUR ANTIQUE GLASSWARE SAFE: Our stylish mat protects your counter from scuffs and scratches while also keeping your most prized...
  • QUICK-DRY HANG TAG | EASY STORAGE: Our manufacturing process creates naturally strong and durable dish-drying mats. Fold up and toss in a...
  • CUSHION, SHIELD, DRY | 3-PLY DESIGN: The microfiber outer shell slurps up 4x its weight in moisture, while the laminate foam core resists...

This microfiber dish drying mat is stylish, not to mention an easy-to-use addition to your kitchen. Furthermore, the outer shell absorbs up to four times its weight in water. The foam layer is laminated at the core to ensure no smells emanate from a wet foam layer. Furthermore, it keeps clean dishes dry and fresh for a long.

Your delicate dishes will be safe from cracking or chipping. The laminated foam offers superior cushioning for all your delicates. It also protects your countertop from damage like unsightly scratches. Because of its large size, you can clean up quickly even when you have a big event or use a lot of dishes.

Last but not least, you can actively wash this mat because it is dishwasher safe. Furthermore, it has a reversible design which comes in handy. Thus, you can use the mat both ways, and each time you won't have any dripping from the mat. It is also easy to dry. It only needs to be hung up to air dry. Furthermore, the honeycomb weave pattern also enhances drying time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Super absorbent
  • Well-made
  • Perfect size
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Drying Mat

Usually, dish drying racks don't go with the décor in most kitchens. They are large and generally off-putting, especially if they are full of dishes waiting to dry. Additionally, they are a necessary evil we have all come to rely on. However, there are alternatives such as drying mats. Furthermore, they combine beauty and functionality. Here are some things you need to consider:

a) Cleaning

Most drying mats can go for a while without needing to be washed. However, when the time comes, they do have to be washed. Furthermore, a dirty dish mat harbors all kinds of harmful bacteria. However, when you need to wash your dish map, you should pick a cleaning method that is suitable for you.

Most microfiber mats will be okay being tossed into a washing machine. This is because their design can accommodate a couple of cycles in a washing machine. On the other hand, silicone mats do well in a dishwasher. Furthermore, you can also hand wash silicone mats. However, dish racks can also be hand-washed when they accumulate mineral deposits.

b) Material

As our drying mat list has indicated, there are different materials used to make drying mats. So picking the best for your countertop and kitchen is essential. There are two main setss of materials used to make drying mats, namely silicone and microfiber. Each has its own benefits. However, it all comes down to your personal preference.

On the one hand, silicone mats don't absorb water and are usually made from food-grade silicone. They are very flexible and have ridges that prevent condensation from occurring in your bowls and dishes. On the other hand, microfiber mats readily absorb water and ensure no water is left on the dishes. However, you have to air dry microfiber mats.

c) Size

The size of the mat you select should depend on the size and shape of your kitchen counter. The larger your counter and sink area, the larger you want your drying mat to be. Sometimes the size of your mat will also depend on the number and size of dishes, pots and pans you regularly use. You should always ensure your mat fits.

Ensuring your mats fits on your counter is essential. Your mat should not have any extra inches hanging off the counter ledge. Neither should any edges go too far up against your walls. Furthermore, you should also consider if your drying mat will go under your drying or cooling rack. If that is the case, then you should also measure your rack.

d) Versatility

Some drying mats usually double up in functionality. While drying mats are very stylish, they are also supposed to offer maximum functionality. Apart from drying dishes, microfiber mats can also be used for multiple other things, such as placemats for wet foods. Some people even put them under pet bowls to prevent water stains and splashes.

Lastly, silicone mats double up as trivets where you can place hot lids or plates. Furthermore, you can also use them as a fridge liner. You are also better off dealing with a drying mat that doesn't rot or come apart quickly. This means you need to do your research and find the drying mat that is suitable for you.

Bottom Line

There are numerous factors that go into selecting the right drying mat. For instance, some countertops might be prone to water spots, while others might not tolerate water well. Therefore, it is entirely up to you. However, with the few pointers, we have shared, you should be able to chart a direction in the right way.

Apart from being functional, owning a drying mat is hygienic. This is mainly because your dishes dry first before you can store them. Lastly, drying mats are super convenient and easy to use, not to mention they are classy and stylish.

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