Best Chef Knives Under $100 for Chopping Vegetables

When the chief enters the kitchen, even the knives must obey. So whether you are professional or don't find fun in cooking, your kitchen shouldn't lack a chef knife. It is a knife used in almost all cooking tasks, making it a handy tool in the kitchen. However, sometimes getting a good chef knife may require you to spend more. Therefore, our team has prepared this review to help you select the best chef knives under $100.

You can spend a small amount on a knife that will stick with you through thick and thin. With only $100, you can get a high-end chef's knife that will help make your kitchen more productive. A good knife makes your meals even tastier and more presentable. So, because you want to improve your kitchen and its tools, keep reading to find out more.

Best Chef Knives Under $100

1. Imarku Chef Knife-Pro Kitchen 8" Chef's Knives

imarku Japanese Chef Knife - Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef's Knives...
  • High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade- It is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that maintains its functionality for a long time....
  • Multi-functional Knife- The gyutou knife is classified and designed to be multipurpose knife for professional applications .It...
  • Ergonomic Pakka Handle- To make it more professional and minimize any fatigue, finger numbness or aches after holding it continuously for an...
  • Ultra-sharp Edge- Sharpness is key to achieving the best cuts and this is evident in the knife's blade which is quite sharp and will remain...
  • Corrosion and Stainless Blade- In addition to carbon, 16-18% chrome is also included in the blade's metal composition. This gives its a...

If you don't have this knife, you are missing out on one of the best chef knives under $100. Your kitchen sure deserves this as it is designed to withstand all those kitchen conditions that you think may damage it. The blade of this knife is made from high-carbon stainless steel that has retained its functionality for a long. It does not rust, neither does it wear out quickly. The blade composition also includes 16-18% chrome which gives it a glossy finish.

Another reason why this Imarku chef's knife is a must-have in your kitchen is because it is multifunctional. The knife is designed to cut, dice, chop, slice and cut meat and bones. In addition, its Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC) is 56-58, making it one of the most robust knives in its class.

With an ergonomic pakka handle, you can use this chef's knife for long cooking sessions without getting tired or having numb fingers. This material originates from Africa and is comfortable, solid and durable. The sharp blade is essential as it remains sharp even after cutting meat and other demanding tasks. The sharpness of the blade is also boosted by the use of the latest German engineering.

  • Ergonomic handle that prevents fatigue
  • Sharp
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Sharp on the top as well

2. Dalstrong Chef Knife 8" Gladiator Series

Dalstrong Chef Knife - 8 inch - Gladiator Series - Forged High Carbon...
  • Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so...
  • Incredibly razor sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand polished edge at 16-18 degrees per side. Precisely tempered...
  • Award winning design chef's knives, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Premium G10 Wood handle is triple-riveted with...
  • Engineered to perfection at 56+ Rockwell hardness and hand polished to a satin finish. Carefully tapered for improved hardness, flexibility,...
  • See why thousands of professional chefs and home cooks love and trust the DALSTRONG DIFFERENCE. 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,...

Dalstrong is also a well-known rand, making high-quality affordable chef's knives and more. Their 8-inch gladiator series is among the high-quality knives they make. This knife is made to last with the outstanding craftsmanship applied, cutting edge technology and the use of premium materials.

Also, if you wish to have a good chef's knife, this gladiator will not disappoint you. It is razor-sharp and features a full tang imported high-quality carbon German steel with a hand-polished edge. In addition, the high-carbon stainless steel is stain resistant, and the blade tampers.

The handle is triple-riveted and has a grip that ensures comfort and maneuverability is achieved. It is also laminated and polished for a sanitary build, which makes it perfect for busy kitchens. So you may want to equip your kitchen with at least one of these affordable knives. And if you are a professional chef, it may e even more helpful.

This knife is engineered at 56+ Rockwell hardness and hand-polished to a satin finish. This ensures improved hardness, flexibility and minimal sliding resistance. In addition, the blade height is tall to provide helpful knuckle clearance.

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Versatile and suitable for dicing, slicing and chopping
  • Sharp edge provides precision while cutting
  • Durable
  • Good grip
  • None

3. Henckels Zwilling Classic 8-Inch Professional Chef Knife

HENCKELS Classic Razor-Sharp 8-inch Chef's Knife, German Engineered...
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Fabricated from high quality German stainless steel. Handle length - 4.72 inch. Product assembled in Spain. Blade...
  • VERY DURABLE: Fully forged construction offers durability and a seamless transition from blade to handle
  • PRECISE CUTTING: Professional, satin finished blade boasts Precision cutting and is finely honed for long lasting sharpness
  • BALANCED BLADE: Ergonomic, traditional triple rivet handle gives balance and comfort
  • MULTIPURPOSE KNIFE: Large sized 8-inch multipurpose chef's knife for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing.

From the name, you can tell that this knife is designed for chefs. You will love it as it is a quality knife. So, what makes this the best knife for chefs? Firstly, let us look at the construction. It is fabricated from high-quality German stainless steel that ensures it remains strong. The blade is balanced and ergonomic to ensure your hands don't fatigue as you work. In addition, the blade features a triple-rivet handle which will give you balance.

The construction of this 8-inch chef's knife is fully forged to offer durability and a seamless transition from the blade to the handle. This assures you that the knife will serve you for long before you eventually stop using it.

If you want a chef's knife that cuts precisely, Zwilling Classic from Henckels will not disappoint you. This one cuts neatly as it features a professional satin finish and a fine edge blade for enhanced precision during cutting, slicing and chopping.

Give our kitchen a taste of Henckels and make every moment in the kitchen a memorable experience.

  • Sharp and versatile
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • The spine is sharp
  • Slightly heavier

4. Shun Sora 8" Chef Knife

Shun Cutlery Sora Chef's Knife 8”, Gyuto-Style Kitchen Knife, Ideal...
  • JAPANESE CHEF'S KNIFE: The Shun 8-inch Sora Chef's Knife is perfect for preparing meat, vegetables, fruit and more! It's THE must-have...
  • GYUTO-STYLE KNIFE: This Japanese kitchen knife is also called a gyuto. It is slightly less curved than a western chef's knife with a gentle...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The San Mai edge construction uses VG10 steel for a corrosion-resistant, razor-sharp cutting edge supported by...
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE HANDLE: Full-tang handle design made from a textured PP/TPE polymer blend for an easy-to-maintain contemporary look and...
  • TRADITIONAL, ARTISAN CUTLERY: Inspired by the traditions of ancient Japan, Shun knives are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans to produce...

If you wish to have the best chef knife in your kitchen and still don't know which one to buy, How about you gift yourself this Shun Sora? It is one of the best Japanese knives and is known for its exquisite beauty and performance. Moreover, it is handcrafted in Japan.

It is one of the best chef knives under $100 that you can think of. Firstly this knife will make your work n the kitchen easier. So whether you are a professional or an amateur in the kitchen, you will enjoy using this knife. It features a propriety composite blade technology and a Japanese 420J blade upper.

The handle of this Japanese knife is designed for easy care, and the blade edge is non-serrated. Also, the cutting core is clad with a layer of stainless steel on each side to create the edge and boost it with stain resistance. This is a high-quality chef's knife that you would love to have in your kitchen.

This 8-inch chef's knife is not dishwasher safe. Therefore, hand washing is more suitable to ensure you keep it for longer. Shun Sora has a sharp edge. Its steels are also permanently joined, making it even more durable.

  • Versatile
  • Sharp edge
  • Durable and strong
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great value for money
  • Not dishwasher safe

5. Kutt Chef Knife Set 8-Inch Professional Kitchen Knife

Kutt Chef Knife Set, 8 inch Professional Kitchen Knife, German High...
  • THE BEST KNIFE YOU WILL HAVE - If you are looking for a knife that works like a functional piece of art - with great balance and good...
  • SHARP OUT OF THE BOX - With its thinner blade and curved spine it is a delight to accurately and easily cut through all sorts of food. Made...
  • COMFORT AND BALANCE - Are the absolute key in your kitchen. You need to feel confident in order to give your loved ones the best cooking...
  • CUTS LIKE A DREAM - The fine and sharp blade cuts through everything form slicing onions, chopping herbs and crushing garlic to mincing...
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT - When in doubt do yourself a favor and offer your beloved friends and family the most versatile knife to have. From...

Looking for Kutt chef knife makes you look like a baby as it involves a lot o busy safety handling. But, it is one of the best kitchen knives you'll overcome over. Its made of excellent balance and high-quality steel. This makes the knife more valuable and versatile as it can do almost all kitchen duties.

This Kutt chef knife has fine and sharp blades to cut through different food types and protect you from cutting through your fingers. In addition, it features a free finger guard that makes it provide you with an excellent culinary experience.

Another great feature of this kitchen knife is the thin blade and curved spine that your plan is. Its high carbon German stainless steel chef's knife. It is designed in a perfect manner such that you can gift it to a friend or relative.

  • Comes with a sharpening stone
  • Sharper than the regular store knife
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Needs sharpening often

What Should I Consider When Looking for the Best Chef Knives Under $100?

So you want a good chef knife, but you also don't want to overspend. There are many brands that you can choose from and still get the best chef knife. There are many factors that you may need to consider to ensure you get only the best. So, to make your decision-making process easier, let's look at a few factors that you should always keep in mind when buying the best chef's knives under $100.

a). Durability

Maintaining the best affordable chef knife is not a complex task if you know what to do and what not to do. If you take good care of your tools, they can even last longer than the manufacturer's estimated time. If carbon and chromium are added to steel, the material will resist staining and rusting, keeping your blades as stainless a possible.

Chef's knives fall between 55-65 Rockwell hardness, and the higher the hardness, the longer the edge will stay sharp. The bad news is that if the blade is challenging, it will be more brittle and may easily chip.

b). Heft

How does it feel when you move the knife up and down? Or forwards and backward? If your blade is heavy, that is the best for chopping through thick vegetables. However, if you use a chef knife that is too heavy, it may be tiring, especially if you cook for long hours. On the other hand, a light lade is more nimble or may feel too insubstantial. However, it would be best if you always went for what you feel is most comfortable. This also helps to be more productive.

c). Grip Comfort

Your knife will be one of the main tools in your kitchen. Therefore, having a comfortable and safe grip will be among your primary aims. Whether your grip will be comfortable or not will depend on the size of your hands. A very thick handle may be uncomfortable for someone with small hands. However, if you have big hands, you will need a knife with a slightly thicker handle. Simply check the handle of the knife and see if it will fit in your hands.

d). Clearance and Balance

When you have big hands, you understand that even what people see as standard size will feel slightly small in your hands. So when buying the best chef's knife, ensure that it has deeper blades to keep your knuckles off the cutting board.

You may find some knives with unusually heavy, and using wooden handles and full tangs may help bring the balance back to the grip. If your knife is well-balanced, you gain control while cutting and also reduce fatigue.

e). Safety

You wouldn't want to chop off your fingers while you slice your vegetables or beef. Therefore, if you like to take extra precautions, this is an important feature to look for. Many chef knives are sharp and can easily cause minor accidents.

A bolster is a fattening of the blade where it joins the handle. It helps to prevent the knife from slipping down onto a sharp blade heel. A non-slip grip will prevent your knife from flinching and dropping, which may cause serious accidents.

f). Price

In this case, the price may not vary much because you are looking for the best chest required. However, you may still want to consider the price and get what is most suitable for you. For example, though they are both under $100, an $80 chef knife and a $20 are not the same quality. Also, remember to stick to your budget; this helps you spend only what you planned you would spend.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Best Knives Under $100

What is the best material for chef knives?

When you are looking for a western-style chef knife, consider those made of high-carbon stainless steel. There are a lot of other quality knives made from other materials. However, stainless steel is the standard. Such knives are durable, come out of the box sharp and are ready to start working. These knives also retain their edges.

2. What knives should I own?

There is a wide range of knives you can own. However, you cannot own everything. The good news is, with only three types of knives, you can accomplish all your kitchen activities, including slicing, cutting, peeling, chopping and even dicing. The knives you need are a paring knife, a serrated knife and a chef knife. These blades are the most important in any kitchen.

3. Are eastern or western knives better?

Western and eastern made kitchen knives are some of the high quantity knives found on today's market. We cannot say that a particular type is better than the other. What you prefer and what someone else prefers may vary, which is sometimes determined by your cooking style.

Eastern knives are the most suitable for those who love delicate tasks involving small ingredients such as chopping fruits and vegetables, slicing fish, and other chopping tasks.

Western knives are thicker and heavier, and this makes them more durable. As a result, they are the best for heavier chopping tasks like chopping meat.