Best Bamboo Coasters for Blemishless Coffee Tables

We would all like the freedom to carry our drinks anywhere in the house. However, the risk of the drinking container making stains or markings on furniture cannot be ignored whether you like hot or cold drinks. Buying the best bamboo coasters will allow you to enjoy your beverage from anywhere in the home or office.

What is a Bamboo Coaster?

A coaster is a small mat used to protect countertops and tabletops from the effects of moisture, drink marks and scratches from heavy drinkware. Typically, these products are made from plastic, rubber, and silicone, making them cheap, pliable and easy to clean. Alternatively, you can go for slate or sandstone coasters that are more stylish, but the fragile variations will break if you drop them.

Bamboo coasters and ones made from wood are more decorative and their classic style makes them a welcome addition to most interior decor designs. Also, you can search for hand-crafted options that make for a unique gift for housewarming parties and weddings.

Are Bamboo Coasters Better than Wood?

5 Best Bamboo Coasters

1. Juvale Bamboo Coasters

Juvale Set of 6 Bamboo Wood Coasters with Holder for Coffee Table, Hot...
  • Bamboo Coaster Set: This set of 6 bamboo coasters will instantly elevate your home decor while simultaneously ensuring your dining, coffee...
  • Protect Your Surfaces: The wooden coasters for drinks do not have padding on the bottom; for best results, place the coasters with holder on...
  • The Perfect Size: Each wooden coaster measures 4.3 inches with a thickness of 2.7 inches, perfectly sized for placement under mugs, glasses,...
  • Reliable Quality: The hot drink coasters are made from easy to clean bamboo wood, the small grooves help catch loose water
  • What’s Included: Includes 6 light brown bamboo coasters for coffee table

The Juvale Bamboo Coasters feature a round shape about 4.3 inches in diameter, making them suitable for holding larger drinkware. The rustic bamboo look can complement your furniture without looking out of place. Also, the contemporary design of concentric circles adds style and simple elegance to the brown finish.

These coasters are thick enough to ensure that you get durable and sturdy mats for placing your glasses. The cleaning process is simple as it requires mild soap and water to get the drink stains out. Finally, the matching coaster holder will complement your home or office's decorative style.


  • Affordable price.
  • The bamboo coaster set comes with a custom holder.
  • It does not permanently stain.
  • It is thick enough to stop heat from spoiling your furniture.


  • The coasters can are not absorbent.

2. Trademark Innovations Square Natural Bamboo Coaster

Trademark Innovations 3.5" Square 100% Natural Bamboo Coaster – Set...
  • Made of 100% Bamboo, each coaster measure 3.5" square.
  • Set of 6 with Bamboo Holder
  • For everyday use or special occasions
  • Hand wash with mild soap and water
  • By Trademark Innovations

If you want wear-resistant mats that are durable and versatile enough for any occasion, you should buy the Trademark Innovations Square Natural Bamboo Coaster. Its surface has a smooth appearance that resembles wood, while the top has an indent for accommodating a glass, bottle or cup. In addition, the indent serves to collect condensation when using it for cold drinks.

Admittedly, these square coasters have too small dimensions for holding large cups, bottles and mugs. However, their simple yet stylish look, complemented by their lightweight design, makes them an ideal gift for weddings and other parties. Plus, you can hand wash them with a little soap and water.


  • Low price.
  • It comes with a holder to keep them organized.
  • Indented center for pooling water.


  • It may be too small to hold larger drinkware.

3. mSAY Premium Quality Bamboo Drink Coasters Set

The square design and the 4-inch dimensions of the mSAY Premium Quality Bamboo Drink Coasters make them perfect for holding hot and cold drinks. The 4-inch squares can be stacked in the included holder to keep them neat and save space. Also, the coaster will not stick to your glass when you pick it from the table.

The pads come with different intricate designs for a more stylish touch. So, if you are looking for a cute and functional gift idea, you should purchase the mSAY Bamboo Drink Coasters.


  • It will not stick to your glass when you pick it up.
  • Each coaster in the set has a different design.
  • They are absorbent.
  • It comes with a holder.


  • No indented center for pooling water.

4. HAAN Premium Bamboo Coasters

Handwoven Rattan Coasters - Cup Base Plates & Dishes Insulated Hot...
  • ✅ BEAUTIFUL DECORATION AND PRESENTS - Unique, beautiful, light weight, natural, eco-friendly, contributing to protect the environment. Set...
  • ✅ PRODUCTION: 100% handmade production with 100% natural material and handwoven Vietnamese skill
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The round yet contemporary design of the HAAN Premium Bamboo Coasters ensures no scratches on or wearing of your table. The uniquely stylish product is lightweight and durable and will withstand drops. Additionally, the 4-inch diameter makes them ideal for big drinkware.

Although the design is not suitable for cold drinks, it is guaranteed to keep heat from your tabletops. Additionally, the pads have an excellent grip to ensure they do not slip off the table. Finally, the coasters are handmade, and the surfaces have been smoothed out well.


  • The holder helps save space.
  • Handmade.
  • Ideal for hot beverages.
  • Unique design.
  • Slip-resistant.


  • It is not meant for handling cold drinks as it will let condensation seep through.

5. Dear Household Set of 6 Bamboo Coasters with Matching Coaster Holder

Set of 6 Bamboo Coasters with Matching Coaster Holder - Sleek, Smooth...
  • The Best Way To Prevent Drinks From Ruining Surfaces: "Sweaty" beverages and heavy drinkware can take their toll on tabletops and...
  • This Is No Ordinary Wood Coaster Set: We made these coasters with a circular cork center which gives them a sharper look and provides...
  • Bamboo That's Smoother Than A Baby's Bottom: This coasters set is going to elevate your interior decor; It's made out of natural Moso Bamboo...
  • A High End Gift That Will Leave A Lasting Impression: Our coasters with holder set makes an exquisite gift for a Wedding, Housewarming...
  • Your Home Deserves Nothing But The Best: We want to help you stand out among friends and family and impress your guests; If for any reason...

The set of 6 bamboo coasters from Dear Household combines two materials to create a stylishly functional product. For starters, it has a circular center made from cork that will protect your table from spillage. The outer part, made with premium Moso Bamboo, forms a 4.92-inch square with an incredibly smooth finish.

The coaster is easy to clean and durable. Plus, the subtle engraving on each enhances the look. So, if you are stuck on finding a thoughtful gift for any occasion, these coasters will help you leave a permanent impression on your friends or family.


  • Stylish packaging helps save space.
  • The cork center will absorb water from condensation.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The price is higher than the affordable entries on our list.

What Should You Look for in Bamboo Coasters

Looking for a bamboo coaster is essential, as you strive to ensure that water rings do not punctuate your countertops. However, take your time to consider the following factors when you shop for the right one.

a). Size

Generally, it would be best to search for a coaster with the surface space to accommodate the diameter of your largest drinkware. So, start by finding a measuring tool to get the dimensions and compare them with the details of the product your want to purchase. After all, if it can match the biggest one, then it can fit the rest.

b). Style

If you decide to shop for a bamboo coaster, you will have little room to decide on the color. Generally, these products have the characteristic rustic brown finish. Nevertheless, the other design considerations vary based on the shape and decorative styles of the items. Thus, if you are looking for a gift to impress your guests or want your restaurants to have a classic appeal, you should prioritize design in your search.

Although round coasters are common, square ones are also practical. Still, some manufacturers create unique patterns like hearts and hexagons. These unique shapes make wonderful gifts, but they lose practicality, especially when they are too small to fit bigger drinkware.

On the other hand, some coasters come with intricate details engraved on them. These impressions can enhance their look and make for an excellent gift. Plus, you can get ones with rounded edges or a mesh design to complement your interior decor.

c). Price

Admittedly, bamboo coasters are cheap. But, the material is still more expensive to use when compared to silicone, rubber or plastic. Thus, you should go for other options if you want to save money.

c). Additional Features

When buying a bamboo coaster, you need to account for the traction it offers. Nonslip feet or some backing underneath can ensure it remains on your countertops as you pick up your drink. Additionally, it helps if the coaster does not stick to the bottom of your glass once moisture starts pooling on the surface. Some products are specifically designed to stop this from happening since it is a common problem.

Also, most coaster sets come with a holder to help you keep them organized and your home tidy. A stylish container for the set can improve your home or office decor while allowing you to save space.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bamboo Coasters

1. Does bamboo make a good coaster?

Bamboo makes a practical and elegant coaster. However, it is not the most absorbent material, making it more suitable for handling hot drinks. Plus, it may start to crack or warp when it comes into contact with moisture frequently.

2. How do you clean bamboo coasters?

It would be best if you hand-washed a bamboo coaster with cold water and mild soap. This recommendation is because the material will get damaged when immersed in water. Alternatively, you can wipe the coasters down with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

3. Are wooden table coasters good?

A wood coaster makes a reliable protective pad against heat reaching your countertops and causing them to wear. However, these products often have a water-resistant layer of varnish or polyurethane. Thus, they are not suitable for absorbing condensation from cold drinks. Plus, moisture can damage these coasters if they are exposed frequently.

4. What is the best size for a coaster?

Whether you are running restaurants or require furniture protection against spills and heat, it is best to consider the size of the coaster. Generally, a round-shaped one with a 4-inch diameter or a square one with similar dimensions for the sides will do. After all, this size ensures it can fit most glasses and mugs.

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