Best Bamboo Mouse for the Ultimate Eco-Friendliness

All modern computers are built with mouse supporting features, including laptops that also have an in-built touchpad. Subsequently, most of the computer mice on the market are made out of plastic. To change this narrative towards eco-friendly computer product features, we recommend that you use a bamboo mouse.

Accordingly, we have put together a detailed buying guide for the best mouse made out of natural bamboo. While at it, we will first seek to justify the use of mice made out of bamboo.

Why Use a Bamboo Mouse?

1. Strong and Durable

A bamboo mouse is a great idea because it is tough and versatile, unlike the plastic mouse options. Specifically, when you accidentally drop your mouse, this is when you will realize that bamboo is built to withstand excessive forces without risking the damage of either the right or left button or even the scroll wheel. Moreover, a bamboo mouse casing is durable and can withstand falls without breaking easily.

While at the durable and sturdy build, bamboo mice are also lightweight, making them ideal for carrying around. In other words, this green steel is ideal for portability while presenting a strong material for a computer/laptop mouse.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

It is also aesthetically pleasing to have a bamboo feel on your mouse pad. It is already a sight to hold even before touching your bamboo wood mouse, particularly when matched with an elegantly designed laptop or desktop. Additionally, it isn't common to come across computer components made of wood or bamboo, which will also be aesthetic for others to look at. Probably, you might always look forward to work using sleek symmetric and textures.

3. Safe and Hygienic

Hygiene and safety might be ignored for computer equipment despite gadgets like mice being agents of spreading germs, especially plastic mice. Fortunately, while providing you with beautiful aesthetics, a bamboo mouse provides hygiene and safety simultaneously. Naturally, bamboo material contains a bamboo Kun which is an antimicrobial bio-agent. Subsequently, your bamboo mouse is naturally bound to have antibacterial features, making it safe and hygienic for sharing.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Besides the personal benefits of a bamboo mouse, the environment also benefits from people using bamboo mice. Essentially, bamboo grows fast and is sustainable. As an alternative to plastic materials, bamboo puts less pressure on the environment by preventing aggressive lumber practices and deforestation. Therefore, as more bamboo plants are needed to make mice and other items, more bamboo plants will be planted, helping reduce carbon dioxide and pollutants from our environment.

After your mouse is out of use, it is naturally biodegradable. Thus, even as the world struggles with the menace of technological waste, your mouse will complete its cycle in a fully eco-friendly way.

Is Bamboo Mouse Worth it?

10 Best Bamboo Computer Mice

1. Oct17 Bamboo Wireless Computer Optical Mouse

Our first pick for the best bamboo mouse is this Oct17 wireless computer optical mouse. It is made from 100% bio-degradable bamboo, durable with a solid build and glossy finish for pleasing aesthetics. Additionally, this 2.4GHz mouse is comfortable and healthy due to its cooling, sweat-absorbent, and natural fiber texture. Another comfort feature is its anti-static effect that will provide you with a natural feel.

Furthermore, during the summer, this mouse will feel cool and warm during the winter due to the thermoregulation of bamboo. When you buy this mouse, you can comfortably use it in most Windows versions, Linux, and Mac OS X. You will also enjoy the ability to switch between 1200 and 1600 DPI. Lastly, this device has a battery slot of 2 (AAA batteries), and to use it, you only need to plug its usb receiver into your computer.

2. Hilltrade Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse

If you are a gamer, you might be suited to this Hilltrade bamboo wireless mouse. This ultra-high sensitive and fast mouse boasts an ergonomic and smooth texture for a gamers palm. It runs on a connection of 2.4GHz that has a frequency hopping of 12 channels and is compatible with Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

This computer optical mouse comes with a USB nano receiver and has 1,200, 1,400, and 1,600 DPI adjustable sensitivity modes. In addition, this mouse can serve you for over 5 million clicks. Particularly, the bamboo fiber on this mouse can be attributed to its durability, hygiene, eco-friendliness, and thermoregulatory characteristics.

3. Sengu SG-MG95-N Wireless Optical Bamboo Mouse

Sengu SG-MG95-N Wireless Optical Bamboo Mouse with USB Receiver for...
  • 3 Adjustable DPI Switch: 1600, 1400, 1200, control your own speed freely. No need any driver, plug and play directly (Note: The Battery is...
  • Strong Durability and 33ft/10m Long Working Distance. 500,0000 Times keystroke Test and perform well. 2.4GHz Wireless - increased working...
  • Wide Compatibility. Compatible with most system including Windows, Mac and Linux. Fit for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, Macbook and other...
  • Feel-Good Design: Contoured shape and textured natural bamboo grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours, USB Nano Receiver...
  • Auto Energy-Saving Sleeping Mode. The Auto Switch Off function will help you save energy as your Wireless Mouse will switch off when your PC...

Another mouse brand at the forefront of environmental conservation is Sengu. Precisely, the Sengu SG-MG95 computer optical mouse is a bamboo wireless laptop mouse that is fast and at the same time energy-saving. Its fastness is supported by its 2.4 GHz connection, and it's compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. It also has a DPI switch for adjusting between three sensitivity modes.

When handling this mouse, you will enjoy its contoured shape that is comfortable and ergonomic to your palms. After use, you can easily store its USB receiver at the back of this wireless mouse. Generally, it is a compact device for your computer either while traveling or on your office desk.

4. Horsebiz Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse

Another mouse from the natural resources of bamboo is this Horsebiz wireless mouse. Besides the eco-friendly features of bamboo on this product, it is also healthy through its anti-static protection and sweat-absorbent features. When it comes to its functionality, it can live over 5 million clicks with adjustable sensitivity between 1200 and 1600 DPI. Considering it is a wireless mouse, it has a maximum working distance of 10 meters.

Moreover, this mouse is compatible with contemporary Windows systems and Mac-OS across different devices like a laptop, MacBook, desktop PC, and a notebook. At the end of the cycle of this mouse, it can be recycled for maximum eco-friendliness

5. Ice Mouse Wireless Computer Mouse

We also recommend that you purchase the Ice mouse bamboo wireless mouse. This breathable bamboo mouse is made with the natural touch of bamboo that is ergonomic for non-sweaty working. One unique feature of this line of ergonomic quiet mice is that it has hollow designs on both sides for ventilation.

When it comes to functionality, this mouse has a 2.4 GHz connection plus 4 adjustable sensitivity modes. All you need to use this Ice mouse is to plug its USB nano receiver into your PC and make sure the mouse batteries have juice. Moreover, this mouse has wide compatibility across Windows Linux, MacOS X, and Chrome systems in devices such as a notebook, a laptop, a MacBook, a Chrome book, and desktop PCs.

6. Impecca WMB105 Bamboo Designer USB Mouse

Impecca Bamboo Designer Custom Carved USB Mouse, Cherry Color WMB105
  • Revolutionary NEW Green Product
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Hand-Carved Out Of 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Unique, Elegant and Trendy
  • Connects via USB Port

If you desire ergonomic quiet mice with a different feel from the traditional bamboo, you can try this impeccable Impecca corded mouse. The bamboo texture on this mouse has the characteristic of beauty hand in hand with the lightweight design for comfortable use at home and in the office.

Subsequently, you can use this revolutionary computer device in contemporary Windows and Mac systems. At the end of its cycle, this mouse is fully bio-degradable and can be recycled for utmost eco-friendliness

7. Onyx and Green Wireless Computer Mouse

Onyx and Green Wireless Computer Mouse, Handmade with Bamboo, 2.4GHz
  • Wireless computer mouse
  • Handmade with bamboo
  • 2.4Ghz wireless technology
  • Packaging made from slide on recycled Kraft blister card, soy based ink
  • school & office supplies

Another incredible bamboo wireless mouse is this Onyx and Green product. Specifically, this natural bamboo product is lightweight, making it ideal for traveling. Also, the original packaging is minimalist for maximum environmental friendliness. When it comes to functionality, this mouse is powered by 2 (AA batteries) and uses a 2.4 GHz connection through Bluetooth connectivity.

At the end of its cycle, this bamboo wireless mouse is environmentally friendly through its 100% biodegradable material, and the bamboo parts can also be recycled. Even so, this mouse can have loud clicks, but this cannot beat its ability to naturally decompose at the end of its life.

8. Horsebiz Bamboo Wired Optical Mice

You can also purchase the Horsebiz wired bamboo mice for easy use and energy efficiency. This line of corded bamboo mice is convenient than any wireless mouse whose battery might run out of juice anytime. Therefore, working on your laptop or desktop can be reliable with this corded mouse. Additionally, you can enjoy a life service of more than 3 million clicks across without requiring any connectivity drivers.

9. DS. DISTINCTIVE STYLE MG95 Wireless Bamboo Mouse

Sengu SG-MG95-N Wireless Optical Bamboo Mouse with USB Receiver for...
  • 3 Adjustable DPI Switch: 1600, 1400, 1200, control your own speed freely. No need any driver, plug and play directly (Note: The Battery is...
  • Strong Durability and 33ft/10m Long Working Distance. 500,0000 Times keystroke Test and perform well. 2.4GHz Wireless - increased working...
  • Wide Compatibility. Compatible with most system including Windows, Mac and Linux. Fit for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, Macbook and other...
  • Feel-Good Design: Contoured shape and textured natural bamboo grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours, USB Nano Receiver...
  • Auto Energy-Saving Sleeping Mode. The Auto Switch Off function will help you save energy as your Wireless Mouse will switch off when your PC...

We also present another eco-friendly wireless computer mouse in the name of DS. Distinctive MG96 bamboo wireless mouse. This bamboo wood mouse works through a 2.4 GHz connection through Mac and Windows systems. As you use it, you are guaranteed a great and lightweight grip for comfortable control as you work.

You can conveniently use this computer mouse in a maximum range of 10 meters through a USB receiver that you connect to your computer. Moreover, this bamboo wood gadget can live up to 5 million clicks and only requires 2 (AAA batteries) to operate on your MacBook or Windows system. Just like other bamboo products, this mouse has a completely eco-friendly lifecycle.

10. Sengu Bamboo Corded Mouse Wired USB Optical Mouse

Bamboo Corded Mouse Wired USB Optical Mouse,Compatible with PCs, Macs,...
  • Hand-Carved Out Of 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Revolutionary NEW Green Product
  • Connects via USB Port
  • Unique, Elegant and Trendy

Our list of bamboo PC mice wouldn't be complete without the Sengu corded bamboo optical mouse. Besides the ergonomic and environmentally-friendly bamboo product features, this mouse also has reliable sensitivity, unlike some mice that apply a USB receiver.

With this mouse, you can be sure it can live through 50 million clicks, and its connection is easy through a USB port on your MacBook or Windows PC. In addition, its cord is adequately long to allow you to work comfortably.

Factor to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bamboo Mouse

1. Quality

Bamboo products are undeniably environmentally friendly, but not all products are made equally. Particularly for the bamboo computer mouse, it is important to check for quality before buying one. You can easily tell a bamboo mouse is of poor quality if its material is soft, greener, and cheaper. Unfortunately, the consequence of having such quality is that your mouse will easily damage and wear out.

To avoid such inconveniences, you should target bamboo mice with well-dried and tougher material. Subsequently, you will have to pay more for the best bamboo quality to serve you for long. Other benefits of quality bamboo mice are that they are non-toxic and moisture-resistant for longer service

2. Wired or Wireless (USB nano Receiver)

Similar to regular computer mice, you can find bamboo mice in the forms of wireless and wired. Both alternatives are effective depending on your preferred application. Starting with the bamboo wireless mouse, it has the benefit of not tangling with cables as you work or game. The only requirement for the wireless option to work is plugging in a USB nano receiver, and your battery-powered mouse will function.

Alternatively, you can use a corded bamboo mouse that doesn't require batteries to function. As long as your PC is turned on, you just have to plug in your mouse cord, and it will function. While using the corded version, you can avoid the inconvenience of drained batteries. Also, the wireless bamboo mice have the downside of delays between your hand's movement and the reaction of the mouse.

3. Shape and Size

Furthermore, bamboo mice are available in different shapes and sizes. Considerably, you should consider the size and shape that suit your hands for a productivity boost in office work or during gaming. Moreover, if you travel often you should consider a laptop mouse that is lightweight, unlike an office work mouse which tends to be bulkier.

4. Sensitivity

When it comes to the functionality of a mouse, an important aspect is to check its sensitivity. Sensitivity is usually measured in terms of dots per inch (DPI). Subsequently, the higher the DPI value, the further a cursor can move as you move a mouse. In the case of bamboo mice, you can find a DPI between 1,200 and 1,600, which is more than adequate for the job.

Nevertheless, a higher DPI is not always recommended, particularly in gaming, where sensitivity can make you miss targets when you aren't zooming in. On the other hand, a higher DPI is important for first-person shooter games, especially when zoomed in. As a result, most of the bamboo mice in the market are built with a DPI adjuster for gamers to switch sensitivity when necessary.

5. Ergonomic Design

It would also help to consider the ergonomics of bamboo mice. For example, it would be illogical to buy a mouse that hurts your fingers in the process of using it. Fortunately, the advantage of bamboo is that it is CNC processed, making tough bamboo flexible and contoured for a nice feel in your hands. Moreover, mice made out of bamboo are designed to be sweat absorbent for palms to remain comfortable alongside the anti-radiation features for regulating temperatures.

Consequently, the best bamboo mouse should feel comfortable in your hands for long periods. Customers who also purchase ergonomic quiet mice stand to benefit from an increase in productivity due to reduced equipment noise as they work.

6. Grip

Whether you prefer a wireless Bluetooth mouse or a corded one, the grip of a mouse in your hands is important while working. Some mice allow an entire palm to rest on them, while some smaller varieties are designed with a fingertip grip. Accordingly, there is no standard way of holding a mouse, and it is all dependent on personal preference.


A mouse made from bamboo will definitely feel comfortable and look luxurious. Besides the ergonomic designs in our listed products, you will also contribute towards a sustainable environment. From growing a bamboo plant to the cycle end of a bamboo computer mouse, the environment is fully protected.

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