Best Bamboo Cutlery Set to Swap Single-Use Plastic Cutlery

One of the global challenges fueled by the regular use of disposable plastics is pollution. Every day, plastic spoons, plates, forks, and knives get disposed of and end up in landfills, where they make the ground unusable and unsuitable for organic life. Fortunately, one of the ways you can combat this situation is by buying reusable utensils like a bamboo cutlery set.

Bamboo items are lightweight, stylish, and biodegradable, making them excellent alternatives to their plastic counterparts. This post explores the best bamboo cutlery sets on the market and the information you need to make an ideal purchase.


Are bamboo cutlery set reusable?

1. Totally Bamboo 12-Piece Reusable Bamboo Flatware Set

Totally Bamboo 12-Piece Reusable Bamboo Flatware Set with Portable...
  • Reusable bamboo flatware for four place settings: includes 4 spoons, 4 forks and 4 knives with a durable, portable storage case
  • A natural, Earth-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery and silverware; perfect for picnics, barbecues, school lunches, parties or everyday...
  • Crafted for long-lasting use: each piece of flatware is made from a single solid piece of bamboo for continued use; storage case measures 6...
  • Dishwasher safe: clean easily in the dishwasher or with a quick hand wash; case should be wiped with a damp cloth to clean
  • Bamboo is better for the environment; Moso bamboo is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and...

If you are looking for the best alternative for your metal and plastic utensils, the totally Bamboo 12-Piece Reusable Bamboo Flatware Set is a great pick. It comes with four sets of bamboo spoons, knives, and forks, plus a storage case which you can use to carry them in. This makes this bamboo cutlery set ideal for outdoor or on the go settings like picnics or barbecue parties.

These utensils are easily clean in your dishwasher which means you won't have to hand wash them after use. Plus, you won't have to throw them away after the meal since they are reusable, making them a durable option for replacing metal cutlery without the excess weight. Since you'll have four of each item, this set is a great option for sharing meals with friends and family.

Each piece is constructed from a solid bamboo piece which makes it long-lasting enough to use daily without wearing them out.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Four of each piece
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Sturdy build


  • Easily chip and splinter
  • Develops a rough texture over time

2. UPTRUST Bamboo Cutlery Set Includes Bamboo Fork, Knife, and Spoon

UPTRUST 2 Set Bamboo Cutlery Set Bamboo travel Utensils reusable...
  • 【Premium Quality】This set of wooden eating utensils is made with 100% bamboo, and our quality reusable wooden cutlery with case set is...
  • 【Completely Reusable Cutlery】Each piece of our bamboo cutlery set is designed to be completely reusable due to bamboo’s natural...
  • 【Portable & Travel Utensils with Case】These bamboo silverware set comes with durable canvas pouch, Easy to storage on your lunch bag;...
  • 【Eco-friendly & Healthy】Say no to throwaway or plastic flatware, it is an environmental protection way to use reusable wooden utensils....
  • 【Perfect Gift Idea】Perfect Eco-Friendly wooden cutlery set for vegetarian, friends, girlfriends, buddy, roommates, parents, kids,...

Next, we have the UPTRUST 2 Set Bamboo Cutlery which includes a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, and two metal straws. The portable bag they come in makes it easy to carry them around for on-the-go meals and picnics. If you want an eco-friendly cutlery set that helps reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment, this is it.

With excellent product quality, these bamboo utensils don't have any chemical finishes that could make them unsuitable for handling edibles. Even the metal straws are made from food-grade stainless steel, which means that they are safe for use in your kitchen and dinner table.

These travel utensils pack well inside the carry case and you can go with them to school, work, or backpacking. Each piece is designed ergonomically to ensure you can enjoy using them comfortably. You can say goodbye to any worries you have of staining these utensils since they are stain-resistant.

Even cold food doesn't have anything on this cutlery set since you can use them for eating hot cold foods without hassle.


  • Light-weight
  • Durable build
  • Easy to hold
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The pouch is hard to seal tight

3. Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

Bamboo Travel Utensil Set | Bamboo Fork, Knife, Spoon, Chopsticks,...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & FOOD SAFE: We use a top grade, Natural, Vegan, Food-safe sealant on the bamboo travel utensil set to further ensure their...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, STRONG AND LONG LASTING: These Bamboo Essentials bamboo travel utensil set won't stain or absorb flavors, beautiful, Durable,...
  • COMPACT AND ELEGANT: Lightweight and easy to take with you, Dimensions of the pouch 9 inch by 2, Comes with its own washable carry bag and...
  • FOR HOME OR TRAVEL: The hook-and-loop closure secures the utensil set in the pouch and keeps them clean while traveling, take this travel...
  • FULL SET INCLUDES: 1 Bamboo Fork, 1 Bamboo Corrugated Knife, 1 Bamboo Spoon, 2 Standard size Bamboo Chopsticks, 1 Bamboo Straw, 1...

The third best bamboo cutlery set we'll review is the Bamboo Travel Utensil set which is a durable, ec0-friendly, and food-safe option. Each piece is finished with a natural, vegan wood oil that doesn't have any toxic compounds. As such, this lovely set is the environmentally safe replacement you've been looking for for your single-use plastic cutlery.

These wooden utensils don't stain or absorb flavors which makes it easy to clean. If you find handwashing to be a hassle, there's good news for you! This utensil set is designed to be dishwasher safe for maximum cleaning convenience.

The washable carry bag that comes with the set is designed to assist in packing the pieces when heading out to eat outside. Plus, the set is light since the wooden pieces don't carry as much weight as typical silverware. You'll also find two chopsticks, a bamboo straw, and a brush for cleaning the straw in addition to the knife, fork, and spoon in the package.


  • Long lasting yet lightweight
  • Compact
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • The texture doesn't feel smooth in the mouth

4. Greenzla 2-Pack Bamboo Utensils Set

Greenzla 2-Pack Bamboo Utensils Set | With Bonus 2 Bamboo Toothbrushes...
  • THE COMPLETE SET - Get everything you need in one bundle. Our bamboo travel pack consists of wooden eating utensils and toothbrush, bamboo...
  • GUILT-FREE SIPPING - Enjoy your beverage without adding to the environment's marine pollution problem. Our reusable straw and cleaner duo...
  • CLEANER & WHITER TEETH - We included a bamboo toothbrush in the set to help you maintain your oral hygiene after every meal. The activated...
  • IDEAL FOR THE PLANET & FAMILY - The kit includes 2 each of spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, chopstick pairs, toothbrushes, straws and...
  • BRING THEM ANYWHERE - Your new bamboo utensils are compactly kept inside the included canvas travel bag .Take them to your office, hiking,...

Next up, we have the Greenzla 2-Pack Bamboo Utensils Set, which is among the best bamboo cutlery sets. It carries all you need in one package, featuring wooden spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, and teaspoons. This means you can enjoy a variety of meals with this set without having to buy additional utensils.

You also get a bamboo straw and cleaning brush inside the carrying bag you receive. There's an extra bag to ensure you have enough room to carry all the necessary items as you head out for picnics, hikes, or even work. Since you can use the brush to clean the straw, you won't need plastic straws for your drinks anymore.

After you enjoy your meal with the Greenzla Bamboo set, you can head on to brush your teeth with the bamboo toothbrush included in the set. This pack is among the best you can get since it offers a comprehensive solution for your meals and oral health. Plus, since you'll get two of each item, you can use this for a family setting without hassle.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Includes a toothbrush and wooden straw
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for hot and cold foods
  • Reusable


  • The pieces aren't well sanded

5. 4 Sets Bamboo Travel Utensils Set

4 Sets Bamboo Travel Utensils Set, Reusable Bamboo Utensil Fork Knife...
  • Package includes: 4 pieces camping utensils sets are wrapped in 4 different cloth bags, each bamboo tableware set contains 1 fork, 1 knife,...
  • Bamboo materials: these camping kits are made of good-quality bamboo, non-toxic and tasteless, durable and reusable; They are smoothed by...
  • Convenience: adjustable rope on the fabric, hold them easily, put it in your backpack without taking up too much space, keep your appliance...
  • Practical set: 6 different tableware can meet your needs for different foods, will not hurt your hands and skin, heat-resistant and...
  • Wide range of applications: this bamboo appliance can be used in most situations, so you can take it with you for picnics, barbecues,...

With a 4-star rating, our last bamboo cutlery set is the 4 Sets Bamboo Travel Utensils Set which incldeds a fork, knife, spoon, straw, brush, and pair of chopsticks in a convenient storage bag. The package ensures you have everything you need to enjoy your meal while traveling without using disposable plastic utensils.

This bamboo cutlery set is made of high-quality, reusable bamboo, which is food-safe and durable. The pieces are non-toxic and don't have any taste or smell. Since each piece is sanded by hand, you can rest assured that they'll have a smooth texture that won't leave splinters during use.

The carry bag has an adjustable rope that allows you to hold it and store the set in your backpack for convenience. Since there are four of each, you can use this set with your family and friends for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, or hiking.


  • Versatile set
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy feel


  • The spoon is too wide to fit in the mouth comfortably

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Utensils?

1. Biodegradable Material

The first advantage of using a bamboo cutlery set is that they are biodegradable. This means that even if you dispose of them, they'll naturally decompose and not harm the environment. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with plastic utensils since they can't decompose, and discarding them only adds to landfills which don't make the planet any safer to live in.

2. Reusable

If you don't want to throw your bamboo cutlery away, there's no reason to do s. These wooden utensils are designed to be reusable after cleaning. As such, you can collect the pieces after you've had your meal, wash them, and dry them for future use. You can replace your entire kitchen set with bamboo cutlery if you want to since they are long-lasting and can withstand frequent reuse.

3. Lightweight

Another advantage you get from a bamboo cutlery set is that they are lighter and less bulky compared to silverware. Metal spoons, forks, and knives are quite heavy making them hard to carry around when you want to have a meal outside the home. While plastic utensils are also light, they aren't environmentally friendly, which is why bamboo is such a suitable alternative.

4. Stain and Scent Resistant

Something else you won't have to worry about when using bamboo pieces is staining. These utensils typically feature an oil finish that makes them resistant to stains and scents. This means that you won't have to scrub any stubborn stains or smell what you ate last night on the items. Once you wash them with some soap and water, they return to their pristine condition allowing you to enjoy your future meals without worries.

5. Stylish Look

Plastic and metal cutlery are quite common and readily available in most stores. However, bamboo cutlery is less common and most people don't have them at home. This makes them a unique addition to your kitchen and adds style to your dinner table. Wooden utensils can make your meals appear more luxurious and well made since they add to the overall presentation of your meal.

How do I Maintain Bamboo Cutlery?

Washing and maintaining bamboo cutlery is a bit different from cleaning plastic or silverware. You'll need to be careful when handling your pieces to ensure they last as long as possible. First, you'll want to clean them immediately after meals so that the food doesn't dry on them. If you notice some food sticking on your utensils, you can use a butter knife to scrape them off.

If you want the bamboo to stay shiny, you should use food-grade mineral oil to restore the natural luster. Don't use vegetable oil on the piece since it could add a scent to your cutlery. Oiling your bamboo items will ensure they won't develop cracks or splinters due to regular use.

Once dry, you should air dry your pieces in an upright position to make sure the water inside the wood completely drains.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bamboo Cutlery Set

1. Smoothness

The first thing you'll want to check in your bamboo cutlery is the finishing. Keep in mind you'll be putting these items in your mouth and you don't want to get rough surfaces brushing against your delicate areas. So, you should check reviews to ensure that the surface of each piece has been sanded down appropriately.

If the surface isn't smooth, you won't enjoy your meals with the utensils since you'll run the risk of harming your tongue or lips. Smoothness in bamboo cutlery is evidence of high product quality.

2. Ease of Cleaning

The next thing you'll want to consider is the ease of cleaning your bamboo cutlery set. There are some brands whose items have to be hand washed to ensure maximum longevity. This could be inconvenient if you were looking for items that wouldn't require much effort to maintain.

Fortunately, there are cutlery sets that are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning easier than hand-washing. These are the best options if you want a low-maintenance cutlery set. Nevertheless, if hand washing your utensils isn't a hassle for you, you can go with the hand washable types.

3. Number of Pieces

Something else to think about as you look for the best bamboo cutlery set is the number of pieces you get in the set. If you want something to use when sharing a meal with your partner, you can take a set with two of each item. However, if you want to have dinner with your family and friends, you should choose one with four spoons, knives, forks, and chopstick pairs.

4. Accessories

Some accessories can make your purchase more convenient since they'll save you from having to buy the additional items separately. One of the accessories you could find included in the package is a wooden or metal straw, which you can use in place of the standard plastic straws. These straws also come with a brush that you can use to clean them to ensure you can reuse them afterward.

Something else you can get is a wooden toothbrush, which can help you maintain your oral hygiene after you have your meal. Carrying bags and storage cases are also additional and can make it easier to carry the set when you want to have a picnic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do bamboo utensils hold bacteria?

No, they don't. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties making it safe to use with food.

2. Is bamboo cutlery good for the environment?

Yes, it is. Bamboo is biodegradable, which means that you can safely dispose of it without harming the environment.

3. Can you reuse bamboo cutlery?

Yes, you can. Bamboo cutlery can be easily washed and reused multiple times without any danger.

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