Top 5 Best 30 Inch Gas Cooktops With Downdraft Reviews in 2023

A downdraft cooktop is a stove or cooktop with a fan that blows off the smoke and fumes through a pipe under the ground rather than having a hood which catches all of the smoke. Downdraft cooktops don’t have exactly the extractor fan or cooking hood over the stove top. Rather, the downdraft fan of the cooktop blows off the smoke, steam, or fumes down by a tube and out through a vent.

Among the chief benefits of this downdraft cooktop is the fact that it’s fairly compact and can be quite stylish. As you don’t need to take care of the hood or extractor fan over this cooktop, it is simple to use it in an island unit or a different odd position, such as under a wall cabinet. You don’t need to make the required installations and adjustments to adapt the hood.

If you want to find the best 30 inch gas cooktops with downdraft? Keep reading this post to discover more.

List Of 5 Best 30 Inch Gas Cooktops With Downdraft

1.Frigidaire RC30DG60PS 30″ Built In Downdraft Cooktop in Stainless Steel

The DCS 30″ includes Sealed Double flow burners that you may just locate on DCS Units. This supply 15,000 BTU heating energy on the front-left burner for successful and speedy cooking. But simmering sauces on all burners can also be potential at 3,000BTU.

It comes alongside sealed burners in an enclosed surface for cooking. This fantastic design, in addition to a stainless steel finish, ensures you could easily and quickly wash the outside surfaces. The grates that arrive in a deep-platform, complete coverage style lets you slide bigger pans and containers easily. Its portable size enables it to fit in the counter surface of almost any kitchen while at the same time fostering the appeal.

For complete control, the metallic dials that are ergonomically designed give you only that. You might even decide the temperature of this cooktop only by taking a look at the metallic dials. This device also comes alongside an auto ignite attribute. It reignites itself if the flames blow off or when water gets to them.

2. GE Profile 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop White PGP9830TJWW

GE Profile 30" Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop White PGP9830TJWW

The GE Profile 30″ gas downdraft is just one of types that comes with an all-purpose burner of 11,500 BTU. This permits you to cook foods and boil water rapidly.

It’s an edge to edge, heavy cast grates that lets you transfer pots and pans between burners easily. The knobs are rather durable and come together with LED lighting. The LED lights asides out of permitting you to know when burners are around, also supply the cooktop with a slick appearance.

The GE Profile 30″ has sealed cooktop burners that help in containing clogs. This implies you are able to wash the burners without hassles. For simple cleaning, the grates can be dishwasher secure. Simply set them in and allow the dishwasher finish up.

3. KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30″ 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30" 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop


This 30″ gas cooktop includes Downdraft, an integrated venting system which does not take another hood. The cooktop comes with a 17K BTU professional burner to attain both high heat necessary for searing and very low simmer settings. The 5K BTU Even-Heat™ Simmer Burner allows precise simmering and melting while the 300 CFM exhaust evaluation means the ventilation can manage all of it.

Downdraft Ventilation – Integrates the venting system to the cooking surface to ensure a distinct hood isn’t needed. Smoke and scents can be removed and removed or filtered and recirculated inside. A duct-free kit is available for sale separately.

17K BTU Professional Burner – Provides the capability to utilize high-temperature cooking techniques like searing, stir-frying, and wok cooking in addition to low temperatures acceptable for simmering.

4. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30 Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel

Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30 Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel

Many cooktops have four burners. Even though this is a lot for a few kitchens, it’s frequently tough to encounter a cooktop which has over four burners. One really great thing about the Frigidaire gas cooktop is the fact that it’s four burners, but additionally, it has a fifth one at the center. This makes organizing anything is intended to be cooked on the stovetop somewhat simpler. Additionally, it makes things a little more convenient, because the majority of the larger juicers on a cooktop are in the back. The significant burner around the Frigidaire cooktop can be found in the center.

There’s but one massive burner around the Frigidaire cooktop, and that may be a problem. If you’re seeking to cook utilizing any greater than one enormous burner, and then you may either have to have a chance using another four burners. The knobs that turn the burners are situated on the front of the cooktop, which may be poisonous since it’s extremely easy to inadvertently switch among the burners on without understanding.

Additionally, there’s a problem with cleaning. The surface beneath the burners is made from stainless steel, which is scraped. This means cleaning it’ll need something which doesn’t have a hard surface. This may be harmful because in the event that you wait too long to wash the surface, it is going to be hard to wash it without scratching it, but if you don’t wait long enough, the surface will continue to be warm and may be harmful to wash.

5. Frigidaire Professional 30 Inch Gas, Stainless Steel 5-Burner with Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, FPGC3077RS Cooktop

Frigidaire Professional 30 Inch Gas, Stainless Steel 5-Burner with Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, FPGC3077RS Cooktop


It is always a wonderful thing to get a cooktop to have five burners, but something which makes things much better would be to have the various burners the exact same size. The Frigidaire Electrolux is just one such cooktop which not only includes five burners, but it’s five different size burners. The largest burner is at the middle.

There’s a small and a moderate burner in the front and a small and moderate one on the back, which can be standard for any specific cooktop. However, some gas cooktops don’t have this type of variety and it’s extremely nice the Frigidaire Electrolux cooktop does. Even though it’s normal for several gas cooktops, the grates strewn one of the Frigidaire Electrolux cooktops could be confusing for many. Moreover, the fire in the gas which lights the cooktop will grow somewhat higher than they normally need to, which runs the possibility of defeating the aim of the grates making it effortless to maneuver whatever pot has to be moved readily.

The stainless steel surface underneath the grates do scratch easily, and while they may be simple to clean after cooking, they still run the risk of being scratched quite a little if a lot of time goes by after cooking.


A gas cooktop with downdraft is an efficient selection for almost any home-owners considering that you are likely to get rid of the dilemma of fumes, smoke, and also the undesirable odor that fills your kitchen area when you are cooking, frying or perhaps grilling in your own stove.

You may no longer have to contemplate installing a range hood or extraction fan over your cooktop due to the built-in venting system it offers.

Not only is it compact and leaves you with additional space to include in a different cabinet, it’s also fashionable and would give you a good looking kitchen. Hopefully, you have discovered the best 30″ gas cooktop with downdraft that is a fantastic match for the kitchen. Thanks for reading!

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