The Ultimate List of Pros & Cons of Bamboo Mattress Toppers

As bamboo products continue to fill the market of eco-goods and become more accessible to the public, you might catch yourself thinking of giving the bamboo fabric a place in your household. Having a wide variety of choices, you can easily get completely lost amongst the available options. What should you purchase first to get a deep insight into bamboo fabric benefits?

While refreshing your wardrobe with bamboo viscose clothing doesn’t sound like the most practical idea, you might think of getting some bedroom items from bamboo. For some, buying a full bamboo bed-linen set or mattress might sound like too much, but there is a smaller and cheaper switch that can be done. And yes, we are talking about the bamboo mattress toppers.

What is a bamboo mattress topper?

While being almost invisible under the bed linen, mattress toppers make a truly crucial impact on the quality of your sleep. Like any other mattress toppers, bamboo mattress cover makes your bedding more comfortable and soft. Making a pliant layer on top of your mattress, the bamboo topper also ensures less pressure on the springs of your bed, which automatically leads to increasing the duration of the latter.

Speaking of how toppers can affect your sleep, it is crucial to mention that they add up to the overall comfort of your mattress and lower the risk of neck and back pain. All together with this, the purchase of the best organic mattress topper might save your old and semi-worn out mattress.

Pros & Cons of bamboo mattress toppers

As it goes before buying any item, you have to study the ultimate list of its benefits and drawbacks. By doing so, you ensure that your purchase can fulfill all of your expectations and bring the needed change into your life.

We have analyzed hundreds of best bamboo mattress toppers available on the market and can provide you with an ultimate list of pros & cons to make sure that neither your money nor your expectations go to waste.

The Pros

  • It is hypoallergenic: Allergies can be considered as one of the most common bed-linen related problems. People who are hypersensitive to dust might find falling asleep a tricky thing to do. The problem behind it - is dust mites that can live in your mattress or bed linen. Usually, these mites live in non-organic fabrics and cause a lot of problems and allergies. Being completely organic and well-ventilated, bamboo mattress pads are way less prone to being inhabited by dust mites. Consequently, the purchase of this organic bamboo topper can make the sleep of allergics way calmer and healthier.
  • It improves your back health: Sleeping on a mattress that is only covered with a bed sheet doesn’t sound like the most comfortable idea of all, and people with back and neck sensitivities know that for sure. But can bamboo mattress cover make things feel any better? As much as the answer is positive, we would like to dig deeper into the science of comfort behind mattress covers and explain what lies in the foundation of them. In fact, the main aid that such toppers provide for your back and neck can be easily explained by memory foam. Bamboo memory foam mattress topper adjusts to the contours of your body and literally personalizes its shape for your needs. Giving every curve of your body gentle and precise support, bamboo memory foam mattress covers to minimize the tension and ensure no back or neck pain in the morning.
  • It prolongs the life of your mattress: You may already know that buying a new high-quality mattress is quite a luxurious thing to afford. However, the desperate desire for good-quality sleep might push you towards damaging your budget and buying a decent mattress. Surprisingly, going for an extreme of buying a new mattress is not always necessary. But what you also have to know is that it’s not always about your mattress, and even getting a new and luxurious one might now always be the solution. The discomfort of your mattress may be caused by the close contact of its spings with your body. Unfortunately, even brand new mattresses often happen to cause this type of discomfort. However, the solution is pretty simple and is all about creating a soft layer between the mattress and your body. As you may guess, this is exactly what bamboo mattress covers are for. Making even new mattresses more comfortable, these toppers can prolong the duration of your old mattress and make it much more comfortable.
  • It is very sustainable: A vast amount of mattress toppers available on the market are made from cotton and let us tell you why there is a problem with it. Not only is cotton less breathable, odor-resistant and soft, but it’s also way more harmful to the environment. Mass productions of cotton are located in emerging markets and involve slave labor. All together with this, the production of cotton involves an enormous amount of pesticides as this plant grows relatively slow. But what is even more unsustainable is that cotton production is based on open-loop cycles. It means that all waste manufactured in the course of production is not being recycled and reused, but goes straight into lands and waters. On the contrary, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that doesn’t demand much human involvement. It autonomously grows back after being harvested, needs very little water and absolutely no pesticides. The vast majority of bamboo fabric production facilities are based upon the traditions of craftsmanship and guarantee a high quality of the final product.
  • There's a wide variety of choice: A wide field for choice is what made bamboo mattress toppers so special. Coming in different sizes and thicknesses, these mattress pads are also ultimately diverse in the range of pricing and extra features. For example, some mattress toppers are infused with charcoal to provide extra protection against bacteria, while others offer unique bamboo fabric blends for maximal comfort.

The Cons

  • Some models may come with a temporary odor: Even though being a very uncommon feature, some bamboo mattress covers come with a distinctive smell that goes away in the course of two days. It happens due to scented memory foam that is inside of the topper. If you are hypersensitive to odors of a different kind, we are recommending you to contact the producer and ensure that the memory foam of your desired mattress cover did not proceed with any temporary scents.
  • Specific types of bamboo toppers are not machine-washable: While choosing the bamboo mattress topper, you might expect that its maintenance won’t demand much effort. Well, this statement is partly true and some toppers can simply be washed in the washing machine. However, others can only be dry-cleaned. Before buying an organic mattress topper, make sure that the recommended maintenance measures meet your expectations.

Is bamboo mattress topper worth it?

Coming in various sizing options and price ranges, bamboo toppers are a perfect choice for those who are concerned with having a high-quality sleeping experience. Moreover, these toppers will also be an excellent purchase for eco-concerned individuals and dust allergies. Giving a wide range of features for an affordable price, bamboo toppers are definitely worth your consideration.

In a word

Bamboo is an eco-friendly grass that doesn’t demand much care and turns out to be a perfect material for sleeping items. Giving you the ultimate breathability and resistance against dust mites and bacteria, it is also capable of improving the overall quality of your sleep. Bamboo mattress toppers are a perfect choice for those, who want to make their mattress more comfortable and give a brand new life to their old bed.

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