Best Bamboo Bath Mat For Outdoor And Indoor Uses

Bamboo bathroom accessories, for example, the bamboo bath mat, will definitely blend perfectly with most decor, from modern to eclectic styles. Furthermore, bamboo shower mats are made from high-quality bamboo plants, making them better options than other bath mats available in the market. If you want to find out more about bamboo bath mats, this article will enlighten you.

Which is the best bamboo for bath mat?

Why Bamboo Mats: What are the Benefits?

Most wood mats are prone to water damage and let the water soak or leak right through your bathroom floor. However, you will be guaranteed not to have premature rot or any leak through the floor with high-quality bamboo. Bamboo is an exceptional material that is used to make different that are super durable.

  1. The bamboo shower mats are best suited to wood rugs because they hold up well if exposed to humid conditions.
  2. The rugs made from bamboo are eco-friendly.
  3. The bamboo rugs will perfectly blend or fit with any interior
  4. The bamboo bath rugs are long-lasting and easy to use.
  5. It is way easy to take care of the bamboo mat
  6. The mats are affordable
  7. They offer great ventilation and thermal insulation because of the porous structure.

Now that we have looked at the benefits of the bamboo mats, we will list the five best bamboo bath mats that are super durable and designed with a versatile and flexible design to suit your liking.

1. iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug...
  • BAMBOO RUNNER RUG: Bamboo floor mat runner's traditional style perfectly accents any home decor. Ideal for bathroom, mudroom, kitchen,...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Non-skid underside protects your wood, carpet, or tile floors from damage
  • STYLISH: Modern style with a natural beige finish complements any home decor
  • WATER-RESISTANT: Made of natural bamboo with water-resistant coating and fabric border
  • IDEAL SIZE: Bamboo rug measures 17" x 24", perfect for your living space

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Mat is one of the best bamboo bath mats that come with a versatile and flexible design that will work well indoors and outdoors. This bamboo shower mat gives your bathroom a chic and contemporary look that blends perfectly with almost any home style.

This bamboo rug can be used in the office, entryway, kitchen, mudroom, shower, or even in your backyard. It has a non-skid feature that will help protect your carpet, tile, or floor from damage. In addition, this bamboo is water-resistant and has a thick waterproof fabric border that gives it a strong grip.

Moreover, the rug has a Flawless and smooth finish to eliminate splinters and has a much bigger desi8gn, making it a 0perfect option for big bathrooms or your living room.


  • Designed with non-skid fabric will keep you from slipping or sliding
  • Provides perfect flooring to keep feet from getting dirty
  • Solid and well-constructed design
  • Stylish and sleek design


  • Larger, therefore, requires more room

2. Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat - Bathroom and Kitchen Rugs

ZPirates Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathroom - Accessories for Sauna Spa...
  • Longer lifespan for up to 4 years - Would not stain or sag; lighter than teak wood and stronger than plastic or rubber bath mats
  • No nails or screws were used - This wooden bathroom mat makes no use of nails or screws, which are harmful and can rust over time
  • Great under-pad for fabric rugs - Place your rug on top of this bamboo bath mat to create airflow, keep the rug dry, and prevent odors
  • RV camper and motor home companion - Great for camping shower enclosure or on sandy and grassy grounds; conveniently multi-purpose kind of...
  • Comes with non-skid pads - The bottom is padded with rubber grip tape that is non-slip on rough surfaces

Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is a great option if you are looking for a bamboo mat that has a sturdy design. In addition, this bamboo shower mat has an enhanced floor gripping rubber pad that will provide you will more stable footing and reduce slipping.

This mat is constructed with a lattice design that will let water and air flow freely, reducing the chances of mold or bacteria growth. The advantage is that this mat is super portable, seeing that you can easily roll it if you are traveling or you want to store it. Additionally, it has waterproof coatings and is lightweight but still sturdy.

Unlike other wooden mats, this bamboo mat is not designed with nails or screws that rust with time. Instead, it is designed with super long-lasting material that will last you a while.


  • Straightforward to wash or clean
  • Have an extended lifespan
  • Long-lasting design
  • Smooth anti-skid rubber beneath to guard your floor
  • Has a lattice design that lets water and air move freely


  • Needs regular cleaning

3. Premium Bamboo Bathroom Floor Mat

Bamboo Shower Mat - Wood Bath Mat, Outdoor Shower Mat - Foldable,...
  • NON-SLIP MAT: With its 10 rubber pegs, this wood shower mat will stay firmly in place, making it safe and keeping your bathroom or entrance...
  • SLATS: The bath mat has slats which allow the water to drain. You won’t find water pooling at your feet. (When done using, place in an...
  • FOLDABLE: We’ve added hinges to make this foldable for storage and travel.
  • BEAUTIFUL BATH MAT: A wooden floor mat looks and feels much better than a soggy fabric mat that forever needs to be washed. The bamboo style...
  • STURDY: This high-quality wooden shower mat is made of pure bamboo, a strong material. This wooden mat is also much less expensive and...

Premium Bamboo Bathroom Floor Mat is a stylish and practical mat that can easily blend in any room. This bamboo shower mat will definitely add a touch of class and nature that provides comfortable exit points all-around your home.

This bamboo shower mat has a versatile or flexible design, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You could use it around the pool, backyard, doormat, kitchen, or as a decorative piece. The mat is designed with high-quality bamboo that makes it a sturdy, long-lasting, and sustainable purchase.

The amazing thing is that this mat also slips resistant and comes with a slatted design that gives it optimal air circulation, which will help it dry much faster. Moreover, this mat has a money-back guarantee if it does not meet your expectations.


  • Design is easy for cleaning
  • Long-lasting design
  • Flawless and smooth finish to eliminate splinters
  • Has a soft rubbered button that will not harm the floor
  • Provides perfect flooring to keep feet from getting dirty


  • Not easy to fold

4. Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower

Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower - Non-Slip Bamboo Wooden...
  • 🌃WATERPROOF: Bamboo bath mat is waterproof which has slatted surface conduces to drainage; unlike those cloth mats in the market which...
  • 🌃NON-SLIP: Non-slip bath mat with soft rubber feet on the bottom will not scratch your floor; but will improve your safety
  • 🌃EXCELLENT MATERIAL: Bamboo is more eco-friendly than wood and has the characteristics of renewability and shorter growing duration
  • 🌃EASY to CLEAN: The surface of the bamboo bathroom mat is hardwearing, stain resistant and easy to keep clean; after use, just use a...
  • 🌃PRACTICAL: Luxury bath mat is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use; put it in your bathroom; or take it when you go to the beach,etc

Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower is another great option that will come with a more natural finish, and it would be a perfect addition to any room. This bamboo bath mat is a perfect bath mat option since it is waterproof and has a slatted surface that helps with drainage, unlike any other fabric mat, which usually absorbs too much water.

The Bath Mat for Bathroom Luxury Shower has a non-slip design that prevents slipping, which in the end, reduces accidents and boosts your safety. The mat is exactly what you need to purchase bamboo that is made with high-quality material.

Additionally, you can hand wash this mat since it is hard-wearing, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. You could also use the mat anywhere around the house, indoor or outdoor: in the bathroom or shower, kitchen, and even at the beach.


  • Cleans and vacuums out easily
  • Long-lasting design
  • Smooth anti-skid rubber beneath to guard your floor
  • Slatted surface conducive to drainage
  • Non-slip bath mat with soft rubber feet


  • Air permeability is poor

5. mDesign 100% Bamboo Non-Slip Large Rectangular Spa Bath Mat

mDesign 100% Bamboo Non-Slip Large Rectangular Spa Bath Mat - for...
  • STYLISH SPA MAT: Add some spa style to your decor with this natural bamboo wood mat that will give you a comfortable exit point and allow...
  • NO-SLIP DESIGN: 9 non-slip soft plastic feet on the bottom of the mat help to keep it from slipping and sliding on wet floors; The soft feet...
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: Use the mat by showers and bathtubs or as a decorative piece; Its versatile design makes it perfect for outdoor...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made from durable, sustainable eco-friendly bamboo; Add a natural touch and go green; ; Non-slip feet are soft...
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 23.5" x 18" x 1" high

mDesign 100% Bamboo Non-Slip Large Rectangular Spa Bath Mat is one of the best bamboo bath mats in the market made with sustainable, environmentally friendly bamboo. The mat has a stylish design that will add a touch of tye to your space or floor. This mat will provide a comfortable and chic exit point that will allow you to dry your feet with ease.

These modern mats have a slat design that will give you optimal air circulation to help dry and eliminate water stains much faster. This mat also has 9 nonslip plastic feet design on the bottom that will help prevent slipping. Additionally, this mat has a great design that makes it long-lasting.

The amazing thing is that the mat has a versatile design that makes it perfect for indoors and outdoors. You could use it by the pool, hot tub, kitchen, garage, entryways, and even door fronts.


  • Waterproof and mold resistant
  • Has a soft rubbered button that will not harm the floor
  • Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere in the home
  • Smooth anti-skid rubber beneath to guard your floor
  • Cleans vacuums out, and dries out easily


  • Slatted design that can let water through

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Bamboo Mat

1. Use of the Bath Mat

Before purchasing a bamboo bath mat, you have to know the main purpose of getting it and where you intend to use it. Mainly a bath mat is usually used to prevent water pooling in your bathroom or on the floor. However, you must get a versatile design that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, ensure that you get a mat that is easy to clean and ensures that your mat is dried properly to limit mold growth or pungent odors. Finally, ensure that the mat you purchase has a nonslip surface or slip-resistant mat to serve as a safe and help prevent accidents.

2. Water-resistant

It would be best to choose bamboo bath mats with a water-resistant coating to help repel water. A mat made of bamboo material will not likely absorb too much water compared to any other floor mat, but it is still vulnerable to water exposure. So you should purchase a water-resistant bath mat.

3. Vents 

You should also look at the ventilation because some mats are vented, which will allow water to leak through to the floors. You must choose a bath mat that is not vented if you've porous floor type since it will easily warp went exposed to water.

4. Non-slip and Leak-proof backing

One other thing that you should check is the underside of the mat. Some mats have a non-slip surface that will help prevent you from sliding, while other bamboo bath mats do not, and they will move around, which could cause accidents. Also, you must get a leakproof mat to prevent it from getting damp and moldy.

5. Weight

You must check the weight of the floor mat or bath mat you get. Bamboo is extremely heavy and sturdy, so you should have that in mind. Most of the raised mats are lightweight, but some are not, so you have to check the manufacturer's guidelines to know if they are the exact weight you want.

6. Style and Design

While purchasing the best bamboo bath mat, ensure that you get a stylish design that will blend perfectly with your type of floor and your space. You will find that the bamboo designs will differ, with different grid patterns, and they come in different stains that will range from dark colors to light colors, which give you the chance to choose according to the color theme of your space.

Tips for Cleaning the Bamboo Shower Mat

  1. Always ensure that you clean your mat occasionally. It is also advisable that you clean your bathroom regularly on both the floor and the wall properly to prevent mold growth and bacteria.
  2. If you want to clean the mats deep, you could also use a vacuum.
  3. Remember that you should not machine wash bamboo fabric mats. If you have a bamboo fabric mat, remember that you should not be machine washed or dried unless the manufacturer recommends it.
  4. You could place a piece of cloth or a towel on the floor before placing the mat. This will prevent too much water from getting through the slatted mat.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Bamboo Bath Mats

1. Do bamboo bath mats get moldy?

Bamboo bath mats are known to have good water and mildew-resistant properties. Bamboo shower mats will likely harbor mold, fungus, and mildew if not cleaned and maintained properly. You should use the clean the mats with vinegar at least once every two months.

2. How do you get mold out of bamboo bath mats?

If you are wondering how you can use the bamboo shower mat to remove mold, you could use a combination of vinegar and laundry. You will need to thoroughly clean and scrub using a soft brush to remove the unwanted molds and smells with the solution. When you are done, you could air dry them to stop or limit the growth of the molds on the mat. You should repeat the routine at least every two months.

3. Can bamboo mats be used in the shower?

A bamboo shower mat is an amazingly versatile option that makes it flexible to be used in different places for different uses. The good thing is that they come in different designs, making them a perfect option for indoor and outdoor bathrooms. In addition, you could use it in the pool area, in the backyard and could also be used as a decorative piece.

4. Is a bamboo shower mat hygienic?

Bamboo materials are from a sustainable plant grown organically with no pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals, and it has amazing properties. First, the bamboo material is a natural antibacterial, so it is naturally odor and mold repellent, making it an excellent option for use as a shower mat. Moreover, a bamboo shower mat is hypoallergenic, which makes it soft on the skin.

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