What Was Clint Walker’s Shoe Size?

Clint Walker was a true giant of a man, and his shoe size reflected that! Here’s a look at what his shoe size was, and how it affected his acting career.

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Clint Walker was an American actor known for his tall stature and deep voice. Walker’s breakthrough role came in the television series Cheyenne, which ran from 1955 to 1963. He appeared in a number of other television Westerns, including The Alaskans, The Texan, and Bourbon Street Beat. In film, Walker starred in The Ten Commandments as Samson, along with such features as Nothing Sacred, Yellowstone Kelly, and Gold of the Seven Saints.

Walker’s shoe size was reported to be 14EE ( extra wide).

Early Life and Career

Clint Walker was born Norman Eugene Walker in Hartford, Illinois, on May 30, 1927. His parents, Gladys Huldah (née Schwanda) and Paul Arnold Walker, were of German, Czech, English, and Irish descent. When he was a year old, the family moved to Missouri where his mother’s relatives had settled. Clint grew up near Long Lane. NormanWorked odd jobs during his childhood, including as a nightclub bouncer. He also spent time with members of the Cherokee Nation.

Clint Walker’s Shoe Size

Clint Walker was an American actor, best known for his leading role in the television western series Cheyenne. He stood 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall and had a deep voice. Walker’s shoe size was 13D.


Clint Walker’s shoe size was 12EE.