What Spell Causes Objects to Swell in Size?

If you’re looking for a spell to cause objects to swell in size, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to cast this spell effectively.

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The Swelling Spell

The Swelling Spell is a charm that causes objects to swell in size. It is very useful for moving things out of the way or for creating a distraction. The spell is also very simple to perform and only requires a few ingredients.


The Swelling Spell is a spell that causes objects to swell in size. It is classified as a charm and is one of the first spells taught in Charm class. The Swelling Spell is one of the most basic spells, but it can be very useful in many situations.

The Swelling Spell is cast by saying the incantation, “engorgio,” while pointing one’s wand at the object to be affected. The effect of the spell is temporary and will wear off after a period of time. There is no known counter-spell for the Swelling Spell.


The Swelling Spell (incantation unknown) was a spell that caused an object to swell in size.

The spell was used by Molly Weasley on Snuffles when he was a puppy, in order to stop him from biting her ankles. The effects of the spell were not permanent, as Snuffles returned to his normal size shortly afterwards.

The Swelling Spell may be related to the Engorgement Charm, as both spells cause an object to increase in size.

Possible Causes of the Swelling Spell

While the Swelling Spell is most likely caused by a botched Enlarging Charm, there are a few possible explanations for how the spell might work. It could be that the caster meant to cast the Enlarging Charm but misspoke the incantation, or that they were attempting to create a new spell altogether. Alternatively, the Swelling Spell could be the result of a Dark Arts spell gone wrong.

Lack of Concentration

There are many possible causes for the sudden enlargement of inanimate objects. One theory posits that the spell may be caused by a lack of concentration on the part of the spellcaster. If the caster is not focused on what they are doing, they may inadvertently cause the objects around them to swell in size. Another possibility is that the spell is simply a result of bad magic or incorrect spellcasting. It is also possible that the objects are reacting to something in their environment, such as a change in temperature or pressure. Whatever the cause, it is clear that the swelling spell can have some dangerous consequences.

Poor wand quality

One possible cause of the swollen spell is poor wand quality. This can be the result of a number of things, such as using a wand that is too old or not made from the best materials. When a wand is of poor quality, it is more likely to produce spells that are less than perfect, and this can sometimes result in unintended side effects like the swelling spell. Another possible cause of this spell going awry is if the wand is faulty in some way. This could mean that it was dropped or damaged in some other way, which can disrupt its magical properties and lead to spells going wrong.

Interference from other magic

There are many possible explanations for why an object might suddenly swell in size. It could be the result of a spell gone wrong, or it could be the work of a rival witch or wizard. It is also possible that the object has been enchanted by a creature such as a goblin or a elf.

How to Prevent the Swelling Spell

If you want to keep your belongings from becoming too large, you’ll need to know how to prevent the swelling spell. Swelling is a common occurrence in the magical world and can be caused by a number of things. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep your belongings from becoming too large.

Practice wand waving

One way to prevent the swelling spell is by practicing wand waving. This will help you master the wand so that you can control it better. Another way to prevent the swelling spell is to use a different kind of wand. There are many different types of wands, so find one that is easier for you to control. Finally, try to relax and focus when you are using your wand. This will help you keep your wand movements smooth and controlled.

Use a good wand

If you are a wizard or witch who is having trouble with your spells causing things to swell in size, there are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening. First, make sure you are using a good wand. A wand that is not properly attuned to your magic can be the cause of many problems, including spellcasting gone awry. If you are not sure if your wand is attuned to you, ask a trusted witch or wizard for help in testing it.

Second, try using different ingredients in your spells. Sometimes the type of ingredients you use can affect the outcome of the spell. If you typically use herbs that have a tendency to swell when exposed to water, try using different herbs that will not have this effect.

Finally, be more careful when casting spells. Take your time and focus on what you want the spell to do. Imagine the desired outcome in your mind before casting the spell. This will help ensure that your spell does exactly what you want it to do.

Shield your wand from other magic

If you find yourself in the presence of another wizard or witch’s magic, it is important to protect your wand from their spells. You can do this by holding your wand up in front of you, with the tip pointing towards the other person, and saying “protego”. This will create a magical shield around your wand, which will reflect any incoming spells back at the caster.