What Size Shoe Does Kevin Durant Wear?

Find out how to determine what size shoe Kevin Durant wears and how this can help you make the best decision when purchasing your own pair of shoes.

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Shoe Size

Kevin Durant, an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, D.C. Durant has played in the NBA for thirteen seasons, winning two NBA championships, an NBA Most Valuable Player Award, two Finals MVP Awards, and two Olympic gold medals. He has also been selected to eleven All-Star teams and ten All-NBA teams. So, what size shoe does Kevin Durant wear?

How to measure your foot

Before you start, make sure you are wearing the type of socks you would normally wear with the shoes you are buying. Then, trace your foot onto a piece of paper and measure the length and width of your foot in inches or centimeters.

For the width, start at the top of your foot where it’s the widest and measure straight across to the other side. For the length, start at your heel and measure to the end of your longest toe. If one of your feet is larger than the other, measure both feet and use the larger size when you’re looking for shoes.

Once you have those measurements, consult a sizing chart to find out what size shoe you need. Shoe sizes can vary significantly between different brands and even different styles of shoes, so it’s always best to try on a shoe before you buy it.

How to find your shoe size

To find your shoe size, start by tracing your foot on a piece of paper and then measuring the length and width of it with a ruler. Once you have those measurements, refer to a shoe size chart to find the closest match. If you are between sizes or if one foot is larger than the other, it is best to try on both sizes before making a purchase. Keep in mind that different brands and styles of shoes may fit differently, so it is always best to try them on before buying.

Shoe Brands

You may be wondering what size shoe does Kevin Durant wear. He is one of the most popular basketball players and is known for his signature shoes. He wears a size 18 shoe.


Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel[2] and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion for the fiscal year 2012 (ending May 31, 2012).[3] As of 2012, it employed more than 44,000 people worldwide. In 2014 the brand alone was valued at $19 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses.[4][5] As of 2017 Nike has a market cap of $100.2B. The brand was founded on January 25, 1964,[6] as Blue Ribbon Sports,[7] by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight,[8] and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971.[1] The company takes its name from Nike (the Greek goddess of victory). Nike markets its products under its own brand as well as NIKE Golf, Nike Pro[9], Nike+, Air Jordan,[10] NIKE Skateboarding[11], ASICS Tiger items made in Japan such as running shoes or Onitsuka Tiger shoes are marketed through other companies outside Japan like Puma AG Leo Chang who designed much of Highsnobiety x Adidas’s range has designed much signature footwear for LeBron James.[12][13][14][15][16]


Adidas is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world.


Kevin Durant, an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), was previously signed with Nike, wearing the Nike KD series. In 2014, Durant left Nike and signed a deal with the Jordan brand, a subsidiary of Nike. He helped design his signature shoes, the KD series. As of 2021, Durant is sponsored by the following brands: Beats by Dre, Foot Locker, JetSmarter, Panini and Degree.

Shoe Stores

It can be difficult to find stores that sell shoes in Kevin Durant’s size. When you are looking for a store that sells shoes in Kevin Durant’s size, you should look for a store that specializes in selling shoes in large sizes. You can also try looking for a store that sells shoes in size 16 or higher.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker is a shoe store that sells shoes for everyone. They have a wide range of sizes, widths, and styles for both men and women. You can find everything from running shoes to dress shoes at Foot Locker.

Finish Line

Finish Line is a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes. They carry a wide range of brands and sizes, and they are a good place to buy shoes for a variety of reasons. First, they have a wide selection of shoes to choose from. Second, they offer free shipping on orders over $75. And third, they have a great return policy – you can return shoes that you’ve bought online or in-store within 60 days, as long as you have your original receipt.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an American sporting goods retail company, with more than 600 stores in 44 states. The company was founded in 1948 by Dick Stack. It is headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

The company offers a wide range of products, including athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and children. It also sells equipment for sports such as golf, basketball, baseball, football, and more. Dick’s Sporting Goods provides customers with the option to buy online or in-store.

If you are looking for a specific product, you can use the search bar on the website or visit the nearest store. You can also find helpfulSize charts for shoes on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website.