What Size Motorcycle Do I Need?

A guide to help you determine what size motorcycle you need.

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There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on a number of factors, including your height, weight, and riding experience.

If you’re a beginner, it’s generally recommended that you start with a smaller bike. This will make it easier to handle and control. You can always move up to a bigger bike later on if you find that you’re ready for more power and speed.

If you’re unsure of what size bike you need, it’s best to speak with an experienced rider or dealer. They can help you find the right bike for your specific needs.

What’s the Right Size for You?

If you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle, you might be wondering what size bike is right for you. The answer depends on a few factors, including your height, weight, and experience level. In this article, we’ll break down the different sizes of motorcycles and help you decide which one is right for you.

Consider Your Height

If you’re on the taller side, you’ll probably feel more comfortable on a bike with a higher seat. For most people, that means a bike with a seat height of 30 inches or more. Bikes with higher seats usually have longer suspension travel, which improves comfort on rough roads. But if you can’t put both feet flat on the ground when stopped, you may have trouble balancing the bike at slow speeds and while stopped. You may be able to lower some bikes by putting thinner tires on them or adjusting the suspension.

Some bikes come in different seat heights to accommodate different-sized riders. Other bikes have adjustable seats that can be raised or lowered to fit different riders. And some manufacturers offer taller windscreens to help tall riders avoid being buffeted by the wind. If you’re considering a sportbike, make sure it has a comfortable riding position for you. Many sportbikes have low seats and high footpegs that can be difficult for shorter riders to reach.

Consider Your Weight

When considering what size motorcycle is right for you, your weight is an important factor. Heavier riders will feel more comfortable on a bike with a bit more power and torque, while lighter riders may prefer a smaller bike that’s easier to handle.

If you’re on the taller side, you may also want to consider a bike with a longer wheelbase, which will provide more stability. Conversely, shorter riders may prefer a bike with a shorter wheelbase for easier maneuverability.

Consider Your Riding Experience

The first thing you need to determine is what size motorcycle is right for you. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to consider your experience level as a rider. If you’re a new rider, or someone who has been riding for a while but isn’t comfortable on a larger bike, it’s probably best to start with something small. Many motorcycle manufacturers offer “starter bikes” in the 250-400cc range that are perfect for beginners.

Once you have some experience under your belt, you can start thinking about stepping up to a larger bike. But don’t just go for the biggest bike you can find—think about what kind of riding you want to do. If you’re interested in long-distance touring, you’ll want something that’s comfortable on the highway and has plenty of storage space. For someone who likes to ride off-road, a lighter bike with better suspension might be more appropriate. There are also motorcycles designed specifically for racing or stunting, although these are probably not the best choice for a beginner.

The Best Motorcycle for Beginners

A motorcycle’s size is measured by its engine displacement in cubic centimeters (cc). This is the total volume of air and fuel that the engine can move during each cycle of its 4 strokes. To give you an idea, a 250cc motorcycle is going to be much smaller than a 1700cc motorcycle.

Honda CBR250R

The Honda CBR250R is often lauded as the best starter motorcycle. It’s not too powerful (somewhere between 15 and 30 horsepower), it’s easy on gas, and it has a low seat height, making it easy to reach the ground with your feet. All of these things make it a good choice for a beginner.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is often considered the best motorcycle for beginners. It’s a small bike that’s easy to handle, and it has a nice power-to-weight ratio that makes it manageable for new riders. It also has ABS brakes and a wide variety of aftermarket parts and accessories available, which makes it a great platform for customizing.

Suzuki GW250

The Suzuki GW250 is a great option for beginners. It’s a relatively small bike, so it’s easy to handle, but it’s still big enough to provide a good ride. It also has a low seat height, so it’s easy to reach the ground. Plus, it’s affordable, so it won’t break the bank.

The Best Motorcycle for Experienced Riders

Novice riders often ask, “What size motorcycle do I need?” The answer to this question is not easy because it depends on experience. An experienced rider may want a larger motorcycle, while a beginner may be just as happy on a smaller bike. In this article, we will discuss the best motorcycle for experienced riders.

Honda CBR600RR

The CBR600RR is a sport bike that was introduced by Honda in 2003. It is powered by a 599 cc (36.6 cu in) liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine and has a redline of 13,500 rpm. In 2012, Honda released an updated version of the CBR600RR for the 2013 model year.

The CBR600RR was originally designed to be a race replica of Honda’s RC211V MotoGP race bike. The CBR600RR won every Supersport World Championship title from 2002 to 2008, and again in 2010 and 2014. In 2004, the RR’s ancestor, the CBR954RR, was replaced by the larger-engined CBR1000RR Fireblade. In response to this, Honda released an updated version of the CBR600RR with more power and torque for the 2007 model year.

The CBR600RR has been widely praised by motorcycle publications and journalists worldwide. In 2004, MCN said “In terms of all-round ability there’s very little this motorcycle can’t do well.” while Cycle World described it as “the most successful 600cc sportbike in recent history.” The bike received further praise in 2006 from journalists testing it for both magazines, with MCN again calling it “the best 600cc sportsbike money can buy” and Cycle World labelling it “a racetrack refugee that happens to be legal on the street.”

Yamaha YZF-R6

For experienced riders, the Yamaha YZF-R6 is one of the best motorcycles on the market. It’s a perfect blend of power and agility, and it’s built to withstand the rigors of spirited riding. If you’re looking for a motorcycle that will give you an exhilarating riding experience, the R6 is an excellent choice.

Suzuki GSX-R750

The Suzuki GSX-R750 is a popular choice for experienced riders. It’s a great all-around motorcycle that is suitable for both street and track riding. It has a powerful engine and great handling, making it a good choice for those who want to ride fast and hard.


If you’re still unsure about what size bike is right for you, the best thing to do is to go to a motorcycle dealership and sit on a few different bikes. See how they feel and get a sense of which one you would be more comfortable riding. Or, if you’re still undecided, you could always buy a smaller bike and upgrade to a bigger one later on.