What Size Hat Am I?

Trying to find out what size hat you are? Check out our blog post to find out how to measure your head for the perfect fitting hat!

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Measuring Your Head

You will need a tape measure, or a string that you can mark and measure later. Place the string or tape around your head just above your eyebrows and ears. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

Use a flexible tape measure

If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, you can use a string and a ruler, yardstick, or other straight edge.

Wrap the string around your head just above your ears and across the middle of your forehead. You can wrap the string around your head multiple times if you want to get an average measurement.

Mark the point on the string where it overlaps itself, then measure the length of the section of string between the mark and the end with your straight edge. This is your head circumference measurement.

Measure the circumference of your head

To measure the circumference of your head, wrap a soft measuring tape around your head just above your ears and level with the middle of your forehead, which is about an inch above your eyebrows. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string and then measure the string with a hard ruler or yardstick. Just be sure to keep the string level and taut, but not too tight, as you don’t want it to distort the measurement. Once you have your measurement, consult the size chart below to find your hat size.

Hat Size Head Circumference (in inches)
6 3/4 21 1/4
6 7/8 21 5/8
7 22
7 1/8 22 3/8
7 1/4 22 3/4
7 3/8 23 1/8
7 1/2 23 1/2
7 5/8 23 7/8

Determining Your Hat Size

One of the most important aspects of purchasing a hat is making sure it fits properly. A hat that is too small can be uncomfortable and cause headaches, while a hat that is too large can be impractical and look silly. In order to find your proper hat size, there are a few measurements you will need to take.

Use a hat size chart

Most people know their hat size, but for those who don’t, there’s an easy way to find out. Using a tape measure (or a ruler if you don’t have one), measure the circumference of your head just above your ears and refer to the chart below. If you fall between sizes, order the next size up.

-Small: 21 1/2″ – 22″
-Medium: 22 1/2″ – 23″
-Large: 23 1/2″ – 24″
-X-Large: 24 1/2″ – 25″

Convert your head measurement to a hat size

To find your hat size, measure your head with a tape measure about 1 inch above your eyebrows where your hat will rest. Hold the tape measure level and firm, but not tight, then compare your measurement with our size chart to determine your hat size. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.

Trying on Hats

Trying on hats is a great way to find the perfect size for your head. It can be difficult to know what size hat you are, but by trying on different hats, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit. Trying on hats is also a great way to find the perfect style for your head. You can try on different styles and find the one that you like the best.

Adjust the hat to fit your head

Follow these instructions to find out your hat size:

1. Measure your head. Wrap a measuring tape around your head about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above your eyebrows, or whatever is the widest part of your head. If you don’t have a measuring tape, cut a piece of string and hold it against a yardstick or ruler. Make a mark at the point where the string meets, and then measure the distance with the ruler.

2. Convert inches to hat size. If you end up with an fractions of an inch, round up to the next full inch. For example, if you measured 21 inches (53 cm), you would wear a size 7 hat. Here is how to convert:

– 20 1/4 inches = Size 6 3/4
– 20 1/2 inches = Size 6 7/8
– 20 3/4 inches = Size 7
– 21 inches = Size 7 1/8
– 21 1/4 inches = Size 7 1/4
– 21 1/2 inches = Size 7 3/8
– 21 3/4 inche7s = Size 7 1/2
– 22 inches = Size 7 5/8

Check that the hat is not too tight or too loose

When you try on a hat, it should fit snugly around your head, but not so tight that it gives you a headache or leaves a mark on your forehead. You should be able to fit one finger between the edge of the hat and your head.