What Size Frame Do You Need for an 11×14 Print?

Here are the dimensions for an 11×14 print and the frame size you’ll need to purchase.

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Whether you’re an artist or a collector, framing your artwork is an important way to protect and display it. But what size frame do you need for an 11×14 print?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a frame for your 11×14 print. The first is the matting. If you plan to mat your print, you will need a larger frame to accommodate the matting. For example, if you want to use an 8-ply mat (which is about 1/4 inch thick), you will need a frame that is at least 1 inch wider and 1 inch taller than the print itself. So, for an 11×14 print, you would need a 12×15 frame.

If you’re not planning to mat your print, then you can choose a frame that is the same size as the print or slightly larger. Keep in mind that larger frames tend to be more expensive, so if cost is a factor, stick with a frame that’s the same size as your print.

When it comes to 11×14 prints, there are two standard frame sizes that you can choose from: 16×20 or 18×24. These are the most common sizes for ready-made frames, so they should be easy to find and relatively affordable. If you want something different, though, don’t be afraid to get creative! There are all sorts of unique frames available if you look around.

11×14 frame size options

An 11×14 print will fit in a frame that is 16 inches wide and 20 inches high. This size frame is also called a ” piled frame.” A 16×20 frame will also hold an 11×17, 8.5×11, or 8×10 print with matting.

How to choose the right frame size

To figure out the right frame size for an 11×14 print, start by measuring the print itself. For example, if the print is 11 inches wide by 14 inches tall, then you’ll need a frame that’s at least 11 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

Once you have the dimensions of the print, add 2-4 inches on each side. This will give you enough room to mat the print (if you’re using one), and it will also provide some extra space between the edge of the frame and the print itself. For example, if your 11×14 print has a 2-inch border, then you’ll need a frame that’s at least 15×18 inches.

When choosing a frame size, it’s also important to consider the thickness of the frame itself. For example, a thin metal frame will take up less space than a thick wooden frame. If you’re framing an 11×14 print for a smaller space, such as a shelf or desk, then you may want to choose a thinner frame to avoid taking up too much space.

Finally, keep in mind that frames are usually sold in standard sizes. If you can’t find a frame that’s exactly the size you need, then look for one that’s close and use spacers or matting to fill in the gaps.


To sum it all up, you need at least a 16×20 frame for an 11×14 print. Anything larger will do, but anything smaller will not be big enough.16×20 is the minimum size you should use for an 11×14 print.