What Size Breaker Do You Need for a Refrigerator?

If you’re wondering what size breaker you need for a refrigerator, you’re not alone. It’s a common question, and one that has a simple answer. In most cases, you’ll need a 20-amp breaker for a refrigerator.

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The size of the breaker you need for a refrigerator depends on the wattage of the fridge and the amperage rating of the circuit. Most refrigerators require between 15 and 20 amps, so a typical 15-amp circuit should be sufficient. If your fridge is particularly large or uses more power-intensive features, you may need a 20-amp circuit.

What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is a device that is designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. The breaker interrupts the flow of electricity to the circuit when it senses an overload or short, preventing the wires from overheating and potentially starting a fire.

There are two main types of circuit breakers: thermal-magnetic and solid state. Thermal-magnetic breakers use a combination of heat and magnetic forces to trip the breaker, while solid state breakers use electronic components to sense an overload or short.

Most homes have a main breaker panel that contains a number of circuit breakers that control the different circuits in the home. Each circuitbreaker is designed to protect a specific area or group of outlets. For example, there may be a kitchen circuit that controls all of the outlets in the kitchen, and another for the bathroom, etc.

When choosing a breaker for a refrigerator, it is important to select one that is rated for both the correct voltage and current. voltage rating will be either 120 volts or 240 volts, and is usually printed on the breaker itself. The current rating is usually 15 amps or 20 amps, and this should be clearly marked on the panel as well.

It is also important to note that refrigerators typically require their own dedicated circuit, so be sure to check your panel before adding any new appliances.

How to determine the size of circuit breaker you need for a refrigerator

To determine the size of circuit breaker you need for a refrigerator, you’ll first need to know the voltage and amperage requirements of the fridge. These can be found in the owner’s manual or on a label affixed to the appliance. Once you have this information, you can use a circuit breaker sizer tool to find the right breaker for your fridge.


As you can see, the size of breaker you need for a refrigerator will depend on a few factors. Use the information above to help you determine what size breaker you need for your fridge.