What is .375 as a fraction?

If you’re wondering what .375 is as a fraction, you’re not alone. This decimal can be a little tricky to convert to a fraction, but we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to convert .375 to a fraction.

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.375 as a Fraction

.375 as a fraction is 3/8.

.375 as a Decimal

.375 as a decimal is 3/8.

.375 as a Percent

.375 as a percent is actually 37.5%. To convert decimals to fractions, simply put the decimal over 100 and reduce if possible. In this case, .375 is 375/1000 or 3/8 after reducing. To turn a fraction into a percent, simply multiply the top number of the fraction by 100 and put a “%” sign at the end. Therefore, 3/8 = 300/800 = 37.5%.

.375 as a Mixed Number

To change .375 to a mixed number, we need to find how many wholes are in .375.

We do this by counting how many times .375 goes into 1.

It goes into 1 three times with a remainder of 0.125.

0.125 is a decimal, so we count it as 1/8 when we write it as a fraction.

This means that .375=3/8 as a mixed number.