What is 2.2 as a Fraction?

2.2 as a Fraction is an improper fraction. The numerator is 2 and the denominator is 2. The fraction is equal to 1.

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What is 2.2 as a Fraction?

2.2 as a fraction is 11/5. To get this answer, simply divide 2.2 by 1 to get an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 5.

How to Convert 2.2 to a Fraction

When converting a decimal to a fraction, there are a few steps that need to be followed in order to arrive at the correct answer. In this case, we need to convert 2.2 to a fraction. To do so, we’ll first want to write 2.2 as an improper fraction. This can be done by taking the decimal point and moving it two places to the right, which gives us 22/10. Next, we’ll want to simplify this fraction by finding the greatest common factor between 22 and 10. In this case, the greatest common factor is 2. Therefore, we can simplify 22/10 by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 2, which gives us 11/5.

How to Express 2.2 as a Mixed Number

When you see the decimal 2.2, it is easy to convert it to a fraction by simply placing the decimal over 1 and simplifying if necessary. This would give you the fraction 22/10. However, what if you need to express 2.2 as a mixed number?

A mixed number consists of a whole number and a fraction. In order to convert 2.2 to a mixed number, you will need to first determine what the whole number is. To do this, take the decimal point and move it left until there is only one digit to the right of it. In this case, that would be 2. The whole number part of our mixed number will be 2 and the fractional part will be what remains after moving the decimal point, or .2. We can simplify this fraction by changing it to its lowest terms, which would give us 1/5 as our final answer:

2 + 1/5

How to Simplify 2.2

2.2 can be simplified as 11/5 or alternately as a mixed number as 2 1/5.