What is 0.66666 as a Fraction?

0.66666 can be written as a fraction in several ways. The most common way to write it is as a mixed number. A mixed number is a whole number plus a fraction. In this case, it would be 3 plus 2/3.

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What is a Fraction?

A fraction is a number that represents a part of a whole. The whole can be thought of as being divided into equal parts, and the fraction is a way of indicating how many of those parts you have. For example, if the whole is divided into 10 parts and you have 3 of those parts, then your fraction would be 3/10.

What is 0.66666 as a Fraction?

Convert 0.66666 to a Fraction

To convert 0.66666 to a fraction, divide the decimal by 1:

0.66666 ÷ 1 = 0.66666

Now, multiply both sides of the equation by 100 to put 0.66666 in percent form:

0.66666 × 100 = 66.666%

Finally, use the percent button on your calculator to convert 66.666% back into a fraction:

66.666% = 66 2/3%

Simplify 0.66666

To simplify 0.66666, divide the numerator (6) by the denominator (9). The answer is 0.66666, or 2/3.