What is 0.2 as a Fraction?

0.2 as a fraction is 1/5. In decimal form, 0.2 is equal to two tenths.

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What is a Fraction?

To understand what 0.2 as a fraction is, it’s important to know what a fraction is in the first place. A fraction is simply a number that represents part of a whole. It is written as two numbers separated by a slash, like this: 3/4. The number on the left is called the numerator, and the number on the right is called the denominator. In this example, 3 is the numerator and 4 is the denominator.

What is 0.2 as a Fraction?

When converting a decimal to a fraction, we place the decimal number over its place value. For example, with the decimal 0.2, we would put 2 over 100 since it is in the hundredths place. This would give us the fraction $\frac{2}{100}$. However, this is not in its simplest form yet. We can simplify this fraction by dividing both the numerator and the denominator by 2 (since 2 goes into both 2 and 100). This gives us the simplified fraction $\frac{1}{50}$.

How to Convert 0.2 to a Fraction?

There are an infinite number of fractions that equal 0.2. To get 0.2 as a fraction, divide 2 by 10, which equals 1/5, or multiply 1/5 by 2 to get 2/10.

How to Convert 0.2 to a Percent?

To convert 0.2 to a percent, take the decimal 0.2 and move the decimal point two spaces to the right to create the percent 2%.

How to Convert 0.2 to a Decimal?

Converting 0.2 to a decimal is easy. All you have to do is divide 2 by 10. This will give you the answer of 0.2.