Warthog Knife Sharpener Review For 2023

Are you tired of using a blunt knife? Or you are looking for a knife sharpener to buy so that you are ready to sharpen your knives or other blades when they are blunt. If so, look no further; the Warthog V-Sharp classic II is here to sort your problem.

A sharpened blade is much safer to use than a blunt blade. Using a dull blade poses the risk of injury as you will require a lot of force when handling the blade. Cutting can be convenient and easy if you sharpen your blades before using them. Before we review the Warthog V-Sharp Classic II, we must be aware of the knife sharpening process and what it entails. We ask ourselves, what is knife sharpening? To understand better why we need a knife sharpener.

What Is Knife Sharpening?

Knife sharpening is a process that entails making a knife or a similar tool honed by running it on a rough or hard surface which in most cases can be a stone or a flexible surface with rough particles like sandpaper.

According to the University of Colorado, their research shows that humans have harnessed this skill for over 75,000 years. Over time, new advanced technologies have aided the development of gadgets and devices that make knife sharpening easier and safer.

Warthog Knife Sharpeners

You can only find the skill of sharpening and honing a blade correctly to a razor edge in professionals that have been in the field for years. So when Warthog company came into existence, they aimed at providing their customers at home with the ability to sharpen their blades to a professional edge without having to go-to experts.

Warthog knife sharpeners have a range of sharpeners that have taken skills from artisans to give your knife a superior edge. Many manual sharpeners tend to shave metal off the blade and reduce the length of the edge while using a clamp to keep the sharpener at a specific angle. Warthog sharpeners work better by honing the blades diagonally across the edge by switching angles.

The Warthog V sharp Classic II Knife Sharpener

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The knife is designed specifically for chefs and fishers.

It has the following features that make its use unique from other knife sharpeners.

  • 3 Adjustable Angles (20°, 25° & 30°) make sure your knife has a sharp and smooth edge.
  • 325 Grit Diamond Rods to help restore the shape of the blunt knives.
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Durable black Powdercoat Finish
  • Comes in either a solid rubber base or wooden base
  • Finishing Steels
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Weighs 709g

The V-SHARP CLASSIC II sharpens a blade on both sides simultaneously using calibrated spring tension and two high-quality 325 grit diamond rods. It works best in kitchen, hunting, fillet, and other flat-blade knives. The high-quality model comes with a hand-crafted steel frame, black coating, wooden base, solid rubber base and, a durable black powder coat finish. It sharpens your blades quickly and consistently due to its construction that that makes sharpening angles adjustable.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Warthog V-Sharp Classic II

Need Type

The industry manufactures different knives that serve different purposes. Some of the knives are designed for indoor activities, while others are for outdoor activities. For example, when cooking at home, you need a knife sharpener that effectively sharpens your flat blade knives and fillet. To achieve a sharp edge, consider using the V-Sharp Classic ii knife sharpener.

Cutting Angle

The quick result after sharpening is mainly determined by the angle at which the knife sharpener is in contact with the blades. Warthog knife sharpener V-Sharp Classic II is designed to cater to such needs.

It comes built with a pair of angle control rods that sharpens your knife smoothly. In addition, it has fine adjustments of constant angles from the desired range of either 20, 25, or 30 degrees to choose from. This feature is helpful as the sharpener can sharpen any sized knife to precision.


a). It Is Easy To Use

Even though the manufacturers include a DVD guide, the sharpener works in a plug-n-play design. So all you need is to get it out of its box and start sharping the blades.

b). Saves On Time

Have you ever encountered the hustle of using a dull knife at some point during cooking? The experience is so irritating that it makes you crave a sharp knife. Various knife sharpeners will redeem the feeling to provide the desired sharpness, but only a few will do it with the V-Sharp Classic II's ease and speed.

c). Durability

The classic ii is made of solid plastic and a metallic part that lasts for a long time. For example, its sharpener hones can last for multiple sessions before you replace them. 

d). Clean

Unlike other knife sharpeners in the market, the V-Sharp Classic ii uses diamond-coated stone hones. The hones are for sharpening both sides simultaneously using calibrated spring tension. It helps dry sharpening the knives, and leaves no grime on usage, but you get to clean up some dust.

e). Saves on energy

Cutting through unmanaged vegetables or fruits with a blunt knife can feel very tedious. In addition, the hard shells force you to exert an extra force that can even bruise your skin. However, by sliding the blade through the sharpener, the knife is ready to cut with ease.


a). The Warthog Knife Sharpeners Are Expensive.

Because the warthog knife sharpener uses diamond-coated honing stones, the sharpener is a bit expensive compared to other sharpeners out there in the market.

b). Works Better On Smooth Blade Knives Only.

Even though the sharpener does a great job, its operations are only limited to the double-level blades and not serrated knives. It is because it uses hones on either side of the blade when sharpening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Warthog Knife Sharpener.

1. For How Long Does A Blade Remain Sharp?

The V sharp classic ii gives a blade a superior edge, but the issue of how long the sharp edge will last remains unclear. A blade's durability will mostly be dependent on its material and the heat treatment it receives. If the material is inferior, the blade is bound to lose its sharpness over time.

2. How Long Will It Take To Sharpen A New Blade?

Warthog says that one sawing operation requires pulling Classic ii 30-40 times to sharpen a blunt blade. Then, according to Warthog, you need to slowly pull Classic ii 10 to 15 times to complete the sharpening process.

We do it 30 times and count 2 seconds for each movement. Allocate 30 seconds for this action. Next, you need to pass the knife through the desert warthog 15 times again. Double it and allocate 1 second for each movement. However, you can sharpen a blade at a slow pace in less than ten minutes.