Quest Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard Review – 2023 Buying Guide

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bamboo longboard to jump and bounce along the road? If you prefer riding long distances steadily and smoothly, the Quest Super Cruiser bamboo longboard will provide you with the essence of it.

This Super Cruiser with all its benefits and drawbacks acts exactly as its name implies. We have tested the product and compiled all its amazing features in this Quest Super Cruiser review. Though there are more expensive items with high-quality components, this longboard does not make a worse choice. Its biggest advantage is that it is quite affordable and, even if you did not like to continue with skateboarding, that would not be a great loss of money for you.

Types of Longboards

Longboards can be of different types. They differ in materials, shape, and configuration. Which one to choose depends on the rider’s purposes and skills as well as on a particular style of long-lasting, for example, carving, commuting, or something else. 

The deck plays the most important part in longboard differentiation because it influences the overall performance.

Here we collected the most popular types of longboards. They are the following:

- cruising longboards suitable for relaxed riding, commuting, and long-distance cruising;

- downhills for downhill riding;

- fishtail longboards with a remarkable cleft in the tail allowing for sharper turns;

- drop through which are great for free-riding;

- bamboo longboards that are quite lightweight and flexible;

- blunt longboards that provide stability and safety due to their blunt nose and tail parts;

- carving longboards performing a carving technique that reminds to some extent of ocean surfing;

- pintail longboards that have a shape of a teardrop;

- speed board longboards that are speedy and stable with their blunt nose and sharp tail;

- twin longboards with the deck given an additional width and the nose and tail curved;

- push or commuter longboards meant for long distances;

- mini cruiser short longboards that are truly much shorter than common longboards and compact but not quite stable;

- dancer longboards that are quite long, with a soft flex and a double cocktail;

- cutout longboards whose wheel clearance is large and ample;

- top mount longboards that are similar to drop through boards and their performance depends on the way of attaching trucks to the deck;

- drop down longboards whose nose and deck are lower ensuring a long and comfortable ride and stability;

- freeride longboards that are good for cruising and carving with their smaller wheels;

- double drop longboards suitable for hill riders because they are very speedy owing to their low center of gravity;

- electric longboards that do not require any kicking or pushing because the starting power is supplied.

Considering all these types and their designs, you can choose one that is the most suitable for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Due to its design, the Quest Super Cruiser longboard skateboard has many pros and cons noticed by some riders but does not often happen to this board. With its 44-inch deck for people of 5.5 feet height or taller and 200-plus lbs weight, the longboard seems almost perfect for various riding options suitable both for beginners and seasoned skateboarders.

The Pros:

- The longboard is very well built and sturdy.

- It provides a safe and smooth ride for an affordable price.

- The item features a distinct kicktail and elegant look.

- The longboard is suitable both for novices and skilful riders.

- The trucks provide more stability for newbies.

- The wheel biting is prevented.

- The item is not too fast at first but allows for upgrading as you improve your skills.

The Cons:

- The bearings are slower than expected.

- It is not possible to make a full-radius turn.

- Trucks could be a bit more lightweight.

- There may be issues with deck wood and the item’s wearing out.

The size of the Super Cruiser can be considered both as its advantage and disadvantage. The length is great for a beginner because it provides a stable platform and you will be able to see how to place your feet in different positions for different purposes. However, among all Quest boards, this thing is distinguished as truly massive. Even if a cruiser has a length of more than 34 inches, it is already considered big but here we have 44 inches, so it is a good item for commuting but not quite suitable for doing tricks. 

The board's low cost can be a great benefit too, especially if you want some upgrades that will also cost you less than for other longboards.

Some people can complain about the quality of the material. They claim the deck can split between the layers, but that can happen to any longboard bought at any price, especially if exposed to moisture for a long time.

Sometimes, customers complain about the wheel bite or noisy trucks. It just means that all the bolts and nuts of the item need continuous adjustment, first, at the factories, and then, on part of a user. 

To reduce the risk of such things, you can loosen the axle before the first use and then tighten the nut to make it get snug on the bearing washer.

Though, wheel biting is an issue that is common even for the most superb skateboards. Wearing-out of bearings, grip tape, and bushings is another common issue for most skateboards but they can be replaced easily.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard - Key Features

The Quest Super Cruiser deck is made of bamboo and maple featuring original graphics and very durable 70-mm PU wheels. The length is 44 inches. The weight is only 8.5 pounds so it can be considered lightweight as for such a long item.

The longboard is perfect for riding around town or cruising along the boardwalk. The design is stylish and neat, completed in the Made in Mars brand's best traditions who are true pioneers in skateboards, surfboards, and snowboards among other manufacturers of the world. The design is banded on the base and features a black grip tape upper part presenting the Quest logo. The bottom looks amazing due to the combination of maple and bamboo. The three color versions are available - black, green, and purple. 

The board is quite maneuverable too but not enough for doing aggressive turns and tricks. You will find four different design versions of this Quest Super Cruiser longboard skateboard. You can pick out any design to your liking.

The deck is designed in an attractive pintail style. The deck's engineering solutions will keep you stable and balanced when riding on the uneven surfaces or downhill.

The wheel bite is mostly avoided because this bamboo longboard is equipped with 4 mm risers that easily prevent it.

Despite all the complaints about slow bearings, they provide more control for beginners' comfortable and safe ride. You will not have to put much strain on the muscles because the ride is quite smooth. You can also perform 90-degree turns, sharp turns, sharp turns on hills, and relaxed long-distance riding.

Longboard’s Parts and Quality

The Quest Cruiser is equipped with such authentic components as ABEC 7 speed bearings, 7-ply super-flex bamboo and hardwood maple deck, and 7-inch aluminum trucks. All of them are of very good quality providing better performance.


The most important part of this Quest Super Cruiser you are likely to be interested in is wheels. The wheels are 70 mm and feature an 80A hardness. They allow for fast riding if needed. The wheel function perfectly though they are a bit hard and can bite on pieces of debris, twigs, and pebbles. For newbies, that may become uncomfortable if ridden on the bumpy road but riding on an easier terrain can be very smooth and safe. The bearings come with their original generic components and a speed-regulating ABEC 7. You may want to upgrade them only if you are skilful enough for doing tricks and sharp turns.


All in all, the wheels are big enough for good acceleration while the trucks allow for very smooth riding. They are made of aluminum and feature 7-inch hangers. They are solid though a bit noisy. Such trucks are great for beginners because they do not allow the absence of the turn-in ability to be noticed. The trucks’ position allows the deck to sit a bit higher for better and deeper turning. That is why the turns can sometimes remind you of those executed on surfboards or snowboards.


The deck is very attractive here. It has some uplift (kick) on its tail and nose. It reduces the wheel bite. The kicktail is also the coolest feature. Located along the front part of the board, it plays a great role in maneuverability so much appreciated by riders. 

Who Is This Cruiser For?

Cruisers are longboards for moving around town and getting fast from one point to another. This bamboo longboard is not perfect for carving, of course, because it does not have enough flexibility and its wheelbase is rather long. However, the item is a reasonable choice for beginners who need some smooth and safe exercise with the feeling of balance and stability. 

The Quest Super Cruiser is a good means for short-distance commuting. Though, its size makes it difficult to store or place it somewhere in class or at the office. 

This longboard is surprising and, of course, it makes up an amazing bang for a buck. Its components are not the most expensive ones but it performs perfectly. Some skateboarders even admit that it is not so bad at carving as it was initially believed.

As for commuting along sidewalks, mind that this item is easy to push and works well for avoiding pedestrians.

In fact, many skateboarders state that the Quest Cruiser suits well any rider. Its structure fits all needs of both experienced and novice users. As for the height and weight, the longboard’s parameters allow anyone to ride on it, no matter their physical measures. Even very big riders can feel secure on the board because its wheels and trucks have been developed to support much weight and avoid breaking or buckling.

Where to Buy a Quest Bamboo Cruiser?

You can buy the Quest bamboo longboard from a reliable local retailer, such as Walmart or Home Depot, either online or in the brick-and-mortar store, order it from, visit the Quest Store or consider other longboard and skateboard retailers. However, you need to choose a reputable provider to avoid fake and counterfeit products.


What’s the difference between a skateboard and longboard?

The difference is normally in their length and it is understandable from their names. Longboards are usually longer and a bit wider. While common skateboards measure 28-34 inches in length and 7-10 inches in width, longboards have the parameters of 35-60 inches in length and 9-10 inches in width. Such a design of longboards makes them more balanced and easier to ride. Beginning riders highly appreciate it.

Is Quest a good longboard brand?

We believe Quest is a perfect choice. The Quest brand was set up and developed by the Mars Company in California. Its products are always high-quality, diverse in design and graphics, and quite affordable. This bamboo longboard will suit well even a complete beginner with a tight budget. It will not break the bank, last longer and serve you perfectly and safely.

Does it come fully assembled?

Yes, it is assembled already. You do not need to bother yourself putting the parts together. However, you may want to apply some decorations to it to enjoy its appearance more or add certain upgrades. 

What kind of wheels should I select for my longboard?

Much depends on your skills. If you choose softer wheels with a 75A index, they will help you manage rough roads and your beginning attempts because they are grippier. Though, they do not slide as well as other types. Harder wheels with an 85A indicator require more mastery. They are slidier but rather hard to control. The best choice for any level of skills is the average hardness of 78-82A. It provides the best balance between the grip and slide abilities.

What is wheel hardness?

The wheel hardness for longboards is measured with a durometer using the shore A scale. Most wheels have the hardness of 75-88A and they are softer than common wheels for skateboards whose hardness is measured as 95-101A. Such wheels provide more grip though ride slower. The most popular measures are 78A and 80A because they combine the ability to slide, speed of rolling, smooth riding, and medium grip.

How can I take care of my bamboo longboard?

To start with:

  1. Unscrew the trucks and detach them.
  2. Use a nylon brush and warm water with some soap to clean off the excess dirt.
  3. Scrub lightly and smoothly in circular motions along the grip tape.
  4. Use a sponge to rinse the soap and dirt.
  5. Gently wipe the deck and other parts with a soft duster or cloth.

How much does Quest longboard cost?

The Quest longboards come in four different styles and colors so their price ranges from 60 to 75$. This is a quite affordable longboard cost for such a good-quality item. You will be able to do the most attractive tricks for less than one hundred dollars. Even if you quit longboarding for some reason, it won’t be a huge breach in your budget and the biggest disappointment of your life.


The Quest Super Cruiser is a great option. You can trust it because it is durable enough to stay with you for a long time. The wheels roll smoothly and you can develop your skills every time you ride it. The item is a great buy, indeed, for rising on smooth terrain. Moreover, it is quite friendly for beginners. If you want some more complicated performance, just tighten the trucks or you can even replace them. The maple and bamboo deck is very durable and sturdy to ride on.

Quest is a great brand that you can rely on because it always focuses on quality, attitude, and style. That is why Quest longboards carry out their mission successfully. Let your longboard become a thrashold leading from the first steps into the amazing world of skateboarding.

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