How to Pronounce “Slainte”

A quick lesson on how to pronounce “slainte,” a Gaelic word meaning “good health.”

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Sláinte is a corruption of the Old Irish phrase slán abhaile, meaning “safe home”. The word originally indicated good health, and was used as a toast to someone’s health. In Scottish Gaelic, the word slàinte means “health” and is used as a toast. Mhath, also mhór in Scottish Gaelic, is derived from the Old Irish math and means “good”. It can be used as a standalone adjective (“Great coffee!”) or as part of the expression slàinte mhath.

The formal Irish form is sláinte go leir, with leir meaning “all”. The shortened form sláinte is commonly used in both Ireland and Scotland.

When raising a glass to make a toast in Ireland or Scotland, it is customary to say “sláinte” before taking a drink.

Pronouncing “Slainte”

The word “slainte” is most commonly used as a toast in Ireland, meaning “to your health.” It can be pronounced a few different ways, depending on the region. The most common pronunciations are “slawn-cha” or “slaan-sha.”

The Meaning of “Slainte”

“Slainte” is a Gaelic word that means “good health.” It is commonly used as a toast in Ireland and Scotland, and is pronounced “slaan-sha.”

When to Use “Slainte”

The word “slainte” is a Gaelic word that can be used either as a toast or a blessing. It is pronounced “slawn-cha.”

The word can be used on its own as a toast, in which case it means “good health.” It can also be used as part of the phrase, “slainte mhath,” which means “good health to you.”

In addition to being used as a toast, the word “slainte” can also be used as a blessing. When used in this way, it means something like “may you have good health.” For example, you might say “slainte agus taim siorraidh,” which means “health and long life to you.”

The word “slainte” is often seen spelled as “slàinte,” “sleachd,” or “slaanj,” but the most common spelling is simply “slainte.”


You now know how to pronounce “slainte” like a native speaker of Irish Gaelic. Remember, the accent is on the first syllable, and the “t” is silent. You can use this word in many different situations, such as when toasting someone or when saying goodbye.

Sláinte is also the Irish word for “health,” so you can use it to wish someone good health as well. And if you ever find yourself in an Irish pub, don’t forget to use this word when ordering a round of drinks!