How to Pronounce Minutiae

In this post, we’ll show you how to pronounce minutiae, a word that often trips people up. We’ll also discuss the meaning of the word and how you can use it in a sentence.

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The word minutiae is pronounced / mɪˈnjuːʃi /, mi-NOO-shee. It comes from the Latin word minūtia, which means “smallness.”

Minutiae is a plural noun, so the singular form is minutia. Although the pronunciation remains the same, the spelling changes to reflect the fact that there is only one tiny detail being referred to.

Minutiae can be used to describe process details that are unimportant or not essential to the overall outcome. It can also refer to small features or particulars that make up a whole.

The Pronunciation of Minutiae

Minutiae is a plural word that refers to small, unimportant details. It is pronounced like “my-noo-shee-eye” with the stress on the second syllable. The word comes from the Latin word “minuta” which means “smallness”.

Break down the word: minutiae

The word minutiae comes from the Latin word minūtia, which means “smallness.” Minutiae are the small, often insignificant details of something. In other words, they’re the tiny things that most people wouldn’t even think twice about.

When you break the word down into its component parts, it’s easier to see how it’s pronounced. The first part, mini-, is pronounced like the English word “mini.” The second part, -tiae, is pronounced like the English word “tea.” Put them together and you get something that sounds like “MIN-yoo-tee-ee” or “min-YOO-tee-ee.”

Minutiae are often considered to be unimportant because they don’t have a major impact on the overall picture. But in some cases, they can be very important. For example, in a criminal investigation, even the smallest detail could be crucial to solving the case.

In everyday conversation, you can use the word minutiae to describe anything that seems unimportant or trivial. For example, you might say “I don’t want to spend all day discussing the minutiae of our vacation plans.” Or you might say “I’m not interested in all the minutiae of your love life.”

Say it out loud

Minutiae is pronounced either MY-nuh-tee-uh or muh-NOO-shee-uh. Both are technically correct, but the first pronunciation is more commonly used in American English while the second is more common in British English.


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